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  1. I am home! But with just a week left until christmas, I'm so frazzled and out of pocket. I love you guys for letting me in on the fun - but I think I'm going to have to sit out this round! Oh - and @@tgooberbutt - PM me your address! I've got some Tocca Hand Creams and a rollerball that could use a home.
  2. So I know you ladies will appreciate this -- since I've been away from home for two weeks -- I've been finishing my christmas shopping online. My husband has been instructed to move the boxes inside, but not to open them. When we talked yesterday he said, and I quote, "I really wish you'd come home -- I'm tired of carrying 100 boxes inside. This is not fun for me." hahaha bless his heart.
  3. I loveeee me some vasanti! Definitely worth trying, Lolo!
  4. I think there's an unspoken rule that women are allowed to change their minds as many times as they'd like!
  5. man - I have been so out of the loop.... I've worked 115 hours in two weeks. Wait, what day is it?? So glad y'all skipped over me and didn't let me hold up the progress!! :)I would've felt like a major A-Hole! Hope you are all doing fabulous!!
  6. When does the Ulta BF sale start? Sorry if I've inadvertently missed it!
  7. I'm up for being shuffled around - you guys were gracious enough to let me in the first round - i don't want to cause too much of a headache for the second! Calibama is the bestttttttttttttttttt.
  8. I think I'm going to have to sit out the second round -- wahhh -- I'll be in Colorado from 30 Nov - 12 Dec.
  9. FWIW - It looks like a second round will happen. I've been slated to go to Colorado for two weeks in December. As of now, I'm in for round 2, but if I have to travel, I'll just bow out before the box comes to me!
  10. I'm good with a 2nd round -- our box or a different one makes no difference to me. Easy to please!
  11. totally missed this thread! So happy to see some of my goodies find new homes!
  12. well - glad I'm not on anyone's shit list. Thanks for letting me in on the fun. Lord knows I need it.
  13. Well now I feel like an as***** for delaying everyone's fun!
  14. So I think everyone made it through the [email protected]@tgooberbutt can you Pm me thyour next address? I will mail Friday. I'm off work!! Yay!! Here's what arrived: Here's my beautiful gift from @@Kristine Walker. You are the best. So kind and thoughtful. And it helps that loveeeeeee Owls! Here's what I kept: Here's what i put in:
  15. Box is here!!! Sadly, I only have time to bring it off the porch and tell you it's arrived! Off to my second job. *insert pouting here*. I will say that I did open it... beautifully packed and everything is in one piece! Also - @@Kristine Walker - you are the kindest soul on the planet. And I will have to say, I'm thankful to know you through MUT! Also - If there's anything in particular anyone is looking for - let me know... I'm seriously trying to de-stash! Hope to have this in the mail on Thursday! Pictures coming.... wait patiently. HAHA!
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