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  1. There's a new Nars one I saw coming out... It doesn't look as good as the last one though. It has a blush, lip pencil, eye shadow primer foil packet and there was 1 more thing I think... but I can't recall what it is
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by kawaiimeows Quote: Originally Posted by ling168 I am so jealous! I never get the notifications so I missed the shoe surprise! I hope you get something amazing follow them on facebook! (if you use facebook) - just happened to see their post about it the minute it happened and said "y'know, i really want some new shoes" I'll try, but I'm not on there much. Hopefully I won't miss it next time
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kaitlin1209 Quote: Originally Posted by tweakabell New lip tar minis http://www.sephora.com/primary-pack-lip-tar-all-star-mini-5-set-P385533?skuId=1578624 Does anyone have a link to a Youtube video or a guide to using/mixing these lip tars? I am very new to the lip tar world and I honestly have no idea how I would use those without wasting a ton of product experimenting. I found this youtube video to be one of the better ones out there. Hope it's helpful . ETA: I don't think she mentions mixing, but at least it should help with the using part
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ohsailor Quote: Originally Posted by jennm149 I think they maybe discontinuing them. Various scents have gone OOS without being replenished and now there are only a few left. They're not discontinuing! Don't worry about it. This happened not too long ago- I want to say just 2 months ago, but it could have been late December- they were out of stock of ALL of them except for chocolate. I think they just go fast now considering other Rougers and Flashers have figured it out Trust me, I make a ton of small orders and I see all the different scents go in and out of stock all the time lately. Speaking of, I thought this was important enough it needed to be shown here. For those of you who don't know, Sephora hosted a live "chat" for VIBRougers to vent their frustrations and ask questions about the program with Sarah Choi, the VP of the Beauty Insider programs. @jennm149 (wow, I just realized you're who I quoted, too!) originally posted this, so all credit to her (this is directly from the live chat). I think we can officially say those women who posted their stories weren't lying about 1. Being flagged (and therefore banned from online shopping) or 2. What they did (as in, did nothing that deserved a ban and then kept that part out of the story). If any Rougers are interested in the full "chat" (I think only they can see it, but I might be wrong! Someone who is VIB let me know): http://community.sephora.com/t5/VIB-ROUGE/Live-VIB-Rouge-Chat-with-Sephora/m-p/1268278?om_mmc=aff-linkshare-redirect-J84DHJLQkR4&c3ch=Linkshare&c3nid=J84DHJLQkR4 saritachoi /SEPHORA/ 2h ago (1) Heart Hi ladymeag, When we started building the program, we surveyed our clients and the #1 benefit clients asked for was free shipping. In regards to the shipping issue, some Rouge clients had their orders accidentally flagged by our fraud department. It was a system error has been fixed with our IT department. If you are experiencing challenges, please call the Rouge concierge immediately for resolution. Thank you for your feedback related to the Beauty Studio. We continue to invest in education and programs for our stores and we always strive to be better. We'll make sure to pass this feedback on to the right team. System error my butt!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by IndiaLynRose This is my 3rd stylish surprise purchase (2 surprises each time) but this is my first time getting shoes! I am so jealous! I never get the notifications so I missed the shoe surprise! I hope you get something amazing
  6. I haven't received any emails since October and have contacted them so many times. I am so f-ing peeved about these special rouges codes. What's the point of being rouge if I'm not going to reap the benefits. I had to read online that the ambient blushes came out early .
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by normajean2008 So I had to venture into Sephora today, my last order I bought the Bite Honey Lip Lacquer in Dolcetto, they sent me Valencia instead. Exchanged that... While I was aimlessly wandering around, there was a couple tables set up with Caudalie stuff and a couple ladies representing the brand. I had some time before free parking ran out, and let them fix me up. Turns out you got a cute little bag with samples in it if you let them sample stuff on you, yay! I did end up liking the 3 new products the lady used on me. (Vinosource sorbet hydratante, Vinosource S.O.S, and Regenerating concentrate) She recommended if I were only to buy one of these today, to get the sorbet to help with my flushing issue. The samples in the bag are 1 oz shower gel, 1 oz hand and nail cream, large foil of Vine body butter, 1 oz makeup removing cleansing water, vial tube of Vinosource SOS, and vial tube of Vinosource riche. And then she made me an additional sample of the regenerating concentrate and more SOS serum, she even made sure she was giving me enough to tie me over until I got paid again to get these full size. The bag is cute, and a nice size-- 1 1/4 of a dollar bill in length, just shy of a dollar bill high. I've tried the brand before, but not these products, and I was impressed highly with them. I walked in with makeup on and a beet red face. After she cleaned my makeup off, and put the products on, by the we were done talking and making samples up, my face was so clear and even toned, and felt fantastic! I didn't even need makeup on the rest of the day! And on an unrelated to Caudalie note... I finally tried my Jack Black hair/skin oil sample (the 10 oil..only oil in the line I believe). It is also fantastic! I put some in my damp hair and clipped it up to do my makeup...by the time I let it down, it wasn't heavy feeling, greasy..just perfectly hydrated and soft/smooth. I thought the Agave oil was my HG hair oil, but I think this knocks that down a notch! I can't wait until next payday to buy more of it! Also, tried the new Agave lip healer by Bite in store today. Man, you guys were right on that crappy packaging! The one they had out for sampling was about 1 minute from bursting open on the sides. It was alright, but I thought it had a very unpleasant smell. My lips were still slightly chapped/flaky after a few hours. The Bite honey lip lacquer completely healed up my lips after two applications tonight though, it has manuka honey in it. I do recommend that stuff. I love Caudalie's hand and nail cream!!!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by OpheliaDiFranco Quote: Originally Posted by ling168 I was tempted too but I bought the Andalou Naturals Argan + Mint Lip Remedy for about $8. I like it pretty well, but I havent tried the Lip Mask yet so I am still curious lol For all you wonderful ladies who are interested in the Bite lip mask, if you have a Sephora nearby, stop in and grab a sample. I got one last month before I decided I HAD to have the full size. The packaging of the full size is less than stellar. Its one of those Aluminum tubes, so after a while (actually not even a while- pretty quick) the tube cracks and the product starts oozing out. So it doesn't travel well. I bring the Sephora sample with me everywhere. You only need to use the tiniest bit, so it will last forever!!! That's good to know. The packaging alone would be enough of a deterrent for me bc I had a hand lotion from Crabtree and Evelyn and it did that and ended up everywhere in my purse. I wouldn't carry this with me everywhere, but I think it would really bother me. I will be getting a sample either way just to try it out. That's a good tip about using the sample container to travel with.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by LuckyMoon Quote: Originally Posted by OpheliaDiFranco I kow $26 is pricey, but the Bite Agave Lip Mask is AMAZING....the Atelier mini set is $18..THe roller ball fragrance sampler is $24...The Nails inc fall/winter collection is a steal @ $11....The Caudalie hand & nail cream is one of my favs @ $15..Their divine oil in the 1/2 oz size is $9....Tokyomilk dark takeout set is $10.... I have a whole list saved so I can easily get to $25! LOL I've been sooo tempted to try the Bite Agave Mask. It has great reviews on Sephora's site too. I'm glad to hear that you think it's worth the money. Still not sure I'll get it now because I have an Ipsy bag coming with lip balm in it, but if the Ipsy lip balm is bad I may go ahead & try it. I was tempted too but I bought the Andalou Naturals Argan + Mint Lip Remedy for about $8. I like it pretty well, but I havent tried the Lip Mask yet so I am still curious lol
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ewiggy Are Sephora Collection brushes any good? I wanted this set because I'm obsessed with all things rose gold.. It went out of stock and I'm about to pull the trigger.. http://www.sephora.com/rose-gold-mineral-brush-set-P309107?skuId=1404862 Some are good. I don't know about the sets. Generally speaking, brush sets aren't always as good as the brushes sold individually. I like the Sephora shadow blending brush quite a bit, but my big powder brush sheds.. I hope you get a good set. <3! Let us know how they are if you get them
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by gypsiemagic HELP!! I got the kit today, but the SA took the 50 point card flyer out of the bag and then apparently didn't hand it to me. Does anybody have one on hand to tell me what it said. He was vague about it anyway, so I am miffed. That sucks! It says that you can earn "50 bonus points" with any skincare item from 2/27-3/20
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by allistra44 Quote: Originally Posted by ling168 Ohhh that's awesome! So are there just a bunch of products & you can pick any 5? Do you remember what else was available? I'm thinking a trip to SiJCP is probably in my immediate future... ETA nevermind, I answered my own question! Haha nice, I was about to type this out for you. I will say it is always better to have visuals. Quote: Originally Posted by gypsiemagic Quote: Originally Posted by ling168 I am glad you guys mentioned the SJP Favorites for Skin Care. Here's mine. I kind of wasn't sure if I should have gotten a different combo, but oh well. Overall, I am content with what I picked. How does this work? you get any 5, not one from each category? thats cool. I hope this will still be in store when I am home next weekend, we have only free standing Sephora's :/ I will def get 2-3 white glam glows and the boscia oil.. hmmm choices. Yea any 5. I was happy about that bc I wanted 2 of the supermud, which I prefer to the youthmud. Quote: Originally Posted by bluemustang Any five! I chose the black and white GlamGlow, Algenist retinal type serum, the Boscia oil and ole Hendrickson truth serum. Great deal! I agree! It is a great deal. I was super happy with this purchase.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ohsailor Well, this is new- ordered a $32 eyeliner, it came in a bubble mailer (the one time they SHOULDN'T use one, as it could have snapped...) and it came with NO samples. ...Yeah, it's great being Rouge. That's such bs. I can't believe they did that. Maybe their warehouse team is still recovering from NYE hangovers
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by meaganola Quote: Originally Posted by MzKayleeJames Maybe I missed it but did ya all see the D&G 500 pointer?! A velvet clutch with two mini perfumes and an eyeliner that looks full size. Looks nice! I saw it! I was trying to figure out what the eyeliner was, and then SQUIRREL, and then it was gone. I just checked and its there now

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