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  1. NYC here, they did this to me! Didn't even come to my block. They could have updated it "delayed" and I would have understood, but they wrote "Receptacle blocked, notice left" and 1. My mailbox was NOT blocked and 2. No notice! Like don't lie!! I waited around all damn day stalking my tracking. (This was before classes started again today and I didn't have work, haha.) But I did finally get it today AND GUYS I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MONTH'S BOX LIKE I ACTUALLY LOVE EVERY ITEM IN THE BOX, Not even including the one I'm waiting on! I absolutely love everything, it's all right up my alley! I am a tea addict (and was low on green tea, and my new one smells divine!) and I'm a candle addict and I REALLY wanted the L'Occitane hand creme in Lavender but was putting off purchasing, then I got the hand creme in this box which is great! And the scent I got is Lavender!!!!! Are they spying on me?!
  2. Green tea?! YEs, I'm running low! It's out for delivery right now, I hope I got the same stuff!
  3. Got mine today! I got really good pigmentation with the shadows over Geek Chic's Power Up Primer. I AM OBSESSED WITH HEADSTRONG AND THE ENTICING ELBA SAMPLE
  4. Zodiac collection?!?! That means I must own Taurus. And my sister will obviously need me to get her Aries before her birthday in April!
  5. On a good night lmaoooo: -remove eye makeup if wearing any -cleanse skin -cleanse again (my cleanser is gentle so I don't feel bad) -night cream -sleep zzz Most nights lmaoo: pass out face down as soon as I hit the bed, no cleansing, no makeup removing. IT's terrible, I know, but It's so hard for me to get into the habit. Especially since I'm usually working night shifts now and I'm just exhausted when I get home but NO EXCUSES !
  6. My Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy came and I swatched my shadows over it, I have pictures. Cassiopeia over PE *swoons* Top is flash, bottom no flash L-R: Cassiopeia, Betelgeuse, Ursa Minor
  7. I'm down for trading. Maybe I should start up one of those trade/swap threads for myself that everyone has, and then I can go through my collection and find new homes for unloved items.
  8. Thank you for all this info! I'm really new to loose eye shadows in general, so I'm sure I'm gonna have a lot of practicing to do. I have the NYX pencil in Milk I can use as a base. What exactly is a foiling medium? I feel like I've re-stumbled into the makeup world by branching into Indies because I never had to worry about foiling before, haha.
  9. Thank you guys for confirming it for me. I should start actually reading things I agree to. xD DOn't want to end up as a Human CentiPad or anything.
  10. What's the current TAT with Shiro? I ordered a Nic Cage gloss and the Nic Cage shadow as a late birthday gift for my Nic Cage obsessed friend, (and a Sherlock contour powder for my Sherlock obsessed self) about a few days before Christmas, and I never checked the TAT or anything. I'm patiently waiting, but just want a shipping guesstimate, haha. She understands this is a late, late birthday gift lmao.
  11. How small is too small for a stick eye liner? Like at what point should I stop sharpening my UD 24/7 Stick Eyeliner in Zero and just toss it?
  12. I love supporting this company and I want to stay subscribed in hopes of a box that will completely wow me and December wasn't terrible but I want January to rock my socks off. This is the longest subscription service I've ever had lmao, I tried Ipsy and Birchbox for 2 months each, but I've been subbed to this since the first one, and I so badly want them to be great bc French. I'm usually happy with most of the boxes, plus the box itself is beautiful. I don't know how much longer I'm going to hope for a sock-rocking box.
  13. I received my order the other night and the colours are gorgeous. Ursa Minor is beautiful, but just like every gold I've used ever in my life, it kind of blends in with my skin tone, which sucks, but I can probably use it as a beautiful golden highlighter and feel fantastic about myself. What primer do you guys use? I used UDPP with Betelgeuse today, but I wanna know what products will make it flashier and show off how beautiful it is better. I'm waiting for my Fyrinnae order of Pixie Epoxy to come in the mail, will that be a better thing to use?
  14. Same! Ordered last night & got shipping notification today! Fast shipping makes me happy. I ordered Betelgeuse, Cassiopeia, and Ursa Minor.
  15. Literally 29 Dec, I asked to be put on the waitlist, and 1 Jan, I was taken off and was able to subscribe to the VC. So this is going to be my first month. I've never seen the show Jem, and while I find the theme picture looks tacky, I think the shadows themselves look absolutely gorgeous! I've never tried NM before, so I'm excited! I hope spending the $13 a month on cool Indie stuff will prevent me from shopping at Sephora and other places. Headstrong and Pureheart are particularly catching my eye.
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