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    I am:
    Wife, Mommy, Obsessed with all things Hello Kitty, Lover of brightly colored crazy knee socks, Pink-a-holic, Awetastical, Big kid at heart, Silly as can be, A bit on the strange side,but that's fun...right?!? I am a High Heel Nut, Gamer, Wannabe racer chick cause I drive toooooooo fast and have an AWETASTICAL car in the shop right now..a 240sx!! , Nerdy-chic, book lover, seamstress, crafter, retail junkie, bargain hunter, animal lover( 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 rats...yes rats...best pets ever), terrified of spiders to the point i will knock myself out running from one, stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis but can't stop.Love to dance(several years of ballet,tap,jazz, and hip hop).Lover of Big bold eyes and cotton candy flavored lipgloss, or well...lipgloss in general, Obsessed with nail polish(hoarder), tempermental....and always willing to try anything once!
  • My Interests
    Console and computer games
    All crafty things

    I'm a pretty well-rounded girlie-girl with tomboy tendencies.
  • My Occupation
    I work for an Inventory company and do some seamstress/ upholsterer side work when its available...or hang around my hubby's shop and help tinker with the cars.
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    An unlimited account with Urban Decay and Benefit...I love their products soooooo much...
    and the world's biggest nail polish collection(i'm an addict on a mission..lol)

    would love to try some DL or Butter London polishes, but i'm too cheap...lol
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  • Country
    USA Baby!
  • Car I Drive
    2 nissan 240 sx's, 2 hyundai accents, a cadillac sts, a trans am, and a vw passat...we're car people,lol.
  • My Favorite Movies
    A league of their own is one of my all time faves,far and away, ever after, dirty dancing, magic mike...but only the dance scenes the movie itself left a lot to be desired,lol.love horror movies anything that'll scare the pants off me...occasionally a good chick flick or action movie. And of course kids movies what kind of mommy would i be if i didnt know all the kids favorite characters on a personal level?...lol
  • Favorite Music
    i enjoy a mixture of metal, hip hop/rap, some oldies,and a little pop.
  • Favorite Books
    all anne rice novels, anything by dean koontz esp the odd thomas series, life expectancy, your heart belongs to me, and tick tock, oh and the last juror by john grisham.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    urban decay, benefit, hard candy, be a bombshell
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    i'm awetastical...done
  • My Facebook URL
    don't have one...i'm not a slave to social media
  • My Twitter URL
    also non existant
  • My YouTube Channel
    nope, not one of these either, though i spend my fair share of time watching everything i can.
  1. Its here!!!! Pics will follow later...
  2. Oh I'm so excited, I have been offline a lot...personal issues...and now my comp is dead and my phone is a butt.lol
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