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    Cats, Kindle,cookbooks,and makeup. Find me on InstaGram @frugalwitch

    On MUT I am mostly on No-buy, Low-buy Support forums, Circular Swap, and Secret Exchanges threads. But I visit many others as well.


  • About Me
    I live in a very small town in Alabama. Eleven years ago when my Momma became disabled I quit my job to take care of her on a full time basis.
    NC15 in MAC, green eyes that turn blue depending on what I wear, medium chestnut hair with a lot of snow white growing in (my grey is actually white), 50 years old but I don't feel that age!
  • My Interests
    Cooking, Kindle and cats! I'm also makeup obsessed and really love getting my subscription boxes. (BB, Sample Society, and PSMH) I love to read, my Kindle is with me wherever I go. I also love and collect cookbooks (older the better),makeup books, true crime, biographies and autobiographies. Happy to receive used books!
  • My Occupation
    24/7 Caregiver to disabled parent, wife, and keeper of a lot of varmints, mostly cats.
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Empty UD Theadora Palette (just the empty tin)

    Bonne Bell Lipsmackers in Vanilla, Dr.Pepper, Strawberry and Watermelon

    Tarte Be MATTEnificent Palette (gently used)

    Gently used palettes from LORAC, Mally, IT Cosmetics, Tarte and other high end brands

    Bond no9 perfume samples of "Chinatown" (I can never have too many)

    Missha BB Cream in shade #13 (no other shade is light enough)
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    Instagram @frugalwitch
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  • My Favorite Movies
    Disney animated movies
    The Ring
    The Others
    Moulin Rouge
    Wizard of Oz
    Musicals in general
    Anything Judy Garland
    Lord of The Rings Trilogy
  • Favorite Music
    Alice Cooper
    Weird Al
    Sex Pistols
    Marilyn Manson
    Rob Zombie
    Classic Rock
    80s Hair Bands
    Girls' Generation
    much more
  • Favorite Books
    Mists of Avalon
    Geek Love
    The Drowning Girl
    Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    LoTR trilogy
    Pilgrim on Tinker's Creek
    My Sister's Keeper
    many many more!
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Flower Cosmetics
    Wet and Wild


    Estee Lauder
    Urban Decay
    Too Faced
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I have had a makeup addiction my whole life. I always tell Momma she marked me in the womb because she sold Blair Cosmetics door-to-door when she was pregnant with me.

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  1. Current favorite is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal. It was a Secret Santa gift
  2. My husband Tim passed away on Wednesday March 3, 2015 at 3:45 pm. I will be taking time away from all my boards for a while.
  3. I didn't mean to abandon the project. My husband was rushed to Emergency on Februruary 12th in the late evening, and remains in CICU. Next week he is having surgery to amputate all ten toes. He's in a very bad way, with no idea of when he might come home. I've put all my MUT and any other chat groups on indefinite hold. I am so very proud of each and every person who took up the 100 Day No Buy Challenge. Whatever your personal religious, or non-religious beliefs, please pray, send healing energies,light a candle, send positive vibes, or whatever method you are comfortable with using, to heal my sweet husband Tim. He needs all the help he can get. I miss you all. Love, Kristine
  4. I'm very excited about the cheese board w/knife and the necklace! I'll have to add extenders to the necklace, I hate anything shorter than 22 inches, an 18 length fits, but I detest feeling anything remotely close up around my neck. I love Tarte, so I am willing to give the blush a try. I usually don't wear any due to my rosecea, but...it's Tarte! Lip balm sounds nice, I have enough lip brushes, so I won't need to poke my finger into the pot. DH is getting the Rocky Road bar since it is his favorite Chauo flavor. The bubble bath will have to go into my CS stash, I have too many allergies to scented washes, and I only take showers. Mostly a great box for my tastes.
  5. I don't know my box number, but I am supposed to get the Balm lipgloss and Beauty Blender!! Do they send the whole BFF kit? Or is it just the B Blender alone with no cleaner? I'm so excited to be getting this. My other three items are blemish cleanser, body wash and conditioner and will go into the growing CS stash.
  6. Let's keep this No-Buy going strong! I was sorely tempted to stress-shop but managed to fight the urge. My husband has walking pneumonia, I've been sick myself, and of course as most people know, my Momma is bedridden. Despite being sick I've had to wait hand and hoof on Momma and DH, not my idea of a good time to say the least! Hopefully I will get well soon which will make taking care of them much easier. How is everyone else doing?
  7. @ I don't know really, I've never skipped a month before. If it is already charged I'll be putting my unwanteds in my Circular Swap stash.
  8. I suggest getting the Coastal Scents Revealed and Revealed 2. For a total cost for both being around $40 (if not on sale) you will get color dupes for UD Naked 1, 2 and 3, for less than the price of one UD Naked palette.($52) The CS eyeshdows perform just as well, and sometimes better than the UD. I wear all eyeshadows over a primer, whatever the brand. A great matte palette would be the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Celebration Palette UD Naked Basics 1 and 2 are both great matte palettes. Finally take a look at Wet and Wild Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone. Although it is not matte is is still a great palette at a fantastic price.
  9. I'm debating skipping this month, Strivectin is an unwanted repeat for me and I don't use face masks. I'll decide when I see the next spoiler.
  10. @@SneakyBurrito I also broke my No Buy for this. I bought a Girl Scout Cookie set and the Disney Princess Party Pack online from Amazon and eBay. I have used Lipsmackers since they first came out in 1974! (I believe that was the year) I never imagined that Lipsmackers would go away, but learning the news I decided it was worth an exception to my No Buy rules. I will be storing mine for future use. I really wanted Vanilla, Dr. Pepper, Watermelon, and Strawberry but I didn't find a great price with free shipping on them. So sad to see a part of my childhood disappear.
  11. Can you believe it has already been 30 days? You ladies are Rock Star No Buyers! I'm still too sick to think up any goals for this segment, this flu has me too weak to post a lot here. For now I will just say I want to continue on not buying makeup and beauty items. Hugs and love to all of you!
  12. @ Could you hold off using it until the No-Buy is over? I'd hate for you to lose your rewards points.Thanks for confessing this
  13. My BIL will be taking my DH to a doc in a box tomorrow afternoon. I'm very grateful that he's taking Tim, that means I don't have to worry about leaving my Momma alone while I sit in a Dr.'s office. I suspect Tim has walking pneumonia (and the boogie-woogie flu). We'll find out soon I guess. I've been sicker than a dog myself, but hoping to be on the mend very soon. Nothing has really been accomplished, so I will have catching up to do when I am well. At least I'm not spending, right? @@EggyBread, you are in my prayers, take extra care of yourself and try to avoid stress. Proud of everyone's accomplishments and stick-to-itness!
  14. I hope for no clothing or books. I've never received a book from a sub that was anything remotely close to something I would care to read. My February Dream Box: Amazon book credit for one free book of my choice. Beautiful piece of jewelry. Bamboo cutting board for the kitchen Nice eyeshadow palette High quality milk chocolate
  15. I'm glad I am currently [email protected]$$ broke, today has been a shop triggery type day. I've been a bad combo of of anxious, depressed, lonely, and frustrated today, which is my usual "perfect storm" conditions to send me on a spending spree. I didn't buy anything, because like I said, I am completely broke at the moment.I would like to believe that if I had money I would have resisted anyway. Hoping the feelings pass before February 1st, if they don't I'll be here begging y'all for encouraging words.

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