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  1. oh this is going to be a warmer version of naked basics! maybe I'll crack I don't know...I still prefer naked 2 & 3 to naked basics i guess..
  2. @@uwholaura Hi! I like mac primer in the round packaging...I cant come up with a name right now
  3. @@PinkSunsets218 I wrote an article some time ago which is a guide to brushes. Maybe that will help you understand what brushes you need. For the eyes you definitely need a blending brush, a flat brush to apply the color with, a smaller flat brush, a pencil brush and an eyeliner brush. Here's a good tip by the way on how to find affordable makeup brushes I hope this helps
  4. @ real techniques one is a pretty good stippling brush. I don't like the way it applies foundation though, I think you can have better brushes for that. I do like it to apply a cream blush though, for that it is my go-to brush as for to invest or not to invest in a good stippling brush. Well I would rather buy a really good powder brush, and invest more in the brushes with natural bristles and must haves. A stippling brush isn't one so that would be a no for me.
  5. thank you! hihi I took the photos myself, have no one to help me I set my camera on timer and then pose, lol
  6. Hi! Yesterday I uploaded a new empties / products used up video! But the reason that I post this video here is different: I am a bride, my wedding is soon and I'm going to do my makeup myself! So I was trying something out yesterday hihi! Maybe you can take a look and tell me what you think? And if you have some suggestions/tips, let me know! This is the makeup I'm talking about:
  7. Me too! I sometimes use a brush though when I need a really sharp shape but mostly I'm too lazy
  8. eye shadow..yes. Foundation also. But as for mascara/lipstick not really, no
  9. A friend of mine was throwing a pin up party so I decided to film this video! I hope you like it
  10. definitely not with powders and as to my foundations I try to use them up quickly but as long as I dont break out and the smell is ok I continue using it
  11. yes I love orange trend!! and bronzer + golden highlghter, always works great!
  12. you can do it in so many different ways... do you like defined or natural brows? defined -> use gel like MUFE aqua brow natural -> use brow powder, best for me is anastasia something in between -> use brow pencil, I like dior Whatever you use, dont forget to brush it out and blend the edges a bit! Also, shape is important. You can buy anastasia set, it will help you define the perfect brow shape for you do not overtweeze! Success
  13. the rimmel micro liner - it doesnt last on me! If Im wearing winged eyeliner and I touch my eyes, it will be all over my face! I do like the tiny brush though.
  14. me, I prefer classic colors - white and ivory, my dress is white and so beautful I tried it on today

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