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  1. Thank you for this. I thought the girl in the video looked VERY yellow when they put this cream on her! Definitely not for me.
  2. I am a skip this month. These colors are not for me and the DD cream in the light shade would be way too dark on me.... I also agree, that brush is 1--too expensive!! and 2--should have been included in the upgrade box at least. I am going to keep hoping for a holo month...sigh!
  3. Here's Gabrielle and Paris. This is Day 2 of this mani, looks amazing still and no chipping!
  4. Got my upgrade box yesterday, and I have to say i LOVE all of it!!! Only 2 colors are going to my trade list (the pale peach and pale pink). I am wearing Gabrielle with an accent nail in Paris. The formulas and application are fantastic!! I love the lipsticks. Didn't think I would since I don't wear lipsticks, but I do! The red actually goes to a nice autumn tone on me, which is perfect since I am an autumn toned girl The smooch scrub is fantastic!! I am so glad I upgraded this month! ♥
  5. I am hoping its a holographic month! Julep just started a board on their Pinterest for holographic stuff....sooooo hoping this is the inspiration for June! It will be another full upgrade month for me if it is
  6. Anybody looking for Sadie there is a very close dupe: Orly Pixel FX in Black Pixel. I have a picture comparing the 2 at home, but they are so close that if you were lusting after Sadie, the Orly might be a good one to go for.
  7. Ooooh I WANT THE BLACK!!!! I love the other shades as well, so I would be happy with any of them. $24.99 is a sucky price though. I think I might have to get a box, but if there isn't some serious swag in there, it will be the last $25 box I buy from them...
  8. You guys should try Salon Sciences Instant Artificials. You buy it at Sally's. You can wear it as a base coat or wear it on its own. It will make your nails as hard as artificials (and I mean that in a good way!!) Its not too expensive and it has given me super strong, long nails since I started wearing it. No chips or breaks in a month (thats a miracle for me!) I highly recommend it!
  9. Please do let me (us here!) know if/when you try it. I should also add that I have an administrative job where I type all day every day, kids and have to do housework (boo me, lol) so my nails get a LOT of wear. I hope it works for you!!
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