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  1. I used PERK10 and I was charged 14.99. Hasn't changed, and my box has shipped already.
  2. Just got a pre-qual survey labeled "custom food voxbox". It asked about cheese, grocery stores, eating organic, portion control... and oddly, heat patches. lol! I wonder if its related to this? https://www.facebook.com/events/611774718900005/?ref=22 Quote: We'll be tweeting from @Influenster and chatting about the Annie's Homegrown #RealFoodTastesBetter program! You'll have the opportunity to interact with one another and get the scoop on how Annie's Frozen Family Size entrees make dinner as easy as 1-2-3! How to join? Just jump in the conversation with the hashtag #RealFoodTastesBetter It's going to be a blast... we'll be previewing upcoming programs and qualifying a few participants into an upcoming VoxBox!
  3. My full upgrade maven box STILL hasnt been scanned into DHL's system, 4 days after its supposed ship date. Yet my secret store order is already on its way. I've emailed Julep twice, posted on their facebook, and been ignored every time. Ugh.
  4. finally got my shipping email. .... my box is being shipped via dhl. with estimated delivery of April 10th. yep, feeling more and more like I'm being punished for that full upgrade...
  5. Still no shipping status, and no box. Grrr. I did the full upgrade and feel like I'm being punished, rofl.
  6. The sad part is, its SUPER easy as a business to get BBB to resolve in your favor. I've had to deal with a few cases for work - literally all you need to do is keep responding to each update in a professional manner and either offer a resolution of some kind or provide information to counter a customers claims. Even if the customer rejects the resolutions or info you offer, the BBB will almost always close the case in your favor if you've been diligent about communicating.
  7. I'm buying a color caddy and need to spend 10 more bucks for shine. Any suggestions? I'm thinking the make a splash or white hot sets, or coretta. I'm worried coretta might be so sheer and pale that i'd never wear it. edit: went with make a splash.. i need some summery mermaid glitter in my life.
  8. I just reupped my sub a few weeks ago.. they seem to have made a LOT of really awesome changes. I'm charged like clockwork Friday morning for the upcoming week's sub, which arrives Monday. Granted, I'm in MD which is only a hop, skip, and jump away from their NJ distribution center -- but still, super impressed! It looks like they've added a lot of new snacks too. You can also set up multiple weekly/biweekly etc subscriptions on the same account really easily, and do one-off boxes. I got a second weekly box for my boyfriend so he stops stealing my goodies.
  9. Anyone else still waiting on shipping info? I did the full upgrade, was charged, and haven't heard a peep since. :l
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly Silva Box on Instagram sighting! All I can say is omgfhsjsnx it looks awesome! I can't wait for mine http://instagram.com/p/mIoHHRAwMq/ I hope its just poor lighting/filters.. cuz that looks nothing like the photos of kayla and tatum julep provided. :l
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by DragonChick I get it and they probably did order the sets well in advance to sell, but at the same time there's the perception that if you're going to hype and sell an item that's the "color of the year" then you should be prepared to have stock on hand to meet that demand, and the fact that there's now more of Rae for sale elsewhere when Julep's CS said that there were no more can be, and is depressing and feels misleading from a customer standpoint. Not to mention the seem to have next to no stock of the featured add-on polish for the maven boxes. They sell out in under a day every single time. I thought the "no skip" policy was supposed to alleviate this issue? Its so annoying that unless I snag the addon within the first 12 hours or so of the window being open (or less), then there's no way to get it. I've taken to adding it to my bag right away when I get the email so I can think on it a bit, then releasing it later. I can understanding wanting it to be limited and exclusive to an extent, but selling out in hours of the maven window opening is a bit much.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by skylola123 How is Julep makeup? I have been skipping every single box so far because nothing has been interesting. I didn't get Juleps box last April. I really love Caitlin but not really loving anything else. I've actually been pleasantly surprised with a lot of the Julep makeup I own, save for the mascara/eyeliner. I really love their glosses (not sticky at all!) and the balm/scrub duo from last month. Their shadows were really velvety and pigmented in the neutral shadow palette, so I have high hopes for the bronzers and blushes being similar.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by gypsiemagic just by swatches a lot of them are really similar, and it was april last year. Check out the up close swatches -- the smaller ones arent a great representation imo. They don't capture the shimmer flakes well like the large swatches do: Idk, I think sheers/jellys with different colored shimmer flakes are quite different from opaque cremes. The base colors might be similar, but the finishes/formula and add ins like chrome/shimmer are totally different. There are only so many pigments to play with, I think they did a good job doing something different and interesting here -- much moreso than previous months. Julep is guilty of pushing a lot of duped/old polishes as new renamed ones, but I really dont think this collection is one of them save for the white polish.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by gypsiemagic Alright is is just me or is this collection nearly identical to last April? The it girl last time was green, yellow and purple, so it's nice the colors are distributed differently, but it's still really close Those were opaque cremes without shimmer though, right? The small swatch photos don't show it well, but this months colors are all sheers/jellys with shimmer flakes added or a chrome finish. I think this will be another collection that is WAY more stunning in person.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by stephstrong Is anyone picking up the brushes?? I did the full upgrade this month, so I'll be getting them! Hopefully they're nice.

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