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  1. Yay for perfume talk. I used to only use B&BW body sprays and have lately been hoarding perfume samples to find something I love (and boy have my preferences changed! Not sure if it's just I'm getting older/body chemistry stuff or what, but things that I used to not like at all are now things I have been drawn to more). I think I will have a $25 Sephora GC earned from Swagbucks in time for the extra points sale and I want to grab one of those $24 sets that have the voucher for a rollerball. (do those type of sets count towards that promor?) Originally, I figured I would probably grab the Spray of Sunshine over the Perfume Sampler For Her...but now they have added the Spritz of Glam set, which I think I might go with, I have tried less of those already. From the set, I've seen you guys talking about the Chloe scent and I have tried the Gucci Guilty and MJ Daisy, but was wondering if any of you have opinions on the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb or the Philosophy Amazing Grace, since those are two I am most curious about from the set.
  2. @@marigoldsue she left the TAT what it was, but I think having the shop closed for so long, she got caught up and from a few people I've heard from, it seems like people are getting things in a week or two.
  3. I am getting the curated box and STILL keep checking box pages LOL
  4. Kelli

    The Pink Panel

    Today is the start of my study prep. I think I just have to stop using any pore serums and chemical peels today and can't use any from now until the end of the study. I can't wait to start using the mystery pore serum, though. I haven't tried one before and my pores have seemed so much more noticeable the last year or so.
  5. Yeah box pages are fun! It is weird this month, since I have a curated box coming, buuutttt I still keep checking to see if more boxes have loaded haha.
  6. So, i saw H_D's post and went and found the old box link and changed it to Feb. Here it is: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/february-2015/february-2015-bb1 It looks like only 6 or so boxes are partially loaded. So far, there is nothing that makes me regret picking the RTR box
  7. Gah. I told Sephora to cancel the replacement order, I will just keep the one I have, it's no big deal. They responded with pretty much: too bad, send us back the stuff cause we are sending you new ones whether you like it or not. *rollseyes* I'm trying to be nice and not make them send me more stuff and they are doing it anyways. Sorry, I keep going on about this, just for some reason it is just really bugging me. Plus, I have to deal with the hassle of packaging it up and shipping it out lol. I guess on a positive note for me, the new shipment gave me points in my account (up to a whopping 49 pts LOL I don't spend much at Sephora) and an extra $10 towards being VIB (only $329 to go haha), so that's nice :/
  8. So, the brush in my After Dark Stained Gloss set fell apart when I tried to use it (the ferule came off from the handle). I sent Sephora an email, hoping to maybe just get a new brush or something, but no such luck. They are haiving me return the whole set and sending a new one. It's just silly. I should have just glued the dumb thing back together and not said anything. I hate the thought of the perfectly good stained glosses being tossed. I tried mixing new wave and LBD yesterday and it didn't seem to last well. Today I wore Jealous on it's own and it seems to be lasting well. The pigmentation is better than I had expected from a "gloss" and from swatches I had seen. I need to try them out a bit longer to see what I think, but to me, totally worth the $10. edit: I just sent them an email to see if we can just forget them sending me a whole new set, I'll keep mine as is. I don't like the idea of wasting all the stained glosses just because the brush sucked and was broke (I do have one from an old lip tar set, plus I do have other lip brushes I can use, the set was so cheap it isn't a big deal).
  9. Mine was in Nov, too and it kept changing back and forth from a Nov to a Welcome. I subbed late in the month and got a welcome, so I think the timing plays a part, too. I was able to review 3 sets of items, I think, so lots of points, but lots of confusion.
  10. Yeah over $10, but the wording says "before shipping and discounts", my total was $10.90 before shipping and discounts, so it was kind of way to check, since most places it's before shipping and AFTER discounts your total has to be over X amount, so I figured I would see if I get one at all or not. I guess we will see if it really is before shipping and discounts or if the wording is just really bad lol. eta: will totally try to swatch when it arrives, but my swatch pics are typically atrocious LOL
  11. That is hilarious that a "customer favorites" box would include the Lord & Berry liner. HAHAHAHAHA. I think the only other product I hear as many complaints about is the Gilchrist & Soames.
  12. Both of my accounts got 'Welcome' boxes and neither was a gift. I remember when I added my second a bunch of others and I were wondering if we'd get them or a regular and we all got Welcome ones, even though CS had specifically told one person that they wouldn't...so it is possible to get a welcome box even without a gift sub
  13. I didn't think I was going to have extra money for an order this month for my birthday, but I ended up having enough to grab my free full size (I got Grand Pabbie) and then ordered two petits: The Dress (16 Candles collection) and Mass Hysteria (Who Ya Gonna Call collection). I typically just get baggies, so trying to commit to something in a petit or full size is so hard LOL I think I was in purple mood, since my non CotM were both purpley. I was going to ask to see if she would substitute last weeks GWP for this weeks if she still had some, but I figured it was such a small, cheap order (I only paid $7.75 after the free shadow) I wouldn't bother. Plus, pretty much all my indies are bright, vivid stuff, so this week's will come in handy, it's a bit more neutral.

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