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  1. my mom taught me, the skin on my body is the only one I have and take very good care of it. I want to look like her when I'm 74, she has very nice skin on her face and body. None of it has been intervened with injections or fillers or laser scrubbed or hair pulled back(croydon facelift - yikes) or facials(she thinks they're only for lazy ppl, not sure what the logic of that is?) She only uses cold cream and face moisturizer from Ponds every day and night. I haven't taken care of my skin as well as she did, I got serious sunburn a few times and I only started to do makeup, now, when I'm middle aged as I wanted to have more even tone on my face and to bring some colour into it. I get my info from youtube, friends and fellow makeup junkies my mom made makeup out to be something only prostitutes used (well we did live in a rough area for a long time and yes there were lots of ladies of the night we had to pass after 430pm with heavy heavy makeup on to get home) and she punished me quite severely if I did try to wear makeup. I have makeup fun with my little girl as I want her to be comfortable with makeup either on or off and not be terrified to death of them or even to feel ashamed every time she wants to wear makeup like I am(still feel embarrassed when I wear makeup even though I like how I look with a little bit on, I never wear it around my mom except at weddings, weird, eh, not to bash her, therapy is useful )
  2. I keep mine for about 8-10 months, then it's purging time. if in doubt, toss
  3. what a great collection, I don't know why, but I have to urge to just dive into it XD
  4. wow I estimate from this pic about 300 lippies I'm just a beginner XD
  5. Love Dragon Girl on ya, very pretty My signature look, great skin: a lot of moisturizer(very dry skin), just a little bit of bb cream, a little bit of foundation and concealer I do put lip product on but most of the compliments are about my skin
  6. Brushes - 28 lipstick/lip gloss/lipstain/lip balm - 67 blush - 4 eyeshadow - 4 concealer - 3 mascara - 13 eyeliner - 12 nailpolish - 32 foundation - 7 BB Cream - 4 primer(face, eyelids, lips) - 6 setting sprays/powder - 4 OMG I have a small fetish for lip products XD It was funny while counting I kept saying to myself: " I can't live with out this one.."
  7. I'm excitedly awaiting for March Topbox. Here's a pic of what I got in my February Topbox which ended up being the Prive box for benefit cosmetics
  8. Lin Point


  9. who is subscribing to it and how do you like it so far with their new format of Prive boxes as well as their standard offerings?
  10. hmmmm it was ok. The thing that got to me was the foil packets, I don't like those as they're small and don't have very much product beyond a singular use which is hard to judge whether you should go out and spend a load of money for something you're not sure about. full size Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips(repeat for me) Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange hand care(foil packet 1 only) Eucerin Anti wrinkle creams ( 2 foil packet - 1 for day and 1 for night) anatomicals - you need a blooming shower gel in rose scent(too perfumey yuck!) essence quattro eyeshadow - rock angel(i do like) macadamia - healing oil treatment: theraputic oil for all hair types globlove.com 25% off discount code I'm in Canada so I didn't get some of the neat stuff some you got like the Bvglari, and snail mask sounded interesting

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