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    I don't have children but I have a wonderful little crazy menagerie of fur- and feather-babies.
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    My pets and husband, dancing, cuddling up with a good book and a glass of wine, riding motorcycles, walking (I love to just walk for hours without stopping), shopping, cooking...

    ...and of course, MAKEUP!
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    Slave to the public but I couldn't see myself enjoying any other job quite as much.
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    I love trying new things but my skin doesn't always dig it.
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    I'm a sucker for animals no one else will adopt: the elderly, injured, handicapped, etc.
  1. I think I'm the only person who picked the W3ll People brightening stick sample. Maybe that means it'll be guaranteed to end up in my box (send me two if you need, Birchbox). How many December babies are on the board? Mine is the 6th! Woo!
  2. Is it just me or does Narvar sound like it should be the shipping company sending packages to Mars?
  3. Add me to the list of lanolin lovers. We had two pet sheep growing up and anytime we'd stick our hands in their wool to give them a good back scratching, we came away with super oily, soft hands and cuticles. It was pretty neat when we had them shorn as well, because you could take a puff of wool and rub it along your skin and leave an oil slick behind. I'm leaving my November box to chance, but really hoping I don't get the Not Soap, Radio body wash. I ordered that scent last month using points and the fragrance was nauseating. Very heavy on the sage and not refreshingly lemony at all. I gave it to my husband and even he doesn't care for it. Also, happy early bday to the December babies. Mine is the 6th and for the first time in 4 years, I'll be off work for my birthday. Look out, world!!
  4. Ladies, I just saw your posts and wanted to let you know that he's doing so great! Aside from waving his little chicken wing nub as if batting his (now-missing) paw, he doesn't seem phased in the least. Just tonight, I got video of him jumping about 2' in the air and doing some gnarly twists and kicks at the same time. Considering he's tri-pawed, we find that pretty awesome! Thank you both for checking in on him.
  5. I have to post a pic of our most recent "misfit" addition to our family. This is Atticus. We found him 5 days ago (Tuesday) lying in the road after being (presumably) hit by a vehicle. His left arm was completely unusable so we elected to have it removed 3 days ago (Thursday). You'd never know he just had major surgery just by watching him. His resilience is amazing! Anyway, here's the sweet boy pre- and post-surgery.
  6. I subbed my husband for 6-8 months beginning back in Octoberish and I always had major box envy. Plus some things I got to pilfer, like the Vasanti Brighten Up, the boot socks, headphones, American Crew Alternator, etc. He really does like his boxes and we will keep subbing once we're more financially stable. The month he got playing cards, he also received a super soft t-shirt and 5 other items, so it was definitely worth it. I suggest sticking with it for just a few months to see how you like it. The men's boxes really do seem cooler than the women's.
  7. Thanks! I had no idea it existed but used it to resub the hub.
  8. I think you can receive the same item twice if they're different colors. Hopefully you'll get the purple.
  9. Well dang. It let me do that the last two months and I could see what I was getting before my box page uploaded. I keep logging in to see if my clicky truck is active so I can test it again but no luck. I wonder if it was just a fluke before.
  10. I'm jealous of and excited for those of you who already have your trackin number because it means you can see what you're getting! Even if your box contents hasn't uploaded yet, if you have a tracking number, you can start opening pages for this month's items and if you click to review them, the items that tell you you'll get 10 points for the review are the ones you'll receive in your box. I did that a few months in a row and consistently received the items I found I could review for 10 points.
  11. I use the Jack Black Supreme Cream to shave my legs. No other shave cream/foam/gel/etc has ever come close to being as amazing as that stuff, and I swear the tiniest pinch (think dime sized) will do an entire leg w absolutely zero razor burn. I'll never use shaving stuff for women again. Nevar!
  12. Hmm. I'll have to think about that. Twenty is a bit high for just a mirror. Thanks for letting me know, though!
  13. I just want the mirror as well. Maybe it'll be offered at a later date after the boxes sell out.
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