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    I'm a Paralegal who loves cats, crocheting, makeup, & Rush.
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    Makeup, crocheting, cats, reading.
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    Anything by e.l.f. The local Target doesn't sell any!
    Anything from the OPI Russian Collection.
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    US of A!
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    Dodge Ram
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    1408, anything Tarantino, Water For Elephants, Carnage, Paper Moon, anything James Bond, To Kill A Mockingbird.
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    Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Rush.
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    I like Heather Graham.
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    NYX, Urban Decay, Revlon.
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    I went to Cosmetology school right after high school, and I hated it. I didn't quit because I'm not a quitter ;) I passed my state boards, and even though I do not work in a salon, I still keep my license current.
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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by LadyK I wonder if anyone here could give a crash course in using paypal shipping? It sounds like it is fairly cheap but still a reliable way to ship. I was thinking that it could make shipping small items between penpals a lot easier. I haven't used it before. How does it work? Does printing the labels work okay? Do I need to be able to weigh my package? Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer some tips. I've used it for shipping yarn, and I do find a cheaper than taking it to the PO. Shipping labels should work...I just use plain printer paper. You do have to weigh (or guestimate weight; with my yarn it was easy as it was on the label), but you do not have to hook a scale to your computer to do it...you just manually type in the data. However, I have only been able to figure out how to print a label if someone has paid me with Paypal...if anyone knows how to do it for a random someone, I'd appreciate it if you could share how
  2. I used to have penpals as a kid & teenager...I'm so in! ::age range:: I'm 26, so I'm guessing twenty-something to thirty-something.::location:: Atlanta 'burbs::do you prefer an e-penpal, physical mail pal, or a combo?:: Physical mail.::main interests:: Movies, crocheting, makeup, gardening, legal matters, nerdy thing, Rush, UFC. ::described as:: Cat lady, crochet fanatic, UFC junkie, book worm, I will give any paranormal show a chance.::music:: I love rock music..Pink Floyd, The Doors, Cheap Trick, & I absolutely <3 Rush!::movies:: Oldboy (the original!) A Clockwork Orange, Lonesome Dove, anything with Christoph Waltz.::TV shows:: Sleepy Hollow, Boardwalk Empire, SOA, old shows on MeTV, anything paranormal.::books/authors:: I'm getting into Harlequin books. ::art/artists:: I don't really have a favorite or preference. ::other random favorite people/things/places:: I love Russia! Not sure why...I've always to live there. I love food, teas, coffees, & the color green.::collect:: Yarn, cats, tea. ::specifically seeking:: People who will write back!::prefer long, medium or short letters?:: It depends on the topic. I like medium or long letters.::how many pen pals do you want?:: No set number.::would you participate in a "traveling journal"?:: Sure!::international or local penpals?:: Either.::anything else?:: Lots of things, lol!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by FrostKitty So... are you my SecretSanta? Because Yay!!! I am posting the reveal on the other thread but you are local to me and it's here!!! Yup
  4. Yay! Glad it matched! I've been wanting to make a scarf, so I was happy to see it on your list. Check the packages...there should be kitty nail decals in one of the baggies (if not, they're mixed with my other Christmas gifts and I'll put them in the mail this week). I love, love, love NYX lip products...and the Ulta in Fayetteville is always out of the pretty colors, as well. I'm so happy you enjoy it...have a good Christmas!
  5. Mine was mailed...it doesn't have too far to go, so hopefully she will get it tomorrow or Monday. P.S.: I addressed it as Secret Santa...I forgot to put anything in it when I taped it shut! Enjoy, giftee
  6. My Hautelook order finally shipped, so my SS will be getting her gifts sooner than I though
  7. I started wrapping tonight and realized...I can't wrap, lol! I never had to actually "wrap" anything before...I usually just put it in a bag with tissue paper. Forgive me, my Secret Santa gal!
  8. I got my other gifts from Stefanie today! It made my day SO much better! Lots of chocolate, Christmas Peeps, Lindor Truffles, Runts, Life Savers, Nerds & Sweetheart ornaments...tons of candy, lol! Chocolate-mint tea, sequined black scarf, giant purple stocking, vanilla lotion, yarn, crochet hooks, weekly planner, TONS of polishes, e.l.f. lip stain & lip crayon, e.l.f. blush, NYC blush & eyeshadow, mini Stainiac, mini Youngblood Finishing Powder, necklaces, bracelets, eyeliners, 3 sets of lashes...and I'm probably leaving some things out Oh, the cat toys are missing from the pics...they were quickly confiscated by the cat Many thanks! Spoiler pics:

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