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  1. this is actually a great event getting to learn something, free HD blush, gift card, brush and mini setting powder. that's EXACTLY what all rouges should be offered. this is the first time they're actually offering a good event and GWP for VIBRs. they're probably testing this in NYC? hopefully. sorry for those of you that missed it. i'm glad they're capping it but possibly having every NYC sephora offer it would have been a better deal. i'm lusting after everything laura mercier so i'll take that event here, please =)
  2. i'm a birchbox naysayer, too, to whomever above posted that. i don't have the budget to waste on products i won't like. it's fun to try some samples but for the most part, no thanks. i really like to love what i buy. believe it or not, even as a VIBR, i'm picky about everything i buy and love and use every item i own. i prefer brick-and-mortar shopping much more than online. both is best; i'll easily notice all types of products from a brand i love in store more than online but maybe something that's in a weird spot at the store, from a brand i normally gloss over, or just isn't stocked by mine is something i can check out online. it makes me sad to think the future of shopping could be exclusively online. i am wildly surprised to hear that you all seem to think lowly of the beauty studio and testers. i agree that it's BS as a perk; the staff are there to sell and they will expect a purchase after providing full makeup service. additionally, not all of them are that skilled at applying makeup (nor are they trained, although they do have training in sanitation). i have never ever ever ever seen anything gross happen with the testers by the staff. they always disinfect everything they use. if staff are near me, even if they know me and see me in the store constantly, they'll always reach over to disinfect something for me or remind me. i've only once or twice seen people put eyeshadow on in the store. that's just an item you might not want to share. everything else can be cleaned with alcohol and every little tester station and studio has a depression-function bottle as well as one to aerosolize it. anyways, i use the testers constantly and i promise i'm a freak about germs. and a pre-med student. to the person who's friend got conjunctivitis at the studio after a makeover, i'm sorry. however, conjunctivitis is simply a number of bacteria cells getting trapped in the eye. this means that the items used weren't cleaned. however, it doesn't mean they were unnecessarily pathogenic or especially mean and vicious bacteria. i think it should be known that you demand everything used on you is clean. maybe i'm different; i've definitely spoken up at a doctor's office or restaurant to ensure my health is a priority. that being said, you can get illnesses like chlamydia or gonorrhea in the eye. no joke. very rare, but still. i am super busy and hardly sign on MUT anymore but i just have to rant again about vib rouge sucking. i can't handle how awful it is haha. i was like most of the vibs- happy and content thinking sephora was a bit stingy and could do better. the unfulfilled promises are disgusting. funny enough, they do explicitly mention things that never happen: special surprise gifts.. one fb post in august i found the other day explicitly mentioned cocktails/dinners with brand founders. also, it occurred to me the other day that sephora employees get thousands of dollars worth of gratis every year so they can afford to do better by VIBR members.
  3. gotta be honest, i'm calling total BS on the fact that the bag doesn't come online orders like normal (remember how you couldn't delete the tote bag from your order even if you wanted to??) rouge sucks. i get that people felt special shopping today, but you had to do work to make it happen (get there early on a sunday). for $1000 dollars, it wasn't worth it. sales tax makes this sale less than 10% off retail, just gonna point that out. today's online purchases: laura mercier secret concealer, laura mercier plum orchid lipstick (only called orchid online), laura mercier crushed berry lip liner, nars copacabana multiple.... NO BAG, NO GWP, NO SAMPLES (more than one time use). my opinion on the whole thing is pretty simple: if they gave us 20%, brand GWPs (like ulta), and the sephora bag with sephora brand deluxe samples or something, it would be a WIN. if the events had raffles- say you show up and get ten tickets and they give out ten full sized items per store (i.e. nordstrom gives out prizes during their beauty event), then maybe they'd be worth attending. i sound bitter, yeah, but they promised more. all of my bitterness is due to that.
  4. i was told explicitly this past sunday by a woman at the sephora in natick mall near boston that there is a 'private shopping' event for vib rouge members. all they are doing is opening at 9am. she acted like this was some big deal. also, she was super awkward and rude about me trying on what she thought was going to be the wrong shade of concealer but i knew what i was doing and it was perfect. it doesn't matter but it was just super awkward trying to do something in front of the mirror with my boyfriend waiting. my opinion: we should definitely get 20% off. for some reason, i thought that's what we're getting. someone posted about getting a ton of nars freebies and another posted about a free laura mercier lip gloss with an order. this sounds great, but it's no different than sephora sending a handful of rouge members a free lipstick. yeah, it's awesome, but probably 0.0001% of rouge members got that. the only reason i'm still shopping sephora is because i don't have a nordstrom close by and generally don't like shopping cosmetic counters (very pushy, can't just pick something up and put it back several times while debating how much to spend that day/what your priorities are/most wanted items/walking around to several brands/feeling like you have to defend yourself or make excuses not to purchase something/beg for samples/go through tons of work for samples etc). i also don't like the limitations of brands at ulta, especially for skin care. considering skin care, it's REALLY important to me to be able to bounce between tons of products and getting info from each. i'm pretty set on what i like and it comes from sephora. that being said, i know some people must do all of their research online before heading to department stores, but even then, you mostly find what you already knew about/were already interested in; it's a lot harder to stumble across products you've never heard of. counters also mean you don't have access to staff that will readily switch between brands helping you. honestly, the $20 off your first day of opening an account sounds great but spending $1000 (to get 2000 points regardless of triple point days) for a $20 certificate- these rewards actually aren't as good as sephora's (20 off 50 in december, 20% off in november, 15% off march/april, 10% off one order annually, triple/quadruple point days). there are too many cons to shopping counters and not any benefits over sephora and ulta lacks in brands. i agree people freaking HATE sephora's PR fail/rouge joke, but we love our products and despite the disappointments, it's still the best beauty store.
  5. the naked 3 is real! http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-naked3-eyeshadow-palette-coming-soon
  6. IT'S REAL http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-naked3-eyeshadow-palette-coming-soon
  7. http://wheeconfetti.com/2013/11/06/la-naked-3-de-urban-decay-les-swatchs/
  8. omg! http://wheeconfetti.com/2013/11/06/la-naked-3-de-urban-decay-les-swatchs/
  9. okay, sephora really sucks now.... vib rouge doesn't get anything more than the regular vibs? seriously?!?
  10. i didn't get any x mailer. i promise my address is up to date. my favorite is when they tell you it's your fault you don't get mail or email, but yet you get their daily email to buy something. ugh. i hate sephora.
  11. occ has a huge set of lip tars (12 minis) that i'm going nuts for... i hope they put out good coupons this year so i can pick it up. also, black metal dahlia is insanely stunning... i have the regular one from the set of four minis. i don't know where the hourglass dim light and these lip tars have been all my life. they stain without drying (unless you are really sensitive to mint oils) and feel bare.... they start with more of a lipstick sheen and feel but within an hour, your lips feel nearly bare and yet look like you're sporting a lipstick. i found that all of the shades are so suprisingly flattering on me (the four minis are memento-a definitively pink nude i can't say is warm or cool for some reason, anime-a neon pink also struggling to classify as warm or cool, nsfw- a perfectly neutral toned blood red that's not too bright, black dahlia- a 'blackened red' as they say that can appear a bit purple in some lighting and a gorgeous berry when sheered out)
  12. the hourglass trio is phenomenal and i have never ever used a finishing or setting powder. i never use any type of all-over powder. the dim light and radiant light are available full size. the dim light is a good powder for all over and the radiant light is great to where you put your bronzer. the incandescent light is a really natural looking highlight. i read that these powders were designed by the hourglass person because her mom or someone was involved in light design and was influenced by the fact that people look better in certain types of light. the incandescent light is not a super strong highlight so most people will be delighted; i'm all about a strong highlight on the cheeks so this one is perfect for above the inner part of the brow and the cupid's bow of the lips. the dim light shade does exactly what it says- it makes your skin look ambient and glowy... it's healthy but not shiny. i was really skeptical in store but my friend also bought; swatching it previously on her hand showed that super natural glow. being limited edition and flying off the shelves, i decided to take it home and try it out. in store, the blurring efffects were immediate. there was absolutely no caking of the powder (i'm young but very conscious of the lines under my eyes and the super super fine ones on my forehead that can look worse with powder). you couldn't tell i was wearing powder with the dim light shade all over. the other two, incandescent and radiant, have shimmer in them. if you HATE any glitter whatsoever, you might want to pick up dim light. summary: dim light is the light of my makeup routine, yours too! the trio is delicious for all over lighting types.
  13. i have NEVER gotten an extra sample when i order. the people at one location know me and treat me really well but no one does anywhere else. i don't see a single difference in being vib rouge vs vib. i'm hoping the sales will be epic for vib rouge or i'll never strive for it. the truth is that sephora doesn't get better because it doesn't have to be. i enjoy their exclusive sets, store, and brands much better than that of ulta, and there are no other competitors... most individual brands have very few stores and weaker/non existent loyalty programs. they don't even treat most high paying customers well (most VIBR will never see a free prestige brand lipstick or event with $10 discount) and as much as it makes me angry, i still drop money there because i love the products. it's just frustrating because they claim to have great customer service and rewards but they don't. i wouldn't be upset if it wasn't so loudly claimed that the VIB/VIBR programs would rock.
  14. hi everyone! i've been absent forever (since august). i don't have a lot of time to come on here with my school and work schedule... i also avoid looking at too much shopping-related stuff because then i want to buy it all! im not that impressed with the november collection but i found it nice for people who are new to polish... there are of course a few shades i like (the cocoa color in particular). i also really like the idea of a lip primer but it's not even the main beauty item and i definitely don't want gloss. i also find that julep products always feel incredibly nice but might not be the best in functioning. the makeup face primer is nicely textured but not my favorite for making my foundation last all day. anyways, i'm taking my time enjoying the september and october collections; i upgraded in september for free with joules and then picked it girl with the yellow, valerie and beatrix add-ons. i don't know if you all saw the fire and ice butter london duos that are ulta exclusive. omg, they are gorgeous: one is metallic night blue with a blue and silvery opal flaky top coat. the other is a dark metallic red with a similar golden flaky top coat. speaking of top coats, i am totally drooling over some of the new sephora x polishes (i.e the sparklers and explosives) as well as glittery top coats from deborah lippmann. i'm OBSESSED with glitter and be gay. across the universe rocks, too. speaking of sephora, all that hard core no-buy saving for months has gone out the window for holiday sets. i picked up the hourglass trio of ambient powders, the tarte blush palette, the tarte liner set, and the occ lip tar set of four minis (these are so insanely nice and it's an amazing set). clearly WAY TOO MUCH MONEY went to sephora and i still want the set of 12 mini occ lip tars.

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