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  1. I use a chemical exfoliant, an aha and a bha, each once a day. I use physical exfoliants about twice a week Since I've started using chemical exfoliants, which are more for every day use, regularly, I don't feel the need to use physical ones as often as I used to.
  2. Got my sorry points and a clicky truck (tracking hasn't updated yet, but that's cool). Contents still haven't updated, but I'm hoping they'll be there tomorrow.
  3. Gah. Birchbox! Stop making me mad!! I'm not the person who complains to cs. I swear. But when they're just giving me lame excuses, it drives me nuts !! They responded to my email that called them out on their bs excuse of the 10th being a Saturday and blah blah blah. They told me that my contents Should be updated; I checked. They're still not. And still no tracking. I'm a little miffed that they're giving some people sorry points but not others, so I emailed them back letting them know that my box has not updated yet and that I still don't have tracking. I also asked if the sorry points were only for a select few, or everyone. Because I definitely fall in the delayed ship category, but I haven't gotten anything. Meh. This is the most assertive I've ever been with any customer service. It's not a very good reason to throw a fit, but I hate it when promises aren't kept with zero communication about it.
  4. It's fairly reassuring that they aren't usually like this. I honestly don't usually pay attention to spoilers or other boxes or anything. One of my favorite parts of birch box has been how reliable they are. I just wait for the 10th, look at what I'm getting and that's it. I get what I get, and most importantly, I GET POINTS from reviews to buy all the stuff!!!! I've never considered complaining to their CS before this; I'm just so used to knowing what I'm looking forward to getting.
  5. I got a response to my cranky Birchbox WTF email. They basically said "rest assured, your box will be shipped and you'll get your tracking email by tomorrow since the 10th was a saturday." I might just be really cranky, but that doesn't really answer anything. in the past, the day of the week hasn't mattered. My box has updated on a Sunday before when that was the 10th. I just want my box to update!! Don't make me promises and then fail to follow through.
  6. Well, I guess I should just start expecting everything to be off this month... Birchbox STILL hasn't updated my box nor clicky truck... Julep didn't ship until yesterday, Beauty Box 5, which I was super excited to try out, turns out they're not sending the actual month box to everyone who used the free code... Now, Ipsy and fortune cookie soap are my only hope that something will follow schedule properly this month. I should just stop expecting everything to happen when they're supposed to so I can be pleasantly surprised. But seriously. It's WELL into the 11th. Why doesn't Birchbox love me enough to update!?
  7. I can't wait for that feature to be implemented. It's probably what I miss most about the old one.
  8. My payment processed on the 28th and I still haven't gotten my shipping I guess I'll have to live vicariously through everyone else until I do. I really just wanted to try the wand.
  9. I just got an email from Julep; I got SUPER excited for a second, thinking it might be my shipping email!! ...It was an email informing me that there is a delay and they will ship my box next week.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one still waiting. I might need a support group soon. I was worried that I skipped and didn't know it, but I checked my bank statement and the charge is there for the 28th. I guess if I don't get a notification today it's okay to contact them ?
  11. So, we are supposed to be receiving our shipping notices by today, right ?? I was so spoiled in the past getting my box by the first of the month. This is so different.
  12. Thanks ! I finally ended up getting mine too. Also with a Thursday delivery date !! I'm glad that a perk of pre ordering seems to also be immediate shipping. I do appreciate that. I was second guessing my decision to pre order for a while, but after seeing what everyone went through yesterday I'm glad I did.
  13. Do you have UPS My Choice??? I pre ordered mine and am having it delivered to my boyfriend's work... but I don't have a my choice set up for that address I hope mine gets here this week too!!
  14. Since all of the sold out messages and posts appear to originate from last year, I'm thinking there is still a chance for people to grab it. It would be nice is allure released a statement though to clear up confusion.
  15. That blog post appears to be from last year (unless my phone is being weird and is confused)
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