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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Christa W A England Sleeping Palace. This is one coat! I did them while over to dinner at my boyfriend's parents before doing her nails with China Glaze Lubu Heels. The sweater I am wearing (because it's actually chilly in FL tonight) is one that has browns, grays and other neutral tones. I actually didn't have any polish on when I picked out what I was going to wear and grabbed this out of the mailbox this afternoon. It turned out to look amazing with it. It's described as a deep smoky purple gray. I actually saw it leaning towards brown. It could have been due to the light or what I was wearing but it's amazing nonetheless. This was nominated best polish of the entire year by one of the blogger reviews for 2013. Of all polish the entire year. That's what prompted me to purchase this shade of any other A England I was looking at. I do love it. I must buy more of their polishes. I adore A-England, I have most of their colors and every single one is one coat wonderful!!! The entire Burne-Jones collection is dreamy... I was in the middle of stripping a Sephora Pantone Disaster and debating what to apply when I saw this... decision made!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by luckyme502 I am so uninspired by the colors that I haven't even swatched them. I'm swatching now - I have a backlog of polish to swatch and photograph that is in danger of becoming cat toys. I've swatched the batch... 3 Coats on each stick. This will not go down as my favorite Square Hue month. Edited to Hide the Swatches
  3. Not sure how I feel about this month, the colors aren't all that imaginative. Am I the only person who isn't seeing the shimmer in West Elm when it's on? It looks like a fairly middle of the road Navy Blue on me - and it was fairly awful to work with. I needed 3 coats to get even coverage.... glumpy, splotchy with cuticle bleed and took forever to dry. I had major chipping after a few days and when I removed it last night - I looked like an evil smurf - the color ran all over my hands. The running color might have been due to the 3 coats I had to use. I'm going to give the other colors a try - I've been sick for a few days so I'm a cranky snot beast which is why I'm going to withhold any judgement.
  4. And read the Bronte Sisters! And send cat pictures. Done.
  5. ::age range:: I'm going to be 50 in June - though my friends range in age from their 20's to 70's. ::location:: Suburbs of Atlanta ::do you prefer an e-penpal, physical mail pal, or a combo?:: Any of the above... I adore everything that has anything to do with actually writing letters. ::main interests:: I am a knowledge junkie, I'm a Humanist, Science Geek, Math Geek, Goth in the pre-Hot Topic sense of the word, I read 10-15 books a week, and I'm a history/politics wonk. I bake from scratch and I'm a floppy hat wearing gardening Southern Belle. I love makeup - the history of makeup, the feminist rational for makeup, the psychology of makeup, the chemistry, the marketing... you get the idea I'm sure. Truthfully and fair warning: the only thing I have no interest in, is hearing about how much better my truly amazing life would be if I found Jesus, gave up all the things I love and devoted myself to being a small minded judgmental mundane in the delusional hope that once I died that I'd have the opportunity to spend eternity surrounded by the small minded and judgmental mundanes who bored me while I was alive. ::described as:: A castrating She-Devil by the people who love me and TERRIFYING by people who don't. Seriously, I'm sarcastic, laugh at the inappropriate times, and I take very little seriously. I'm a FEMINIST, I live a scandalously alternative lifestyle, and I ride a motorcycle. ::music:: Anything from German Death Metal to Opera. The only music I don't listen to is the auto-tuned garbage that all sounds the same. ::movies:: Like music my tastes run the gamut from classic romances, musicals, horror, film noir... The only movies I don't like are anything Twilight and Titanic. Don't get me started on why I really dislike those movies. ::TV shows:: I don't watch much television. I can't understand the logic behind reality television. ::books/authours:: I read 10-15 books a week. I read EVERYTHING - except, of course, for Inspirational Romance novels, I lose myself in the written word. ::art/artists:: Oh.. .where to start... No Thomas Kincaid ... everything else has some merit. LOL. When I visit a new city my first 2 days are devoted to Museums. ::other random favorite people/things/places:: I love Paris the non-tourist Paris and I love Florence. I love road trips to small towns all over the South and take off with no planning when the mood strikes me. ::collect:: Really Tacky Magnets, old kitchen gadgets, old cookbooks, Art Deco/Noveau Compacts and First Edition novels by female writers. ::specifically seeking:: I know that everyone considers themselves interesting so I'll just put that I would love to find pen pals who lead lives filled with intellectual curiosity. And I mean people who are actively living their lives... I can write pages on the joys of red lipstick or my views on why Yellow eye shadow should be a controlled substance, and would love to find a pen pal who understands why I'd do either. ::prefer long, medium or short letters?:: I have no preference. Sometimes a few lines are all that's needed to make a point ::how many pen pals do you want?:: 3 or 4 ::would you participate in a "traveling journal"?:: Yes ::international or local penpals?:: Or both would be lovely. ::anything else?:: Nope.
  6. Shipped!!! I'm looking forward to this set!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by meaganola Does the US prescription-only stuff have caffeine in it? I thought it was just Tylenol and codeine. The Canadian OTC has caffeine, which is why it does a kick-ass job on my headaches, but I can't use it after a certain time. (I need to find someone going up to Canada so they can pick another bottle up for me because I'm almost out! I was stunned when I discovered the huge price difference between the store brands for Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drug. The former was something like twice as much as the latter the last time I checked the prices.) (And is hydrocortisone cream/ointment still prescription-only up there? That's the one that seems really strange to me.) The Tylenol I get in Canada when I visit the in-laws is 625 mg which is more than our extra strength but less than the 1000 mg you get with 2 extra strength. I've found that I tolerate the dose much easier than the 2 extra strength. The thing that gets me in my travels is how easily and cheaply I can pick up a Ventolin inhaler. The inhaler I pay a $30 co-pay for here is $3 everywhere I've searched for it. We were in the Cayman's and I lost my inhaler while sailing - I walked into a pharmacy and the pharmacist asked me how many I needed. I wanted to say... 50 but settled for 3.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by lissa1307 Ok..so my mani today is a happy little "f-u" to everyone in my house,lol..and they dont even realize it..best part of doing my accent on that oh so special finger It's Sinful Colors Snow Me White,topped with Hard Candy Hip Hip Hooray, and some silver nail studs. LOL... stealth snark!! Is the Sinful Colors an easy white to work with?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by sleepykat http://www.makeuptalk.com/t/139913/cult-nails-warehouse-clearance-select-shades Enabler!!! I went to the site which lead to an hour lost on Vampy Varnish and an order for several shades. Last week I debated ordering from Cult Nails and BB Couture - BB Couture won... I'm sorry I didn't decide to hit Cult Nails instead.
  10. Focus on the happy and be happy that the nasty lemon faced hags live small lives filled with misery. Cuz... Yay!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by DonnaD I got Ninja Santa'ed again! You girls! @FrostKitty sent me a polish I have been dying for forever, Lesbi-Honest by ManGlaze, a gorgeous OPI red, An Affair in Red Square (and we're all aware of my quest for the perfect red, right?) a little Ciate mini called Wrap Star and my favourite thing in the bunch, a teeny bumpersticker, which I immediately stuck to my laptop lid, that says "Blah, Blah, Blah. Good point but f*ck you anyway." Which I swear to God, I just said that to my sister the other day lol. @FrostKitty thank you so much!!! You, my dear, are awesomely awesome. Now stop sending me stuff. You're giving me a complex. I hesitated on the sticker for half a second... but decided that it just had to find it's way to you. My version is: "Your lips are moving and it looks like you're saying something important but all I hear is blah, blah, blah."
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by tweakabell Cool. This will probably make me sound like a really petty person but I've started counting glitches as a personal victory.My mom was unemployed for almost a year. She's an old school software tester, extremely thorough but unfortunately becoming outdated due to automated testing. This stupid shit is right up her alley but because she has no formal education most people don't take her seriously, doesn't matter that she has 20+ years experience. Anyway I'm rambling but it makes me giggle and I no longer inform them about them. I used to write emails when I found issues. ETA: I never claimed I was a good person Before I left the corporate world to write, I was the Director of QA for a fairly large software company and created testing software for the DoD. I've seen software that was "tested" with scripts written by developers blow up during a simple smoke test performed by a human being. Your mom is a victim of the mentality in software companies that QA is an afterthought and a bother. The ACA rollout is the perfect example of how little software developers and project managers value testing. And don't get me started on any update that Apple releases. If you find a glitch - think of it as a tax on stupid. Automated Testing isn't cheap, my time was billed at double my normal rate when I was writing testing scripts - and cannot catch what the developer writing the script doesn't think of which usually involves fairly common end user behavior that the developer can't imagine because he/she isn't anything like the average user of the software being developed.
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