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  1. Update, after some pliers and some heft by the hubs, I got in! lol - that thing was closed tight! I really expected the lip to be redder based on color but it mutes down nicely, even with the gloss. I actually really, really like it. So box value to me was raised to $50. I still feel like the expensive hat is just way overpriced for what it is... a feltie, plain black hat, but it's not entirely useless. If it was better quality, I think I would have really felt I got a deal in this box.
  2. That's odd, but stands out I suppose. I still can't get into it. Going to have to dig out some pliers. I assumed since grunting and spinning didn't work, that it was holding it in.
  3. So I don't hate this box, I kind of really like it. The hat is cute, I put it on and liked it. Then I took it off and realized the white band on it is styrofoam and took it off. It's now really blah. I craft, so I'll sew a white ribbon band on it. But $58? You joking? It's the same quality I can get from Wal-Mart or Claire's. As in, not very. It's a generic feltie hat and all black. So I like it, but I wouldn't pay that much for it. Maybe $15. The hair mask as the other big ticket item will be great if it works, but if it doesn't, the box starts to become a bust. The lint roller is great! My husband travels a lot for work and he'll steal this easily. The nail kit is cute. The lipstick - well, I have no idea. The shade looks great and might look good with a muted eye shadow but... it's broken. It either melted or was smashed (see pic). The PS box is fine, and the packaging it came in is fine, so I'm going with the top melted in transit which means it most likely melted - why you'd put cheap meltable plastic on lipstick you are charging $22 for and put it in a shippable box where it's warehoused for several months, then shipped standard is beyond me. The biggest bust in the box is the food. In fact, all the food has been busts. I liked my first dark chocolate espresso beans but they were a discontinued item, dumped on the box to get rid of them. I get the organic/gluten craze is in full swing despite 90% of gluten avoiders don't need to (as they aren't celiac sufferers) but they are always nasty. Between stale and/or gross food items, these are complete busts. All in all, I'd value this box personally at around $35 with the items I could use, $50 if I can get into this lipstick.
  4. FYI, I was charging the pen battery on my laptop when it gave out a surge warning to the USB port and shut it down after about... 30 minutes or so charging it up. I suggest as a precaution, making sure if you charge from your computer, that you have the newer USB ports that detect the surge and will shut it down like mine did. It could be a fluke, could be something that damaged it in shipping but it definitely won't be going into my wall. I'm charging my phone on it now (my phone has the warranty protection on surges for charging, since I live in Florida and lightning likes my house) and no issues, but something to watch out for. It's getting a tad warm charging my phone - which it really shouldn't be doing so take caution if you intend to use this in a purse or bag and want to charge with your phone/tablet in hand. Make sure you take it out to cool it every so often. ETA: After running through a full charge, it gave me about 40% battery, which seems rather underpowered for the size, but will certainly get you some extra life for not a lot of effort!
  5. Okay, so I canceled, but I thought I'd gotten a 3 month sub apparently I got 6 when I prepaid way back when. This box isn't "technically" as bad as the others, because it has at least one item. SPOILERS BELOW: The pen charger. Though it's rather overpriced as it's more expensive than my four-times-longer-lasting Amazon basics battery with dual ports. That said, my bag looks like hairy hoohas in beige and black (hey, I may be projecting a bit - perhaps it was last month's nipple pins...), the popcorn bag is stale (plus after opening it, it's actually only about 20% full when I looked inside) and I really don't need a Parisian post-it note holder. Screen cleaner is a bit of a bust, those things never work - or at least last very long, So, all in all, not icky like the last two, but not box value IMO.
  6. Seola

    Where to skip a box?

    Thank you! I used it a few days ago, but storms have made my power go funky the last few weeks. We were hit by lightning and I am NOT adept at typing things from my phone!
  7. Seola

    Where to skip a box?

    I'm going on vacation, I went into my account to skip a box - the button seems to be gone.. It used to be next to where you could switch out your box but there's no button there anymore. Anyone know where this is?
  8. I don;'t sub to this box, been perusing to maybe trial, but I can answer - yes the Smashbox goes matte, usually within 20 seconds. I got it in a trial at Birchbox and loved it so much, it's my go-to. With a brush, after I apply all over, my skin looks fresh, clean and non-oily in definitely under 30 seconds. The only time it doesn't work is if my face is super dirty so it has nothing to cling to, extra oily for that day (because it's too much for it to handle) or I apply when I'm wet/damp from sweat or shower. It's a bit more of a gel than liquid makeup, so it has to be spread a bit more, but I've found it lasts until I take it off and "holds" my makeup in place like no other.
  9. Okay - seriously, they posted on their Facebook they thought the nipple pin was cute anyway. *throws hands up in the air* If anything, that proves this box isn't for me. Whatever demographic they are chasing now, it's really, really not me. (And thinking back, I got scarves back to back - well, I got super spicy stuff back to back too.)
  10. I can't even believe that's real. I still say, being a higher priced box, their target demo is suburban moms and young-middle-aged women willing to spend. How you could ever think "nipple" is something this crowd wants???
  11. I loved my first, waffled on my second, hated my third, but WTF is this box??? It's not worth $15... A cheap scarf (again) that has threads coming off it ($30 are you kidding me?!?). It's just terrible quality. An ugly butt pineapple pin? ($12?!?) Because nothing says you like fruit like wearing it around... apologies if anyone liked the pineapple, but seriously reminds me of something my great, great aunt would wear as pieces of flair to pin her ugly scarves (hey, maybe that was the curation connection). A cheap blowup drink holder - which ironically, I almost considered putting in the box as a $3 item in the fantasy curator, for $18 bucks. I actually DO have an in ground pool - this swan will be down in a week (pardon the pun). It's not sturdy enough to hold up long term (when you have four boys and a pool for a few years, you start looking for stuff that won't degrade in the sun or pop at the seams). Cheap "cocktail napkins" - I have an embroidery machine, I can make these napkins for less than a buck each... It's plain white cotton, a couple dollars in cheap embroidery thread, 1/10th pack of tearaway stabilizer, a penny in thread to sew the ends over and I'm done... and it would take me literally less than 5 minutes to remake each one. Worse, I have no desire to look at emojis. Maybe the hipster/emo crowd would like them, but frankly, I see the majority of subbers to a higher price box to be closer to my demo - suburban moms. Granted, I know that my craft skills ends up with me being able to make some of the items I get, but when they are so outrageously priced (such as the $30 cheap butt scarf or $25 for cocktail napkins I don't even need), then I have a problem with the quality of a box. The hair product is way to pricey for my budget, I'll give it a shot but it's rather limited to benefit people with colored hair. Even still, those products almost never work against chlorine or sea water so... I so wanted to like this. I can't seem to find a "home" with a general box, I don't want another makeup box. I has the sads. Here's the roundup - Sachajuan, $21.80 at Beauty Bay (multiple sites have various prices, but all say limited quantities left - probably a discontinued item) Emoji Cocktail Napkins - These aren't actually "on the market" so to speak. They were "created for PS". Technically, since EVERYONE is doing these anyway, you can get a set of 4 for $20 that are cuter and higher quality. https://www.amazon.com/Cocktail-Napkins-Colorful-Embroidered-Hemstitch/dp/B01GLE1HRI Michael Stars scarf - $21 at his own site. And frankly, he has thicker, cuter patterns cheaper than the one we got. In fact the blue version at his site is cuter. These are also on eBay for $10 Pineapple Pin - can I say zero? I want to say zero... You can get so many different styles and types, that Pintrill is the only supplier for Pintrill pins, but Google says I can have a ton of them for a buck. Inflatable drink holder - Another discontinued item. Here, have a cuter set of 3 so you all aren't scrambling for the same drink holder for $7.83. https://www.amazon.com/GoFloats-Inflatable-Island-Holder-drinks/dp/B00AILC162 Brow Highlighter - cosmetics are competitive, I get it. Brow highlighters are a non-necessity in the first place. European Wax Center is a hair removal place. No idea what they are doing with brow highlighters but this market demand is small while supply is high, plenty of cheaper offerings. They do not sell anywhere else but their site, so no comparable prices but this has been in a lot of different boxes the last few months. Chips and coupon were "extras" and I think Trove's stuff is too bland and cheap looking to be worth exercising a $20 off when I have to pay $80. So... yay chips? As an aside, nearly every one of these items, like the box before it are sold at Nordstrom's. Why don't I just save the money, grab a coupon and shop the clearance rack myself? They might as well call this the Nordstrom must-haves. I feel like it's so terribly curated - like someone walked through and grabbed a bunch of discontinued items and said "Lets throw this in the box, they'll never know!"
  12. I'm in Florida and it's summer, let's go to the beach! Driftwood and Sea Salt Soy candle from a mom and pop shop - Midnight Owl Candle Company, $9. https://www.etsy.com/listing/293815421/driftwood-and-sea-salt-soy-candle?ref=shop_home_active_13 Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Salt Spray by Ulta. $6.19 (Current total $15.19) http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod3120617 (Staying with Ulta, by 1 get 1 50% off deal) Beach Formula 3 In 1 Leave In Treatment $14.99 full price, meaning $7.49 half price. (Current total $22.68) http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod12041815 Indian Mandala Round Roundie Beach Throw Tapestry Hippy Boho Gypsy Cotton Tablecloth Beach Towel , Round Yoga Mat $11.99 (Current price $34.67) https://www.amazon.com/Indian-Mandala-Roundie-Tapestry-Tablecloth/dp/B00W1TKBI4/ref=sr_1_7?s=bedbath&rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1467866137&sr=1-7&keywords=beach+towels&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011 Burt's Bees Island Lip Balm, Passion Fruit Tube, 0.15 Ounce $2.75 (Current price $37.42) https://www.amazon.com/Burts-Bees-Passion-Fruit-Ounce/dp/B00XXLVZMK/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1467866286&sr=8-1&keywords=beach+lip+balm&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011 Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Stickers, Fun At The Beach for scrapbooking $2.79 (Total price, $40.21) And https://www.amazon.com/Jolees-Boutique-Dimensional-Stickers-Beach/dp/B000MATIBA/ref=sr_1_8?rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1467866446&sr=8-8&keywords=beach+scrapbook&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011
  13. I loved my first box, so-so last box, HATE this box! (Scathing review incoming.) The sarong IS a nice size, but it's very thin, like paper. I can't see it remotely lasting and I wouldn't pay more than $15 for it, I know it's priced at $58, but I've gotten a few of these, similar strength, slightly larger on vacations. Maybe I'm blessed/biased from living in Florida next to people who can pump these out for $8-12, with better results. I am a nail polish and nail art fiend. I can do everything on my nails. Last week, I even had printed Sons of Anarchy nail art of the actors and SoA logos that I handmade when I met the cast. I hate NCLA, I think it's cheap quality. I've gotten then in Birchbox and it never lasted even with a Seche Vite topcoat. It's a cute color and all but again, not lasting. To add, it's longevity is questionable because it's patriotic and limits it's use. A cheap compact? Does anyone even carry double mirror compacts, especially in that size? I don't know anyone. I have perfectly working deodorant. The wipes may be nice after a day at the beach I suppose or on a vacation? Baby wipes do the same thing and you can get travel packs for a buck or two. Nice-ish bottle opener, pretty heavy. I'll stick it in the RV. A game that is admittedly dated - info is from 2013 on the cards and some of the info is wrong. My George Washington card hint is "abolished slavery" - about 125 years off there, stud. And... more spicy things I can't eat. Goes nicely with the water I can't drink from before... I really want to love this sub, because it gives a variety and isn't just more makeup. I'm out of my 3 month sub purchase, I'll try one more month but at this point, I'm actually paying more over the 3 months for what I could use versus the box price.
  14. I didn't take photos (totally forgot) but I've made three dishes from the cookbook. Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe on pg 79. DELISH! I mean, like, scarf down, everyone, no leftovers, delish. Because it's simpler, it was nice to make in a quicker dinner. My son even wants this as his birthday feast request. Pad Grapow Chicken, pg 119. For this to taste right, you must truly get Thai Basil. I have a great Oriental food market nearby. The downside, as much as it calls for makes it taste (to me) like black licorice, like my flavoring was anise, not basil. I even had already cut it down by 1/8th. I will further cut this to probably just over half in the future, otherwise, it was good! Has a nice kick, but not overtly, tongue-disintegrating. Marinated Steaks, pg 206. Mouth watering. Unbelievably good. I was hesitant at first, it is a lot of ingredients for marinade and I'm a salt/butter kind of gal but... dear waistline, in the name of all that is fattening, it was AWESOME. I used ribeye for me and round steak for the kids - I had a gnosh of theirs to see how it did on the cheaper steaks and it really softened them up, but my ribeye was delectable at medium well. I suspect those who like it rarer will find it even more amazing. Bonus - all my food looked just like the photos. Which makes me think their photography was done on the "real" food, not faked mass media food (you know, where they use wax buns for burgers and Elmer's glue for milk). It really makes a difference to me, because I can see what it's supposed to look like! A lot of the recipes call for said Thai Basil and some form of pepper - usually serranos. I'd watch both and use them to taste, adding or removing some doesn't hurt the makeup of it.

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