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  1. I agree, they are my favorite because they have the strongest sparkles of all my shadows! I'm purposely trying to ignore the social media side of Aromaleigh because I know it doesn't come from a place of drama and it has nothing to do with the products themselves. I loved the variety and presentation of the sub so far so I'm here to stay til it gets boring
  2. Yeah, plus there's only 3 pages in 5 months and not much activity at all so far
  3. Sorry for starting drama inadvertently @@marigoldsue! I only posted that photo in the sub group because I wanted everyone to see how big the sample jars were and I was at work so I didn't want it in my feed if I had posted on the page. I was also sort of hoping other people would post non-sub stuff there so the group could morph into a general group, but that clearly didn't work lol. I am sad that it turned into more. I lovvvve Aromaleigh and I will join 10 groups if I have to but the reality is I am lazy and I don't want to miss anything if it's in different places. I am having a hard enough time staying updated on indie happenings ever since the threads were all separated here on MUT, but I guess it's time to adjust! Lol
  4. Here's the best sellers page ( I don't know what your style is. These colors are mentioned often. But you definitely need to grab a blush if you place an order! They are amazing and there are also sample sizes. My favorites are start a rumor and day job.
  5. I have not seen this movie but I love all that is Jim Carrey!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I emailed julep and asked if the chevron decals would be stocked in the store and they said yes! Glad I skipped since I can probably get everything I wanted for less than $20 with a code
  7. My name is lolo and I have too much eyeshadow! 162 eyeshadows to be exact (not counting palettes and not counting indie shadow sample baggies). Commence eye shadow no buy. Rules: no buying eyeshadow!
  8. Yes! There are a lot of other collections I would rather see retire before this one
  9. If that's the case, I feel better about skipping. I don't do teal nails really ever and mostly only wanted the purple one. I am sad about missing out on the decals though. I keep checking the website to see if they've been added
  10. I don't really think it's a big deal whatever she decides to do, I will still buy. Selfishly I want something around $3ish because that's where the price is right for me not feel guilty about buying more shadows lol. I do feel bad that it seems like a stressful decision and the poll seems pretty spilt. Half sizes with no sifter seems like less work, but I wouldn't know. I would definitely pick up the entire sol invictus collection at a $3 price point, but the thought of transferring 12 baggies to jars just turns me off.
  11. I skipped too chevron decals aren't sold out so hopefully I can get them later.
  12. The more I think about it I might just skip. I only like 2/3 of the IG colors and I don't want switch to custom when I want to use my jules next month. Their stupid system actually deters people (or at least me) from taking boxes if I have to call just to use my jules. I just really want the nail chevrons and hopefully they will have more later. It's also hard to factor in the free metamorphic top coats when we havent really seen swatches.
  13. I think you are my hero. I can't go from alarm to car in less than 1.5 hours. Not that I'm doing that many things, just that I move at the pace of a 90 year old zombie in slow motion in the morning lol. I probably spend 10 minutes looking for light switches. Pretty much everyday I get into my car and look at the time and think, what was I just doing for the last 1-2 hours??

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