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  1. Took a pre-qualifier and then recieved an email that....... Good luck! You will be notified in 3-5 business days if chosen to participate .....It's been 5 days....I hope they send me something soon....been a member for a while and have never been able to qualify for anything......fingers crossed.
  2. I used a lemon mixed w/sugar(some natural exfoliation thing I found online) every once in a while while ago but then stopped I'm not sure how well that worked when I was doing it though though. Since then I have just been using a Clean + Clear salicylic acid acne wash. Decided to go online though after trying something out a few days ago. I was thinking those multi-colored luffa sponges might work good for exfoliation......not sure why but I added an extremely tiny dab of conditioner. I think my thinking at the time was that with just a tiny bit of conditioner added then perhaps the exfoliation would exfoliate in a even more delicate(non-abrasive) way if I added a tiny bit of conditioner. i know that conditioner isn't ever usually used that way but I just tried it out skin felt pretty exfoliated after that. I decided to look online for exfoliation techniques with a luffa sponge to see if it was a thing. From what I searched I heard about a thing called scuffing....which is using those multi-colored luffa sponges to exfoliate! Any one else heard the term scuffing? I was thinking added a tiny dab of some different exfoliating substances such as salicylic acid cleanser,etc to the luffa sponge and exfoliating that way might work good? Also since I think those luffa sponges are exfoliating(scuffing) that I could just do my cleansing or moisturzing by just adding a cleanser or moisturizer to the luffa? Things I thought I could perhaps moisturize, exfoliate, and sooth(aloe vera infused, cocoa butter infused) all at the same time such as an aloe vera moisturizer, cocoa butter, coconut oil, drug store cleanser/moisturizers, etc? Is a luffa too harsh for exfoliating(the reason why I thought using soothing moisturizers and exfoliating at the same time might work? I was thinking of trying some microdermasion clothes but I think they only last a certain amount of washes and then they don't work anymore? I've never tried them. So I'll probably try 1 or 2 of those microdermabrasion clothes but for a more long lasting exfoliation application I thought luffa sponges infused with tiny amounts of soothing cleansers/moisturizer might work all right? The reason why I put question marks at the end of the last 6 or so questions was because I am just experimenting...this is just stuff I thought of off the top of my head and it isn't anything put to test by anyone I know or anything. I put the question marks because I am wondering if anyone else has tried this new term I discovered "scuffing" and wondering if anyone has tried any of these things(the 6+ questions I "asked") before?
  3. Should I squeeze the water/moisture of my sponge to "slightly damp" or should I get it to "extremely damp/nearly dry" by squeezing the life out of the sponge?.... I meant to say "very slightly damp/nearly dry".
  4. from youtube....(what I have been going by until I bought a makeup sponge) A loose powder is for the more oilier skin types And then there is Pressed powder...the great thing about pressed powder is that it can be used on anybody's skin. You can also you this to freshen up your foundation throughout the day. If it is looking patchy...take some pressed powder with a powder puff or brush and swirl around your face. Blot the skin before you reapply some powder otherwise you will get a cakey look. -------------------------------------- A few questions I have: 1) What does it mean to blot the skin? does that mean blot it moisture(water) with a slightly damp makeup sponge? 2) I have a wet and dry pressed powder and it looks like a way to use this is take a slightly damp sponge on it. Here's a few videos on applying pressed powder: not sure if she dampened the sponge or if this specific pressed powder can be used wet.... 3)How damp should I get the sponge before using the pressed powder? when I first got the sponge I just squeezed the wet sponge a little bit to make it damp and then dipped it in the pressed powder....I fear perhaps I ruined my wet/dry pressed powder by getting it too damp? Should I squeeze the water/moisture of my sponge to "slightly damp" or should I get it to "extremely damp/nearly dry" by squeezing the life out of the sponge? 4) I have seen various youtube videos regarding when to apply bronzer/contouring ....some say apply contours before pressed powder/powder some say apply contours after pressed powder/powder. (this is regarding pressed/regular blush/bronzer/highlighter not liquid/creme blush/bronzer/highlighter....I know that liquid/creme blush/bronzer, highlighter should be applied before pressed powder) I seem to need to apply too much bronzer in order to get a good contour...I am trying to reduce the amount of bronzer/blush I need to use and I think by knowing how and when to use pressed powder/powder better I can succeed at this.
  5. Many medium coverage foundations are suitable to build up to full coverage. Setting spray in between applications can avoid a cakey effect. Has anyone here had experience with setting spray? The Elf setting spray I got said to spray after all makeup is applied. Has anyone used setting spray in the way they described above(putting a layer of foundation then spraying setting spray and then build up more foundation)? If so...should the statement from the above site be only used with cream foundations or does it also work for other types of foundations? Also what would be the best way to build it after using the spray? foundation brush? stippling brush? dry makeup sponge? damp makeup sponge?
  6. Thanks for the tip gc.carol!
  7. I like the inner eye highlighting...what to do you use to get that? Do you have any advice on getting rid of very dark areas with highlighting in a natural looking way? I am a transwoman and I am pretty good at makeup exept for rounding out my upper inner eye area where the eye socket meets the upper area of the nose. I know for a more feminine look I have the lighten this area a lot...but after highlighting I have to round it out also with a slightly darker shade contour. I guess since I see that your highlighting of the inner eyes looks great I thought you might have some highlighting advice. I'm thinking perhaps my problem is just the material I'm using....or perhaps I'm using the wrong type of brush. What type of brush(or other applicator) do you use to apply highlighter? I do have a pressed highlighter ....the first time I tried putting it on it lightened the area a bit but I still wasn't able to round out things. Then the next time I tried: I thought perhaps first time I didn't have enough moisture to apply highlighter. So this time I added some creme concealer to the upper inner eye area and upper nose are and then appled the pressed highlighter. I think it worked a little better but it still wasn't round out completly. also the application didn't look natural and was a little cakey. I checked out one of your youtube makeup tutorial videos btw. ....In this video you say this "I've already highlighted my browbone with ing??t 30 ashen"....I didn't get the name of that highlighter? I don't want to highlight my nose area that lightly....does in??t- the brand you said have a more natural(less white) skin colored highlighter? Also is that a more cremey or more powdery(or something in between?) highlighter?
  8. I have an oil-free moisturizer already but I have been using coconut oil lately and it is much more moisturizing than most other moisturizers. I use it as a nighttime moisturizer and during the day I will put it on for a half hour and then wash it off just for the benefits of it. But what I'm not sure is if I can use coconut oil a make-up skin prep moisturizer. Has anyone done this or does this usually cause breakouts?
  9. Awesome highlighting/contouring guide cheshirecookie! I'll have to try the contouring on the side of the nose next time! All the other places(besides the eyes which I will just use eyeshadow for) are pretty much where I am contouring already.
  10. Hi, so I am a beginner at makeup but have at least attempted eye makeup, bronzer, blush, foundation, powder....etc.... I am a transwoman and have watched videos on transgender makeup, and beginner makeup. I decided I am going to slowly move from one type of makeup to the next. Not moving onto the next until I get quite good at it. So in the last month or so I have become quite good at makeup prep (face wash, toner, moisturiser, then finally primer(if needed) ) , foundation, powder bronzer(contouring), and blush. now I think I am ready for the next step: highlighter. What is a really good highlighter or good for the price highlighter? And what type of brush do you use for highlighter(kabuki same as blush, powder? or something else?) I have a couple sets of ecotools brushes and a retractable kabuki brush and a foundation brush. Any brushes that are specifically good for highlighting by Ecotools or other company? Any tips on highlighting? I know highlighter was supposed to go right above blush and in between the edge of eyes and bronzer(the bronzer touching the left and right hairline right above the ears...level with the eyes) and higher on the browbone? ...kind of forming a c around the eyes. I have seen other tips to put highlighter on the line of the nose in order to make it look thinner. Another tip was to put highlighter between bottom of the chin(where more bronzer is) and the bottom of the lip. Another tip was to put some highlighter on the inner part of the lips after applying lipliner on the outer part of the lips and lipstick on the middle part of the lips. Any other tips?
  11. Cool.. thanks for the help Bellatrix and LovelyLush
  12. OK, so I just bought an Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush, I am new to makeup and I am not sure what it is used for ....I think it is used for loose/pressed powder for setting the foundation. I was wondering though if it can be used for blush/bronzer/highlighting application also. I just washed my Ecotools blush brush in order to use again but it takes forever to dry so I was wondering if I could use the Kabuki brush for that type of application or will it look weird?
  13. Thanks LizzieLeopard, Cheshire Cookie, and sleepykat for all the helpful responses. I think I might try either the L'Oreal one or the Perfect Cover BB Cream. I read a review on youtube about the Olay one and it sounded like it was quite a greasy product so I probably am going to skip that one.
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