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  1. I'm waiting too – someone on MSA asked to have her box shipped in the last batch, in order to receive the extra, and I think they told her it would ship on the 18th. I don't really mind, but I look forward to getting the box. @ What is the vervaine item from Rose et Marius? I hadn't noticed it before.
  2. I am most curious about their 'very own creation'. Some sort of logo-branded item? A beauty product? Something else entirely? I guess I'll have to wait and see! This is my last box and I don't think I'll renew, although I've loved getting this sub for the past year. I've liked every item so far, no exceptions.
  3. They accidentally hit on something so successful that an entire industry sprang up around them, and they want to just throw that away? I find it hard to believe that they couldn't figure out how to turn a profit with their vast subscriber base. I have no doubt there are CEOs out there who could take what they've got right now and turn it into gold. Retail stores are closing left and right, online shopping is booming... and they want to open more retail stores? I can't even imagine what they're thinking. Haley must've seen the writing on the wall.
  4. The soaps look tiny in that pic, but the tea looks full-sized, which would be nice.
  5. I was totally wrong guessing the clutch for Perl B – the spoiler is a tote! https://www.instagram.com/luxeprovence/ Should be perfect for my cruise this winter.
  6. Got my box! Violette Sacrée perfume – It's different from what I usually wear, so it's nice to try something new. I didn't like it at first sniff, but it's lovely a minute or two after it dries. I've been sniffing my wrist every few minutes. I love the bottle even more than in photos, especially turned with the blank side forward. It's minimalist and beautiful. Copacabana soft perfume – I love this type of perfume and the fragrance is pleasant. It's a simpler scent and doesn't hold my attention the way Violette Sacrée does, but I will definitely carry it in my purse. The packaging is charming. Napkins – I already knew I'd love these, and they don't disappoint. I like that two are natural and two are white. I admit though I'm tempted to sew one of them into a pouch, because the mirrored image would be perfect for that. Cream – This was a surprise hit for me. I really love it! The texture, fragrance, everything. Overall I'm very happy. This is the third box where I'm not swapping a single item.
  7. @@MET I believe I'm getting Violette as well. What do you think of it?
  8. It says it's a 'precious tumbler' and styles will vary. Here's the page for the precious tumblers (lol): http://www.roseetmarius.com/en/3-precious-tumblers What Luxe Provence sent was the gift set, which comes with either one big candle or two smaller ones. I think Luxor is just sending the tumblers alone. So it won't be quite the same, but LP is far more expensive.
  9. They pulled me back in with that one. I love the one I got from Luxe Provence.
  10. Spoilers for summer! Perl B, maybe? I'm sad it'll be the last box in my annual sub! Edit: Confirmed as Perl B, looks like the one in the pic above: http://instagify.com/media/1202979932936711580_1373256898 And there'll be something from Rose & Marius. I think this box may turn out to be my favourite of the four...
  11. Whenever anybody says something like this, I'm always tempted to make particularly enigmatic comments. In this case, I'm excited about the cheap plastic item, moreso than the one made of bits of string or the thing that comes in various shades that resemble mud. The item with eight holes in it is cuter than expected, and I look forward to tasting the soy lecithin before scrubbing a small part of my anatomy with the included goop. And I'll be able to buy something to shove up my... err, well, I don't want to get too graphic. Anyway, great box!
  12. Another update with a little more info about the last two items: They pretty much said on Instagram that the table item is napkins. Here is the site for Source de Provence; this page has the sets they sell: http://www.sourcedeprovence.com/product-category/nos-offres-de-fin-dannee-4/ I imagine though that LP will curate their own choices though, and they don't say how many items there will be or whether they will be full size. Personally, I'm very excited for this box, although I know a lot of people won't like it.
  13. I don't think the clutch will be in this box, because they've updated their description. I've snipped out the irrelevant bits, but here's the gist of it: We already know the two perfumes, so it sounds like the other items will be a skincare item and napkins: They posted this earlier and I didn't pay attention as I thought it was the same tea towels as before, but they're definitely napkins and the comments confirm they're in this box: They've also updated the description of their service in general to say they send '3-4 high-quality, full-size products' whereas before I think it was 4–5. Obviously this box has four items, and I've noticed they're generous with their counting, but I'm curious about the next box.

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