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  1. Dear MuT Ladies, when does the little pic of the Birchbox turn into the pic with the products in it? It seems to change at different times on differing months. thank you for your help!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by quene8106 Agreed. Mt. Juliet, TN is the Hebron, KY of birchbox. hahahhaaaa Hellbron, KY and Forest Park(ing), GA. hahahahahaa
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jayeme I haven't actually tried it yet, I was mostly just annoyed that it was so ubiquitous for awhile there - I got three in a week! I gave one to my mom, put one on my trade list, and one is in my stash of unopened mascaras. I have 2 minis and 7 full sizes open right now, I don't need to add to the madness! And probably 4-5 minis and 3 full sizes in my backup stash. I just put in an order with another pick two, and I hope it's not more mascara, 100% pure or otherwise! But I'm glad to hear someone say it's decent I am blessed with pretty nice lashes they are long and moderately full-- but they are blonde and the tips are white, so they don't show up without mascara. Yeah, that's the sucky part! LOL I hate a lot of mascaras that people usually like so maybe I'm not the best judge. hahhaaaaa
  4. I am loving the 100% Pure Mascara I got in a pick two. I know a lot of ppl are saying it's not very effective, but I find it very buildable. I'm patient with swathing on coats of mascara though hahahhaa
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mindcaviar If you don't want to keep polishes, give them as little gifts, save up for stocking-stuffers. Also you can Donate any unused cosmetics to a women's home or shelter. This is also a great thing to do with all those extra ipsy bags you've got in a drawer. ;-)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by natashaia I really hate nail polish. ... But doesn't it bother y'all when you have so many bottles and it seems like they will never finish? It stresses me out. I love to have all my nail polishes displayed. I like to see all the pretty colors. If you have an issue with things not being used up it sounds like an anxiety issue. I have some of those odd issues (not that exact one) due to an anxiety disorder. Do what makes you feel comfortable! It's up to you to deal with any anxieties in the best way that fits you. If you don't want to keep polishes, give them as little gifts, save up for stocking-stuffers. Also you can Donate any unused cosmetics to a women's home or shelter. I hope this helps.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Bflopolska My page shows the Sumita liner with a very...*interesting* color. And by that I mean screaming, in-your-face lime green. ... Any sugegstions on how to wear it, and what shadows I can pair it with, would be very much appreciated! From what I have heard they are only sending out the black and the plum. My photo shows a lime green, but I think that's only an example photo. If you were to get a bright and light color such as that I'd suggest using it as a water liner with neutral, plums or neon eye shadows. I think that would be beautiful.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by goldendarter oooh! You have a few things I'd love to try in that box. The Bee Kind and the Atelier. The other items are really nice. I am into Color Club since I joined BB and tried it. It's long wearing and comes in lovely shades.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MeaghanBrown I got my box the other day, and i'm really disappointed that I got a lotion and more food. Although, I did get an eyeliner so that's exciting. I eat food every day and i use lotion every day. Send them to me!! hahahahaaaaa just being silly LOL
  10. I did a search and figured out the trio sampler. This is what it looks like. It's an envelope with foil packets attached.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by wadedl The other color going out is black but I have not seen any. It is a great black eyeliner though, got mine in Glossybox. I have a lot of black liners. In fact one in every form I can think of: liquid, felt tip skinny and fat, felt tip wide, pencil, gel, cake, gel pencil. LOL I only wear black when I dress up because I'm fair and blonde and so it is a little dramatic. (which I love but not for going grocery shopping) hahahaaa Thanks for letting us know it is a good one.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by jbird1175 Having some box envy over here! I (along with a ton of others, I bet) wanted that box! Im also a little jelly that you got 7 items to review. I've never gotten more than 5 items in the 2 years I've been a member. Congrats and enjoy your fab box! What about teas? Those usually come in packs of three or two? Also those little breath mint pop rocks-- those come in twos? I think the trio may be all attached so it is like "one" item that has three products. I'm very pleased with this box. A bit of everything. I hope you get a great one, too.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by hazeleyes Does anyone know if there's any variations on the Sumita eyeliner? It looks like so far its just being sent in plum. I have this same question. Please don't let it be black!
  14. Hello Dear MuT Ladies! Coming to see all the lovelies we got this month. I'm stoked to be getting SEVEN products this month. Though I'm fairly sure that I'll get a trio of packets for the last three items. I don't mind packets a bit. They often have more than plastic tubes, etc. And they are eco-friendlier! Hope you are having a great Beauty Sub month.
  15. My fabulous mail day. A trade with a friend plus two Birchbox orders. Got my Steppie's Easter basket stuff plus it's like Christmas up in here! YAY!! I feel so happy and so grateful. The total I spent (with free shipping) was 86.00. The entire amika Go-Go Travel Bag retails for 80.00. So, basically I bought that for my steppie and everything else was six bucks. (I am also going to give her the wide toothed comb and the nail polish in her basket) Pick two: Ruby Wing color changing polish & Laqa & Co Bossy Boots Pick two: Eyeko Liner in black and 100% pigment mascara in black Acrylic organizer: free Derma-e Full sized scrub: free Received in Trade: ipsy makeup bag, Chella eye liner, Velvet Gel Birchbox points: 30.00 worth free
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