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    I'm a freshman in college who loves everything about makeup! I love all makeup, skin care products, nail polishes, perfume, etc. I'm interested in the newest and best makeup products!
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    In college majoring in Business Administration & Accounting!
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    One of everything from Sephora!
  1. Hi! So I have long, medium brown hair and am wanting to get it to a dirty blonde color, kind of like Candice Swanepoel. My hair stylist said It wouldn't be that damaging to my hair because I have "virgin hair" that is extremely healthy. She said it would take two salon sessions to get it to that color. This is me last year, my hair is quiet a bit longer than this now... I want my hair to look like this.... So here are my questions: Do you think I would look good with this hair color? How do I make sure my stylist understands the depth in my hair that I want like Candice has because I'm afraid I'm going to just walk out with flat, one-toned, plain-Jane blonde hair. Should I ask for color or highlights to achieve this look, or will she just know what to do to get it to look that way?
  2. This is very true. People change a lot. If we were to get engaged, we would wait to get married for several years until I finish school and we can afford to live comfortably.
  3. What colors are the best in the lip creams? I usually like natural looking shades. Not nudes, but natural pinks!
  4. Thanks. Well, I was checking this yesterday and he noticed I was trying to keep the computer screen angled so he couldn't see it, so he pulled the computer away from me and read this! So embarrassing! But now I don't have to drop hints at least. He knows exactly what I want! Lol. I am definitely going to try to be more open with my parents about our relationship. I am open with it toward everyone else, just my parents. I'm not sure why, but I've always been that way with them. Hopefully I can make him feel confident that I love him and I'm not trying to "hide" him because I'm not.
  5. It's not like he doesn't want to propose and I'm forcing him to, but he has said many times that he would "engage me", as he calls it, in a heartbeat but he knows I keep our relationship pretty personal and that I would try to keep it a secret from my parents. I guess it hurts his feelings that I wouldn't just come out and tell them. I also don't say I love you to him in front of my parents. I'm just not a very openly affectionate person toward anyone except him, and I think it hurts his feelings. So how can I drop the hint that I WANT him to propose to me? We have been dating for 5 years, by the way, if that matters. So it isn't like we are going into it too fast or it scares him or anything. Thanks in advance, and God bless you! ( :
  6. We have very creative nicknames for one another. We call each other Niyundy. It's very weird, I know. It's pronounced "knee-un-dee". When my boyfriend and I first started dating about 5 years ago, we were watching a tv show with someone named Cindy in it. For some reason, I started calling him Cindy. Then I replaced the C with an N for Nindy. After that, I just kind of drew the word out to make it sound like Niyundy. Extremely odd, I know. But the word holds a very special meaning to both of us.
  7. I am currently using Banana Boat Summer Color in Deep Dark Color. I really like it. It has no self-tanner smell, is tinted so it's difficult to streak, etc. But I'm almost out of it and I am just curious if there is anything bigger and better out there? Also, and tips or tricks for self-tanning that you have? Thanks! God bless you guys! ( :
  8. Thanks so much for your tips! I'll try this out today! ( :
  9. Lol, I prefer more on an "innocent" look, actually. At least where I am in my life right now. I'm still in college though. So maybe when I get into the professional world of business, I will play up my own natural eye shape to look older and more serious. Thanks for your tips!
  10. I have almond shaped eyes and prefer for them to look more round. I usually make my eyeliner (always liquid) a little thicker in the middle right above my iris and then thinner on the outer corner a little sloping down, and even thinner on the inner corner. Any other tips for making almond eyes look more round? Thanks!
  11. I have almond shaped eyes, and usually wear liquid eyeliner to make them look more round. owever, lately I've been wanting to achieve a more "lifting" look to my eyes with subtle winged eyeliner. However, I can never seem to achieve this look correctly. Any tips? This is the kind of look I'm trying to achieve. I know it will be a little different on me because I'm not Asian, but you get the idea! This is a photo of my eye shape, just to help you get a better idea.
  12. So I live no where really close to a place that carries NYX products. Luckily, I'm traveling to an area that has a couple ULTA's and can luckily get my hands on some of these products. What are your favorite/best NYX cosmetics products, or what do you suggest I definitely pick up while I'm there? Also, anything else from ULTA you think is a must have? God bless you! Much love, Summer

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