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  1. yes it is! after 4 long years, i can finally see light! haha
  2. i've been wanting to share a good news here, but everyone's having rough times... but i just want to say, it'll get better. we just all have to keep truckin'. this is what i constantly told myself, and now.... ...i finally am a phd candidate! i finished all my exams last wednesday. in my department, phd candidacy means that you have to pass 4 written exams, an oral exam (these comprise the qualifying exam), and then present and defend your proposal, and also be done with all the coursework. man, it's a whole lot of work and i'm really really tired at this point, especially since the first time i did my proposal, i 'passed with conditions', and basically the conditions are to do additional work and present and defend it again. but i've always told myself to "keep truckin'". and now, that's all over and the fun part begins! i now have a much clearer research framework in mind, and my task is to do the experiments i've set to do and write my dissertation. the next exam will be my dissertation defense. that'll be in roughly a year (and a half) from now. i'm..soo..close... hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.
  3. @@Shalott i used to have that issey miyake florale in the pink bottle. i really liked it at first -- but it's been very very very strong on the rose, and that's all i can smell most the time, so i ended up selling it on ebay. sounds like it might be right up your alley!
  4. could the 'dents' be just oil from your fingers depositing onto the keys? if so, that WILL happen with the macbook keyboard as well, as they did their keys in matte.. some people put keyboard protectors but i'm not a fan of those. in terms of durability, the keys are very sturdy. i've had an issue once with the keyboard -- the space bar somehow got misaligned, but i fixed it myself with the help of a youtube video tutorial. i had to remove the space bar, and tinker with the little spring mechanism thingy inside, but it wasn't that hard. btw, did you get an air or a pro? how's the battery life? i just realized again how much i loved that i can just forget about the power cord while using my macbook air for the whole day. i was working at the coffee shop earlier, and was happy that 73% battery life means 8+ hours more! (i was using google chrome an a couple ms office programs)...and the best part is, i've had my macbook for a year and a half now. i really thought that the long battery life will quickly diminish in a couple of months, but i was wrong! P.S. the letter/character markings don't fade.
  5. @@SaraP this is my hg blush brush: http://www.hakuhodousa.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=331 it's the hakuhodo j110. it's more appropriate for softer powder blushes (like hourglass blushes), or very pigmented ones (like thebalm). i also use this one, which i love as well: http://soniakashuk.com/medium-angled-multipurpose-powder-brush-no-17/ it's the sonia kashuk brush no. 17. it's got stiffer bristles, but are still soft to the skin. i use this for stiffer powder blushes, like the tarte amazonian clay ones. hope this helps, and let us know what you decide!
  6. gaaaahhhh i'm giving a talk tomorrow on my research. i'm rehearsing right now. why do i sound so funny and weird and unsure??! i'm also really nervous. i wish i'm better at these things..
  7. @ i love my macbook air! battery life and portability ftw! i've used pc until 2 years ago when i switched to mac, and i'm so glad i did! microsoft office runs on mac, and it's been running smoothly - i use word, excel, and powerpoint heavily. sometimes, it does crash due to some bug or something, but i blame the (microsoft) program. i'm still using office though, because i get it for free through my school. i have other software for research that only runs on windows, and i use parallels for that. everything still runs smoothly even with the parallels open running some windows software, ms word, ms excel, ms powerpoint, matlab and all the 50 web browser windows that i have open (each with 500 tabs). like right now. haha.
  8. if you have AMEX, there are offers on NARS ($15 back on $75 purchase) and drybar ($10 back on $50)
  9. will be making mulled wine soon! haha Item Sku Qty Subtotal Makerskit Mulled Wine MakersKit 700987789867 1 $24.00 Bombas Women Crew Socks Color Heather Grey/Blue 760921700228 1 $9.00 Bombas Women Crew Socks Color Heather Grey/Pink 760921700204 1 $9.00 Ahmad Tea Tea Chest Four 481 1 $13.50 Spend $35, get a free Mystery Sample Pack 5823 1 $10.00 Subtotal $65.50 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Discount (VIP Free Shipping, 21-Box Anniversary Discount - 21%, 21ANDCOUNTING, Free Sample Pack with $35+ Purchase) -$21.66 400 reward points -$40.00 Grand Total $3.84
  10. my bank Chase detected fraud activity on my card. looks like someone (or something, like a bot??) tried to do a transaction at hh gregg in talahasee for $400. good thing my bank declined it and they notified me. i was thinking about buying some booties (i shouldn't!), but it looks like i need to wait 7 days for my new card to arrive.. (or i can always use my credit card, but i swore i wont til it's all paid off!)

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