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  1. So I'm coming in here at the tail end of days 21-30, but I've been really successful with my no-buy. Haven't faltered at all, save for my exceptions which were my Birchbox and Julep box (only if it was good, and it was for me!). Haven't been as successful with organizing my closet but I will give that a go this weekend. Onward!
  2. I've been gone from MUT for like ever, grrrr real life getting in the way. Joining the 20-30 day thread right now
  3. I'm sure not every endocrinologist in the world says the same thing but if mine told me to avoid it when possible and since its not that hard to avoid, I go ahead and do it. Absolutely no harm in me avoiding them. Back to topic: I accidentally got 2 birchboxes this month b/c I forgot to cancel my extra account, and I disliked both of them. First time in a while that i felt like it was a big waste of money. Here's hoping February is better (and that I remember to cancel my extra box!)
  4. The paraben debate always seems to ruffle feathers doesn't it? I say if you don't care, go ahead and use them. My endocrinologist let me know that if I could avoid parabens (b/c of my hypothyroidism) that I should try and do that, so I do when possible.
  5. I got suckered in by the free polish that everyone gets this month, so I'm in! I went with the boho glam box this month with the highlighter, can't wait
  6. I found you all!! I missed the first 11 days and was inadvertently successful on the no-buy because work has kept me super busy, a little too busy for the start of January! I did buy some things like a coat and some sweaters, but absolutely nothing beauty related so that's a success in my book! Goals for the next 9 days include: Working out at least 3x this week: I've had this Zumba game for my WiiU for almost a YEAR NOW and I have yet to ever try it, so yeah it's time to break that sucker in There are 3 major organization projects I need to get done in my home: organize my closet , organize my office and organize my beauty stash. In the next ten days, I will plan to organize my closet, by giving away a ton of items I've been holding on to for far too long, and only keeping new pieces and pieces that I absolutely love wearing and feel fabulous in. Life is too short to have a closet full of clothes I don't fully love! Continue to cook as many meals at home as possible. With my busy job that is a difficult task, but my boo helps out a lot with meals as well so I can count on him to help us complete that goal. That's all for me, if I get that all done over the next 10 days, I will be supremely happy!
  7. Happy Holidays everyone!! I'll post the final two gifts of my reveal tomorrow evening; I'm so excited to see the culmination of my Santa's awesome gift!!
  8. Thanks! I love that these are colors that I don't have much of in my collection. I'm itching to wear those emerald greens tomorrow!
  9. Eeep I'm so glad I found you all! I am definitely IN! I'm not going to set any super specific rules for myself just what's below: Total (almost) NO-BUY for 100 days, starting January 1st. Only exceptions are one birchbox account (will cut my second account for Jan 2015) and Julep, but only when it's an amazing collection where I have no existing dupes. PopSugar Must Have box may also be purchased but ONLY with at least a $15 dollar off code and ONLY if I love 90% of what is the box. That's it!! Replacements: I seriously will not run out of any makeup through April 2015 but if I run out of my skin cleanser or other daily products then I will purchase replacements of those. That's it! I'm SO pumped for this!
  10. Day 6 of my awesome-sauce gift from @@nicepenguins ! What do we have in this cute little package? A palette! I love palettes Did some amateur swatching........look at the pretty colors! Once again, thank you Santa!!
  11. I'm also seeking another Ulta code, if anyone out there won't be using their code I can promise I will give it a good home

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