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  1. Its here!!!! Pics will follow later...
  2. Oh I'm so excited, I have been offline a lot...personal issues...and now my comp is dead and my phone is a butt.lol
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Pollysmom For those who are interested...here is a wedding photo of me & the new hubby: so adorable, congrats!!!
  4. Well Donna..we need all the colourfulness we can get, makes life fun.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Christa W She needs to come up with a book of phrases. I say "for the love of Holographic Jesus" all the time in my every day life because of something she said once. yes!!! @DonnaD if you do i will buy it so freaking quick it'll make your head spin,lol
  6. I switched to chewable chocolate calcium vitamins last week,don't taste great but if you need chocolate and are cutting out sweets its a good treat that your body needs. Also for sweet addicts Like me.lol..I agree,tea...skip sugar if you can or use honey instead,and sugar free candies. I haven't been on much lately, I kind of hit a bump on my road to healthy,been very tired and working so much..I've barely had time to eat or cook for that matter,we've had a lot of pizza and Chinese here.the pizza I don't even want,been a few nights I've grabbed a cpl cuties/halos out of the fridge and let the kids do pizza,and Chinese I've been getting veggies or soup...I know...so much salt...but eventually I will get back on track when things calm down...the stress alone has taken a huge toll. And chugging a mtn dew in the morning I know has taken its toll as well. But great job and congrats to those still truckin!
  7. Again,everyone's nails are beyond awesomeness and awetasticaltude. I've had so much crap going on and am so stressed out I barely get to be on mut anymore. So I decided I needed some retail therapy this morning...maybe call it prep to get back to my nails and my poor neglected blog.lol. I ordered zoya dream,Monet and mitzi...and kb shimmer showgirl, top coat, and quick and flirty.lol
  8. Thats so awesome,I'm so glad those girls get a chance to be pampered!
  9. I feel like such a horrible pen pal,I haven't mailed anything since the first little notes,but I promise as soon as things calm down I will write everyone!
  10. sorry havent been around much lately, been working my tail off and got a lot going on, i will explain more later, sounds like the box is moving along well though, all the participants should have my email and phone number if you cant reach me here
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