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  1. I got my Black Dahlia Lacquer order from Gloss48 today and they are GORGEOUS! I will definitely be buying more BD's in the future. Navy Stargazer, Blooming Sunflowers, Midnight Morning Glory, Pink Petunia (all exclusive to Gloss48)
  2. I have come to despise Harvey Prince thanks to Birchbox. I would welcome the latest Juicy Couture scent in my box at this point and you know how much they used to push those on us! You hear me official Birchbox lurkers? We are OVER the Harvey Prince everything! Time to move the hell on!
  3. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet but it's really pretty. Very hard to capture in a pic but here ya go:
  4. My box came today! Last time I checked tracking it said Monday so this was a nice surprise after waiting so long for it to ship. My metamorphic came in Bjork, which was my most wanted! I absolutely LOVE it! Bjork swatch (half over Janae) Comparison swatch of Janae with and without Bjork
  5. Just checked my second account for the eleventy-billionth time and my box finally loaded! If it changes I will weep! lol
  6. Mine still shows December. If I use the link it shows me the January header and no products. Totally bummed.
  7. *sigh* My 2nd account still hasn't updated to show January's box.
  8. Does anyone else's profile still show December tracking? I've been dealing with shipping issues with various companies all week and I'm starting to get paranoid. lol
  9. It's a new feature they have in limited release that allows you to fine tune your preferences. I received an email a couple of months ago asking me if I wanted to try it. Here's what it looks like:
  10. Such a shame about Cult. I placed an order as soon as I heard. I think the indie market is becoming overly saturated at this point. I think we can probably expect to see a more closures over the next year.
  11. They're sending out random upgrades again. Maybe you're getting one? As far as the 2-day shipping, they seem to be upgrading people to 2-day at random but I have noticed that they all seem to be west coast based. Meanwhile, my box will be taking it's sweet ass time traipsing across the country to VA. It's due to arrive late next week.
  12. So far only one of my boxes is showing via the cheat. The other one still shows December tracking info. I wonder if it's taking longer to update because of the product preferences beta? Anyone else here doing that? Seems odd to send 2 eye creams but it's one of the products I rarely get samples of so I'll take it. I don't have curly hair so I'm not sure why they're sending me Curl Keeper. I have 934875 Stainiac samples so "meh" on that note. Overall, not very exciting but at least I'm not getting shampoo or another Harvey effin Prince sample.
  13. I ordered It Girl with Maryam, Borealis eyeshadow, and nail decal add-ons. I just saw someone in the Julep Swap group say they were told by Julep cs that they ran out of the metamorphic top coats. If I don't get mine I'm going to be pissed! I reserved mine seconds after I got the email.
  14. Is anyone else still waiting for their January box to ship? I have already received my Secret Store order but still no word on my Maven box.
  15. I haven't picked a sample the past 2 months and don't intend to again unless something truly amazing pops up. When I was choosing a sample I found that I wasn't nearly as excited for my boxes to arrive. That is exacly how I feel seeing what everyone else is getting. There are very few things that I've seen so far that I haven't already received. I have to wonder if they're trying to unload a bunch of past samples that are clogging up their inventory. I despise the scent of Camille Beckman products. From my experience, they ALL smell like an overly perfumed old lady.

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