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  1. Using that cupcake for depotting foils is such a great idea! Thanks for the tip- I never would have thought of that!! I feel so undeserving of this gift. It is soo amazing and generous!
  2. Part 2! Paulina I am so over the moon with this gift. Every new item I opened had me squealing with excitement. I don't know how you did such a great job because I don't think I provided nearly enough information for you to know me this well! @PaulinaPS thank you so much for this amazing gift!!
  3. Paulina, you did such an amazing job. From the wrapping, to every single item, this gift was absolutely perfect. Most of the brands are new to me which will make the next few months really fun to test new things. Part 2 coming up!
  4. I know she shipped early because she actually have me advice for my gift and mentioned in a post that she was already done shopping. I was super impressed because it was only mid-November and I hadn't bought anything yet! Reveal coming soon
  5. my gift came today! I havent opened it yet, I just wanted to pop here quickly and let everyone know, but I will open it now and post photos soon. Thank you so much @PaulinaPS!! I'm especially excited about this gift since it's an international gift and I love international products. Stay tuned for the reveal!!
  6. I like all the ideas about using as many products (samples or full size) as possible during these 100 days! I have some products that are almost done- sample perfume, toner, makeup remover and moisturizer- that should be gone by the end of this week so I will focus on them. forcing myself to use these products will definitely help with the temptation to buy more by reminding me that I don't actually need it
  7. I have been out of town on vacation, so haven't posted much, but I wanted to say that everyone did such an amazing job with the gifts! I love this thread so much- it makes me happy seeing how generous people are with people they don't even know!
  8. Back at work and ready to do this no-buy! I haven't bought any makeup but I was very tempted by ulta's 5X points email I got. I was able to talk myself out of an order by reminding myself I have to spend $50 for free shipping and it's just not worth it for me. Instead, I decided to focus on planning blog posts (just started a blog!) and choosing new products to use. If the first 50 days of makeup no-buy goes well, I may try and do a everything else no-buy for the last 50 days. Like others, I am trying to declutter and get rid of stuff I don't need, so eventually I will need to stop buying clothes and other things as welll...
  9. Dear Santa, My husband was able to get extra time off work so I will now be leaving for vacation tomorrow! I won't be home until January 2, so unless my gift comes today I won't get it until then. We have someone collecting our packages so it will be safe! Just wanted to give you a heads up in case I don't post about getting it!
  10. All of these reveals have been so amazing! I love seeing how much thought and care have gone into the gifts! @@ashleylind I'm so happy you liked your gift! I know you're into Korean skincare but that's a field I know nothing about (even thought I got some helps from elves), so I decided to go with stuff I do know! fresh, caudalie and ole henrickson are some of my favorites so I wanted to let you sample those brands. I'm so happy you like everything and hope you enjoy playing with all your new goodies!
  11. No hairkop! I got beauty protector conditioner and hair mask! I've been wanting to try the hair mask so I'm excited to finally get it.
  12. I just started using the tinted moisturizer a few days ago. I was really excited becasue you all spoke so highly about it! Unfortunately, my skin is not happy withit and I'm developing some sort of reaction (not pimples, but some red spots). I'm so bummed, I loved the way it looked! Now I have to figure out what to do with that barely used tube..
  13. I love the idea of keeping track of everything in your planner. I also carry my planner everywhere and can use the pages in the back for notes. I just ordered my 2015 planner so once that comes in I'll start my spending list. I also use mint.com to track things- you can add categories and easily sort and calculate how much you've spent in each category
  14. Does anyone know how to add the gift with puchase from jouer?
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