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  1. Ordered the Birthstone Collection from the Secret Store. Got my order today and I received the Gem Collection. I've emailed them but considering the Birthstone collection is now showing out of stock, I'm not super optimistic that I'm going to get it. So frustrating that not only did I pay more for it than most of you did because I ordered from the secret store instead of waiting and using the code to get it for $25, now it is unlikely I'll get it at all because of shipping errors. I like the gem collection, it's pretty, but it isn't what I wanted. I don't know why I'm even bothering with Julep anymore. The only box I haven't had issues with in the past 6 months is the one I forgot to skip.
  2. Got my shipping notice yesterday and it is already in WV (I live in MD). They are saying I should get it Saturday, but I wouldn't be surprised if I got it earlier. The reason I expect that I'm getting it so quickly...I was on vacation and missed the window, so I am getting an unaltered Bombshell box with no add-ons. I really hope I like Jessie more than I think I will. Otherwise, off it goes to a sell/trade list.
  3. rainpetal

    Julep August 2014

    Just checked my account again. The 1900 Jules they promised for the shipping issues have now been added. Glad to see them even if I don't expect to take a box when the window opens tomorrow.
  4. rainpetal

    Julep August 2014

    So you got Joyce instead of India and I didn't get Joyce at all and no substitution polish. WTH. I finally heard back from Julep yesterday about both my ta-da drops and Joyce being missing. They are going to send another ta-da drops out and they said Joyce was out of stock so I could pick a different polish. Did everyone who had an out of stock polish get a substitute polish sent out? I'm trying to decide if I should call them out and insist that I get a substitute polish as well as a coupon code because that is what other mavens have gotten. However, if the substitution is hit or miss, I don't know if I should be difficult about it. Thoughts?
  5. rainpetal

    Julep August 2014

    I got my box today and I got India (yeah) but the still managed to mess it up because they left out my add-on of Joyce. So yet another email to Julep. And out of curiosity I just tried the Magic50 code and it is still working.
  6. rainpetal

    Julep August 2014

    No response yet about the drops. I was kinda apathetic about them anyways, but I figured it didn't hurt me at all to email them about it and if I get a replacement or jules or something, I'll be happy. I did get the email about the late shipping and the 1900 jules. I'm thrilled about that, but I'm worried that I won't be getting the actual polishes I ordered since I seem to have ordered all the popular ones this month. At least the 1900, when they show up, will get me yet another free box.
  7. rainpetal

    Julep August 2014

    Just got my shipping notification today. Here's hoping that everything is accurate. I did email Julep about a different issue. I just opened my box of ta-da drops and at least a third of it was gone. Any idea if they are going to do anything about it?
  8. rainpetal

    Julep August 2014

    I was thinking the same thing. Part of me wants to buy it just to have it, but I really, REALLY don't like it. But then again, I actually hate my birthstone too, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I frequently say my birthday is September zero just so I can claim sapphire as my birthstone.
  9. rainpetal

    Julep August 2014

    Slightly OT but for the ladies who use the Bare Face Oil, do you use it both morning and night, or just at night to when taking off makeup and such? If you only use it at night, what do you do in the morning? As to my box, I'm taking Boho Glam with the plum liner and adding on the Classic with a Twist Box (stuck with the black liner for this one), Joyce, and Neha. I am using Jules to cover one box and one add-on polish, so I'm basically getting everything buy 1 get 1 free. I have had some serious issues with Julep lately, especially with my June box and a secret store order issue, but I can't seem to quit. Even though I have plenty of colors and should really stop buying, I'm still hooked.
  10. Ended up getting Lois, the Little Lights set, and Rosa. I used the PERK1020 code and basically paid full price for Rosa and got the rest for free. I can live with that.
  11. @ & @@pokeballssohard PM'ed both of you.
  12. As of right now, I'm going with the Ultimate Upgrade. I may change my mind because I'm less than enthused about Natalia, Harlow, Bergen, and Savoy. I just can't decide right now. I'll have to think some more about it.
  13. I noticed some of you got some thick, goopy polishes. Have any of you found Jeanne to be bad? Mine is thick and goopy but also ends up being streaky. I'm trying to decide if I should complain or not.
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