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  1. RoseRoseShop has those Secret Key SKII dupe masks $6.25 for a pack of 10!!! I bought 2 packs because the price is pretty amazing. http://www.roseroseshop.com/w-secret-key-starting-treatment-essential-mask-1pcs-x-10ea.html?search=secret%20key%20mask
  2. Wanted to share some info about "Sweet and Spark," the place we got that "gift card" to. I found a pair of earings for $38, I think. So, the gift code covered it. I bought it no problems. I got 2 shipping emails. Work up this morning with this email: Hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks so much for your order however, I had to cancel it as those earrings have already sold out. There was something funky on the backend happening on this particular product where it wasn't counting inventory properly. I'm so sorry it had to happen to your order. You should still be able to use the gift card code at checkout should you decide to purchase a replacement. Thank you SO much for understanding! best, Jillian | [links removed] Um, what? I am pretty sure they canceled because I got them for "free." Just thought I'd point that out. Will not be purchasing from this company.
  3. I would love Pandora's blush! But really, I'd be fine with ANYTHING but a red lippy. Please IPSY, noooooo
  4. I bought one this morning! It didn't mention pre-order when I got mine, so I guess it sold out fast.
  5. My charge went through and I was just now billed a second time. It is pending, but I am still mad.
  6. Favorite right now is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette. It is the first contouring thing that has ever worked on my pale skin and looked good!
  7. first spoiler up https://www.facebook.com/Boxycharm/photos/a.262186367259116.1073741825.245615922249494/611829505628132/?type=1 I was gonna cancel, but this spoiler is exciting~
  8. I'm pretty sure the panda eye mask is one mask, but it goes onto both eyes, so I don't think you need to worry. I have one from an eopenmarket order and haven't used it, but from what I've seen, it is just like a sheet mask for the eye area.
  9. My thoughts, and for reference - my skin tone is super, super pale For undereyes - um, nope. For pimples - double nope. Did even less. Crater nose pores - actually covered them up Not worth the price, but if someone has big pores, it might cover them up. Didn't do much else for me. Color could be better, but it actually blends OK enough to wear under foundation Not a HG product, but not totally worthless. Just nothing impressive. There are cheaper product that cover pores. XD It's also super small, not much product in that tube. And the tube is weird. It isn't easy to apply.
  10. I feel exactly the same way about your comparison! The only thing stopping me from staying subbed to glossy is the customer service. :/
  11. Only 3 spoilers, do you gotta wait until someone gets the box for the rest!
  12. Love BoxyCharm. If you're not happy with BirchBox, give them a try. If you look in the boxycharm thread, you can see the spoilers for this month! The brands aren't quite as good as BirchBox, but pretty close. I like to think of BoxyCharm as a much, much better Ipsy (or before Ipsy started sending nothing but samples :/). Full-sized products, from better brands, for $11 more a month. Last month we got Tarte, which was awesome!
  13. I love these types of masks. They're pretty fun. Basically just like a mask in a tube, except you mix it up yourself, which is always nifty. But they make a huge mess since you need to mix them up. I would suggest using small disposable bathroom cup to do it in! I am excited for this month! :3
  14. I got the highlighter and the brush. The highlighter is not bad at all, at least on my skin (I am as pale as they come, so it just lightly highlights... as it is basically my skin color, lol) But the brush is near useless. It's just so huge and awkward! But maybe I just don't like fan brushes, but given Julep's makeup track record, it probably just sucks! I love the heart polish, though, but I have a soft spot for things like it.
  15. Me neither. I ordered a couple before with no customs charges!

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