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  1. Sigh, I was not pleased at all with this month's box -- this didn't really look like an "equip" themed box . I felt like they just threw whatever they had lying around into the crate (i.e. the Iron Man paper craft, the random stickers & the action figures). I gotta save money right now and since this box didn't wow me, it'll be my last one for now . I'll have to see how the next couple of boxes are before I re-subscribe, so please be sure to continue the LootCrate thread!
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure if its $5 credit for each out of stock snack, or just $5 credit in general (no matter how many snacks they replace) but here's what they sent me when I contacted them about it... Quote: Thank you for reaching out to NatureBox! Thank you so much for all of your feedback and we are so sorry many of your items have been out of stock. Since the personalization feature is still in Beta testing, we are trying to re-stock items as soon as possible. If you receive a different item than the one you originally wanted because it was out of stock, you will receive a $5.00 credit towards your next box. Thank you so much for your patience. Could you please give me the name and email address associated with your NatureBox account so I can see if there is anything I can do for you? Thank you. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Here's my experience with NatureBox... PROS: Variety of snacks Discounts (they always have offers for $10/ 1st month or $8 - 9/ for 3 months depending where you get your offer) CONS: Bag not full (for $4/bag I expected them to be a lot bigger (you can find better and cheaper snacks at Whole Foods) Serving sizes -- meager (although they claim to offer "more servings" the size of their servings is like 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup -- barely a handful to keep me satiated). Customization under Beta test (you can customize your next box BUT since it's under Beta test -- a lot of the snacks go out of stock fast and you have to keep editing it. If you don't they'll send you random replacements for the out of stock items and a $5 credit per snack that was not in your original order) Cancellations only by phone I cancelled today. I thought the automated response when they first answer was awkward (it's a guy giving you directions to press 1 -- while trying to be funny but not succeeding). I waited for 10-min before someone picked up. During my wait I heard a lot of elevator music and the phone ringing. When I finally got through with a CS, I barely could hear her, she was in a room with other CS reps all talking loudly at once. She kept getting my e-mail wrong (which they require in order to send you a cancellation confirmation). After another 5-min, she finally cancelled my subscription with the correct e-mail. All in all it took about 15-min just to cancel my subscription.
  4. Same here -- I've been using the bag everywhere lol That cinch bag is so cute
  5. I think they should do the raffle prizes every month .... I hope they draw my raffle number today!!
  6. I got mine today!! Despite my initial impression from spoilers, I thought I wasn't going to like this box.... but I actually loved it! I'm anxious to see what they're giving away in the raffle Does anyone know what the chances were of getting Vega in the KidRobot blind box? The box just has ?/?? on it :x
  7. Gah, I couldn't help myself and watched the vid!! I actually liked the box but I agree -- they could have added more things. I "think" that's why they're giving away valuable raffle prizes (May 1 - May 7 they'll be selecting winners -- hopefully it'll be everyone -- so keep the raffle tickets found in your box). For LootCrate, we're really paying $13.37 + tax/S&H. The base value of the box is usually worth $15-20+ (this is the value you'd pay if you went out and bought the items on your own). For this box, the Street Fighter products alone are worth $15 (more if you had to pay for S&H). I don't really mind the S&H because I know you can't really get "free shipping" -- companies that claim to do this usually build in S&H into the monthly subscription fee or you have to purchase a certain amount that covers the S&H. I also think if you're not a fan of novelty items -- this box definitely won't be for you, because they give tons of novelty items (esp toys & figurines).
  8. Ok this is a semi-random topic, but have you guys visited the Graphic Lab Tees website? They're the creators of that awesome cool shirt in the LootCrate Doctor box. Well apparently they come up with cool shirts each week for $11. They produce the shirts and the designs come in from different artists (each week you'll see an interview with the artist on the home page). The shirts are only available for one week and the design is placed into their gallery never to be brought back again (I've seen some there that I wish they brought back). They have more popular in demand shirts for $15 (under cold storage), but once those sell they're also gone for good. I actually purchased these (2) shirts from them -- and they are awesome!! I think it would be really cool if they made it into a subscription.
  9. I cancelled my subscription after I received their April Box today (this was my first box). I'm pretty disappointed, the last two previous boxes seemed really nice -- this just didn't live up to my expectations . 1. Nibnaks (chewy, semi-dried pineapple, mango & banana fruit snacks) 2. Cardamom (mini shortbread cookies) 3. PeopleTowels (hand towel) 4. Restore (mini lavendar & cypress bar of soap) 5. DoubleDutch - The Romona (caramel, honey, peanuts mini candy bar) 6. Awesome Bars (a cranberry granola bar) *For $30, I could afford much more alternative healthy snacks than the ones featured in this box. While I do appreciate that many of them are hand-crafted -- I just can't afford this with my budget.
  10. Ok seriously, I'm excited that they're giving raffle tickets in the boxes !!! More chances of winning extra cool prizes.
  11. I gave up trying to find a valid GrazeBox US code . I ended up subscribing to NatureBox because I think it's cheaper in the long run. GrazeBox (4 servings = $5, 16 servings/month = $20) NatureBox (15-25 servings/month = $19.95) Although, I have to admit that some of the snacks on the GrazeBox website look so good .
  12. I've been dying to try LC for the past few months -- I'm upset that I didn't get a chance to. I'm not sure how I feel about the new PoppyParcel pricing -- $20/month is a bit expensive for me (I'm already loyal to a couple of other monthly subscriptions in that price range -- of which I probably won't give up). This subscription reminds me of a mix between OliveBox and Umba box. I hope they have more paper goods, hand-made products and accessories/jewelry, because I'm honestly getting tired of all the beauty subscriptions -- none of them seem to satisfy me in the long-run. Are there any spoilers yet of their first box? Also, I signed up for the waiting list like a couple of weeks ago -- anyone like me receive an invitation link yet?
  13. Hello!Lucky Monthly Subscription - April 2013 (all the cards are designed & created by them) NicelyNoted Monthly Subscription - April 2013 (all the cards are selected from different designers)

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