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  1. I'm shocked! I got it to work, and just got a Foreo for $129! I punched it in just to see what would happen, then when it worked I was so astonished I hit "purchase" without even really thinking about it. So much for that no-buy. How am I going to explain this one away?
  2. I LOVED my Stack and Carry.....until I outgrew it. I even had three levels. Oooops. I tried putting the swatch stickers on mine, but now they are popping off almost every bottle (except Avon with their wide, flat tops). Is there a secret to making them stay on some of the textured or embossed caps?
  3. Oh I want Blooming Sunflower SO BAD. I keep putting it in my cart but can't justify the shipping :/
  4. I need to think out loud for a bit. I am freaking out about going back to work. Not really about the work part. I mean, I was executive assistant to a vice president at a large medical facility for over ten years. So being a part time receptionist isn't super scary. The part I'm spazzing over is all the home stuff. My family (husband) have gotten super used to me doing everything. Laundry, cleaning, errands, maintenance, phone calls that require being on terminal hold.... and that was totally ok. I was home all day, it seemed appropriate to me that I should deal with all the sundry stuff. But now I am going to need help. The husband will help if I ask, but I hate having to ask. I get resentful having to ask for help because I feel like it should be obvious. And my 19yo step daughter is asking to move here with us. I love her and I want to help her, but this place is barely big enough as is. Adding another body (and her stuff) is going to be super stressful. I feel like I can't acknowledge the stress without sounding like I don't want her to come. I think I just identified one of my triggers. I buy stuff when I feel resentful for one reason or another. Hmmmm. Solutions? Perhaps posting a list of daily or weekly household chores in a prominent place where everyone is reminded and can check them off as done? Would that eliminate having to "nag" to get things done?
  5. I had an epiphany in the shower - for breaking the no-buy I purged out three same-category items from my stash. One item in, three out helps to compensate.
  6. Like a dummy I wandered into the enablers thread... And wound up making a purchase on the first. It was something I've wanted for a very long time, something I'll definitely use up, and I spent all of $5.11. However, I still feel some sort of penance is in order. Just not sure what it should be? Perhaps just extending my 100 days out by one since I didn't really start till the second?
  7. I fell off the wagon today, but since it was to the tune of $8.11, I'm not too upset. I took advantage of Ultas BOGO free and $5 off a $10 Ulta brand purchase to get a powder foundation and brow pencil. The whole "going back to work" scenario has me looking to simplify my morning routine. Now I'm watching you tube tutorials to get ideas on how to use the eye shadow palettes I already own (as opposed to buying new ones "for work").
  8. After two years of unemployment, I start a new job 1/5! My first impulse is to say I need new clothes. It's a casual office, but my momma uniform of jeans, t shirt and stretched out sports bra won't really cut it. I've ordered new bras because you can't fudge that. But in spirit of the no-buy, I'm going to spend this week going thru my closet and trying things on to see if I can't pull together at least five decent work outfits. That's all I really need, right?
  9. It found a new happy home with my mother, who loves it and doesn't think it smells at all. One small accomplishment at a time.
  10. Someone tell me it's ok to toss a really pretty lipstick that smells super bad on application. Not "gone rancid" bad, just "that's the way it's made" bad. The scent/taste lasts a minute or less. But realistically I don't reach for it because it's just gross. And because I have *several* others to wear instead.
  11. I love Christmas nails! Pinky, Avon Midnight Green topped with Pure Ice Feelin Ornamental Ring, Avon Midnight Green with decal from Ebay Next two fingers, Urban Decay Mrs Mia Wallace topped with Pure Ice Santa Merry Me Thumb, Mrs Mia Wallace alone I tried the two Pure Ice glitters on their own. They turned out a sheer pale gold with just a bit of color sprinkled thru. Pretty in a kind of subdued way. But it's a festive season and I need more bling!
  12. I got a 20% coupon in the mail and by email. I've already used the mail one so I can't check if the email has the same code or not. But if anyone wants to try it, let me know. Just to clarify, I'm talking about the Ulta coupons

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