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    I co-blog with my husband. Even though I'm 27 about to be 28 I'm just now getting heavy into makeup.
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    Nars Blush and Bronzer Duo
    More to come...
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    Blog - http://southeastbymidwest.com
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    Titanic is my hands down favorite movie.
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    I like all types of music and have a little bit of everything in my playlist. Although, while I like jazz and classical I don't have them on my playlist because I love to sing as I listen to my music.
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    Any, I love to read.
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    Revlon and Maybelline
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    I'm a foot shorter than my husband
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  1. southeastmidwes

    Birchbox April 2014 - SPOILERS

    Some of my favorite boxes had the blush sample in it, which I already got. I believe they only sent out the one color variation for that one.
  2. southeastmidwes

    Birchbox January 2014 (SPOILERS!)

    I'm going through the boxes and I can count a lot of them out due to one of the products. So not factoring those and the ones that are only showing one product or two these are my favorites so far: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/january-2014/january-2014-bb64 https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/january-2014/january-2014-bb75 Really though I'm LOVING that first box!
  3. southeastmidwes

    Birchbox January 2014 (SPOILERS!)

    I'm very intrigued by the: I hope I get one or both in my box this month
  4. southeastmidwes

    Birchbox January 2014 (SPOILERS!)

    I've gotten lucky in that every box I've gotten since resubbing has been great. I'm hoping January will continue the streak
  5. southeastmidwes

    Birchbox December 2013 (SPOILERS!)

    Well this doesn't bode well, the weight of my box is 0.5350 anyone have one close? Or any ideas what could be in there?
  6. southeastmidwes

    Birchbox December 2013 (SPOILERS!)

    *grumble* my account isn't updating to show what I'm getting! I'm so impatient and it needs to hurry lol
  7. southeastmidwes

    Birchbox December 2013 (SPOILERS!)

    I just know that the ONE time I want the perfume sample I'm going to totally not get it. Grrrr the temptation to uncheck the limited perfume box is running high!
  8. southeastmidwes

    Julep: August 2013 (Spoilers)

    Selections are up in the Monthly Maven Activities section of my account. However, when I go to switch boxes I can't look at any of the swatches or anything so I'm thinking it's not fully opened yet. I will say though that I'm not thrilled with this month's box and for sure the Modern Beauty box doesn't seem worth the price.
  9. southeastmidwes

    Julep July 2013

  10. southeastmidwes

    Julep June 2013

    I got mine instantly. Which did you decide to go with?
  11. southeastmidwes

    Julep June 2013

    I saw the preview last night and was on the fence between Bombshell and It Girl. Finally decided to go with It Girl with Bunny as an add-on. Can't wait for them to get here as this will be my first actual Maven box since last month was my starter box!! ~Cassie~
  12. southeastmidwes

    Julep June 2013

    I was about to tell you how to do this LOL. Glad you figured it out though ~Cassie~
  13. southeastmidwes

    Julep June 2013

    Since this is my first month of getting an actual box and not the starter box. What time exactly does it go live for us to see? I'm super excited and impatient ~Cassie~
  14. southeastmidwes

    (Spoilers) April Ipsy bag

    Does anyone else find it odd that Jessica's Instagram pic shows both of the blushes and nail polishes but only one of the hair and eye products? Just me? Okay.
  15. southeastmidwes

    (Spoilers) April Ipsy bag

    I hate to sidetrack the conversation (I feel the pain of the faraway stores the closest Ulta to me is over an hour, the Sephora is further away than that, and Lush is over 2 hours away and it makes me a sad panda) but has anyone found a site for that nail polish? I tried looking it up but didn't like the look of the site that I ran into, thinking I might have googled the wrong brand or something. Just curious
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