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  1. Personally, I would start to build a wardrobe, not just have blouses. You want pieces you can mix and match. First bottoms. Jeans you should have 2-3 pairs at least. If jeans are what you primarily wear I'd get 7-10. You want a classic dressy dark wash for sure and then with the other two pairs you can get funky washes or distress and trendy cuts. A nice pair of black jeans could be a good addition too. You should have one pair of trousers, black, navy, white or grey. This will be nice incase you have something more dressy coming up, and they can be styled with the right top for a night out or a date. Trousers are not the frumpy business person pant they used to be! They come in a wide range of fits: high med or low rises; and skinny, straight, boot cut and wide leg cuts. If you are a skirt person, a nice classic pencil skirt would be good and then maybe a flowy material skirt. You could even be daring and get it in a print, like stripes or floral. If you like the look of maxi's you can always grab one of those as well. Next are your tops. I personally won't shell out big money on tops because they don't last as long. Big money is for bottoms and jackets (structure pieces). You should get some cheaper camis and tees (black and white for sure, and maybe a colour that's your go to). You should have a classic white button up Oxford style shirt and if you like the look of chambray, an Oxford chambray top as well. These can be good to wear over top some blouses as well as underneath a nice v-neck sweater, or on their own. I even will pair the chambray with a floral dress in the summer. The rest of the tops you buy can be as fun as you want. I'd also get a few cardigans in neutral colours to go with the tops for when it's too chilly or an occasion where bare shoulders aren't appropriate. As well a nicely made v-neck sweater (or boat or crew, whichever you prefer) is a good staple item as well, I'd get this in the colour you look best in Next would be jackets. You should get a blazer. They go with everything. I love wearing skinny jeans, a v neck cotton tee, a statement scarf and flats or heels. It's so easy to make your outfits look put together. I'd also get a denim jacket because they are a super casual way to finish an outfit. A dress, jean jacket and cute wedges? Nice date night outfit! If you live in a cold climate, a wool jacket is a must. If not you should be fine with your Burberry. A future investment piece to look into would be a classic leather style jacket (obviously synthetic for you). Lastly dresses. I know you said you don't wear them but I'd still get at least one. I suggest a sheath style dress in black. This will be versatile. Good for funerals, weddings, cocktails, interviews etc, as long was you wear the appropriate accessories and layering pieces. Its just a classic, your own LBD just in case This is a lot of clothing to buy, but it is worth it. If you only bought 700 dollar blouses, you'd get maybe 4-5 a year with a 4000 dollar budget. I think if you would be willing to buy less expensive clothes it could stretch a lot further and you could have a really versatile wardrobe. I'm not saying go to Forever21 and Walmart haha, I'm thinking more Loft Anne Taylor, J. Crew, Club Monaco, Michael Kors, etc which will have tops for about 100ish dollars. And even do what the poster above mentioned, look for bargains! In addition to those places, there's also Nordstrom Rack online. As well if you ever go back to the states, go to the amazing outlet malls. I love clothes! I'm a fan of bargains, and honestly love cheap places like forever21, but also love more expensive brands but can't always afford the luxury. I get all my Michael Kors, J. Crew, Tahari, etc from outlets, bargain hunting and overstock retailers like Winners/Marshells/TJMaxx. I didn't even touch on shoes but let me know if you want to hear my thoughts, I realize this is a novel now! haha I also don't mind making a few polyvore clothes scrapbook pages if you'd like visuals and see how outfits can come together. I'll make them if you like, let me know
  2. A few weeks back I qualified for a Canadian VoxBox (L'Oréal mystery Brand) and I was sent a sample of the shampoo, conditioner and split end serum. Then today in the mail I got the full sized set of all three plus a hair conditioning mask/butter (from the new Garnier Damage Erase line). This has been a sweet box!!
  3. Ask for strawberry blonde highlights, it would be a nice way to change it up if you were feeling bored hut didn't want anything too drastic you look like you have fair skin with a pink undertone so the strawberry should compliment you. Plus your eyes are green and I've always found hints of red make green pop ( complimentary colours). Good luck at the salon!
  4. I definitely second what everyone else has said, especially about YouTube tutorials. I think there might be a favorite YT beauty guru thread on here you can check out for a starting point. As for a few tips for doing eyeliner since your sight isn't perfect: you can take a business card and cut a curve into it that would suit your eye have and use it as a stencil for shadow or gel liner to get the perfect line and flip and then use the other side on the other eye! Or you can try the eyeliner stickers like these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00ANYDC7G I'm not sure how well they work though. Good luck and have fun!!!
  5. I've never had my scalp break out, and I change my shampoo brand fairly often.
  6. I have curly hair too and here are my favorite products: Shampoos/conditioner I'm using is Moroccanoil volumizing set. But I've used everything from Dove to John Frida to L'oreal and I don't find the brand makes a difference I just like the smell the best of this one. Products: Moroccanoil oil ( I've also used Organics argan oil and Josie Maran oil and they are all great, again it's the smell I love) and then the Moroccanoil curl cream. I have not found a cream as nice as this from the drug store yet. As for styling, I suggest drying your hair with a microfiber towel or cotton tee. There will be less frizz. If you go to bed with styled hair, you can get a silk pillow case which should reduce frizz and friction of your hair so it will look better in the morning. As for oily hair. It's like that because you wash it every day. When you ween yourself off washing it everyday you will see the oil decrease over time. When you remove the oil via washi ng your glands work overtime to make more oil but then make too much. It's a vicious cycle you need to break. When you shower in the morning, you can still get your hair wet but just skip the shampoo and just condition the ends. This should give you some removal of oil but not as harsh as shampooing everyday. Good luck
  7. I tend to prefer points over random x off y days because if you save you points for a super redemption weekend you can get 50 dollars worth of stuff for like 35 dollars worth of points. But I'm weird into points systems though.... haha but I don't think Quo is a prestige product, benefit probably is. ask the make up counter lady or cashier before you make your purchase good luck and have fun! Let us know what you purchase!
  8. Love shoppers! Apply for an optimum card (free) and collect points and go do your shopping on a 20x your points event! As for drug store buy products, I have an eye brow kit with 3 shadows and wax by GOSH that is nice. I've heard good things about Quo shadows(I've never used them though) and my Shoppers has Essence make up now which is cheap and gets lots of praise on here. As for normal drugstore brands, I love loreal voluminous mascara. Revlon lip butters are the perfect mix of not quite a lip balm, not quite a lip stick. I've actually never used a drugstore blush so I'm not sure. Same goes for bb creams sorry. Shoppers also sell benefit and other higher end make up if that interests you. And benefit can have some cute kits with eyeshadow, blush and little mini tints or lip glosses or something else. Good luck!
  9. It's so awesome to read about everyone doing so well! We are at the half way point I went to the mall Monday to waste some time. I did so much Window shopping and did not let the Body Shop's jumbo body butter sale lure me in haha. I did go to VS and use my gift card plus the money I told myself I could spend if I wanted. But when I got to the cash, turns out there was an extra 50percent off one item I didn't know about so I saved 15, it was pretty sweet! I also went into sephora but only got a sample of the Josie Maran foundation ( super lightweight and nice!) and left. I think I want to set aside some money for the next few months to get the sephora Josie Maran foundation kit ( foundation is on my okay list) but it's pricey so I'll save up and maybe wait for Chic week.
  10. Kyuu, don't be so hard on yourself sometimes life screws with your plans so that you can make new ones! Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Like someone else mentioned, you could plan a mini trip somewhere south and warm, especially if you have the money from China saved. Check Groupon or other sites that have travel packages and see if you can score some last minute deals! Or you said you want to get out of your home, can you afford to move out? This month would be a good time before you start your new job to find a nice apartment and pack up and move away from the negativity and stress. Good luck with everything
  11. Define cheap! Are we talking Revlon or Wet'n'Wild? For Revlon, their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten or Crush might be what you're looking for. Wet'n'Wild has a new MegaSlicks Balm Stain out, and I have it in Lady and the Vamp, but it does have shimmer. I just Google crush and it's the colour I'm dreaming of! Revlon is a little bit expensive for drugstore (especially in Canada, some Revlon lip products go for 12 dollars in my local stores, I could get MAC for not a whole lot more...) but I'll have to keep my eyes open for sales and coupons! Thanks for the suggestion
  12. [@]eastofthesun[/@] it's a Sephora thing, 15% off for BI and 20% VIB I think
  13. My low buy rules: -Foundation/Bb Cream if I can find the perfect lightweight one for a decent price -Cheap wine coloured lippie/stain (any recommendations?) -no body washes, lotions, shampoos, candles etc have so many plus stocking stuffers! -25 VS gift card plus up to 25 dollars "overdraft" if I find some good sales at the semi annual sale. I cancelled Ipsy. I found I was getting too much make up and was consistently hoping for items I didn't get or that just didn't come in any bags at all. I want to tally up the items I got for the 13 months I was with them and and see what was good what wasn't. See if it's worth it. Side note to someone talking about waiting to buy N3 until March, if you wait longer, Chic week in April will give you a coupon, so that could be more motivation to wait
  14. If you have acne, over exfoliating can actually make it worse, as the bacteria can spread easier and you could cause microabrasions that bacteria can fester in. I only get random pimples so I don't know of any good facial washes or cleaners, but look for something with salicylic acid. Be careful though because salicylic acid can cause more dryness so you should find a nice daily moisturizer and a night one (if you can afford it, if not using the same one twice a day should be fine ). If you have few bad spots you can look into spot treatments that have salicylic acid or the stronger benzoyl peroxide (which has bacteria killing properties, but can cause bleaching of fabrics so be careful). Again these can be drying so moisturizer is your best friend! My last bit of advice is avoid wearing make up unless you really have to or stay on the light side with BB creams or tinted moisturizers. It's so easy to forget to properly wash your face, so leaving it alone will given t a chance to heal up properly plus when you're all dolled up the transformation will be even more stunning since people haven't seen you all down up in a few days!
  15. I have a 15 dollar one if you want it (I get emails from American and Canadian Sephora, I'm not going to use the American card) PM me if you want it
  16. I really would like to purchase the naked 3 palette, especially with the $15 off 50 coupon for BI. But in Canada we need to spend $75 for free shipping. I don't want to go much over 75 before the discount. Unfortunately I can't find anything I want for 13-15 bucks! I suppose shipping is 7 bucks, so I'd still save off the palette but it's hard to let yourself pay for shipping lol. I currently have 74 dollars in my cart (loads of 12 dollar goodies!) I feel like sephora is doing this on purpose so I have to spend more money!! Haha
  17. I got bag 4 and I received the lightest pixi bronzer, hot damn lip crayon, brown voluminous em mascara, caviar nailtini, amethyst gem liner and the argan oil. I love the liner. The lip product is nice but I do have a lot of red now. I wish I would have got the em lipstick or balm, I'm jealous of anyone who got it! I have yet to try the nailtini and oil. The bronzer is nice and subtle, lighter than my normal one.
  18. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. My hair history: I have medium to long length curly thinish brown hair. Naturally my hair has some red shining through. Currently I have honey and light copper high lights through out, but they have grown ou a bit (haven't dyed my hair since July now). Anyways I want to try something new and really would like to try out a copper toned auburn hair colour a la Emma Stone (see pic) So does anyone have any recommendations for at home kits to achieve this colour? I want more copper/warm toned hair rather than the purple-y/burgundy auburns. Let me know your experiences
  19. This is the dress I got... really not a fan of the traditional German look of it.. I'm willing to trade/sell, its a size small, it has an accordian-style elastic in the back to stretch out a bit. Apparently it retails for 139, I wish I had got something a little more me I love polka dots and floral which they have so much of! Oh well, its a surprise bag
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