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  1. I know I'm late to the party but I have a JJ's story!!! The one closest to my house is notoriously bad. Always messing things up, making you wait 20 minutes when there's no one else in the store, etc. Which makes me so sad because I LOVE JJ's and the one by my work is really great! Anyway! Went there to pick up dinner last week, and they were out of BREAD. So Nick gets them with the wheat bread, unaware that the wheat bread is nothing like the regular bread, AND they charged us for the wheat bread when we had no choice! I tweeted JJ's about it and they reached out to me asking for my info - and yesterday I got a gift card in the mail from them! I don't usually complain to actual companies unless they really screw up. But I thought it was nice of them to send a gift card so we can get sandwiches on them - at a different JJ's where they actually have bread!!! And @@puppymomofthree you had nothing to worry about! Your gifts were perfect!! Sorry it took me forever to write up the reveal! In other news do they make masks for your body...because I am sore from washing cars all day and I still feel crappy from enjoying myself too much last night at the MudHens game. So I would really love to have a full body mask right now lol
  2. LOVE our MUT family! :)

  3. HI GUYS!!! My swap buddy was @@puppymomofthree and she totally surprised and spoiled me!! I wasn't even expecting a package today and when one got delivered I was SO HAPPY! And overwhelmed because that bad boy was heavy! Keep reading and prepare to be amazed!! *Also - I apologize if some of the pictures are sideways, I tried loading and reloading them for an hour and still couldn't get them right. I just really wanted to get my post up!!!! @@puppymomofthree THANK YOU from the bottom of my toes for everything and for being a perfectly beautiful human being! I am so touched by your thoughtfulness and am so grateful to have such a wonderful swap buddy! You are amazing!
  4. You are amazing!! I am still so overwhelmed! I took over an hour unwrapping things because I wanted to savor every moment! I also had to stop a few times because I felt the tears coming on. The happiest of happy tears!! There are not enough thank yous on this planet! OK REVEAL TIME!
  5. @@puppymomofthree you are a sneaky one!!! I stopped opening about 4 presents in because it's already too much and I can't even believe it. PUPPYMOMOFTHREE is my buddy and I can't even. THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart, you are so wonderful!!!
  6. I just got home from a really busy day and MY BOX IS HERE!!! I had NO CLUE it was coming!! And I am totally dying because I still have no idea who it is from!! So I am about to open and then I will reveal shortly....whoooo IS IT FROM!!! LOL Oh and it weighs like a BAJILLION pounds! Did someone send me a new cat?? LOL Ok I can wait no longer! See you all in the reveal thread!!
  7. @@Dashery SO HAPPY it finally made it to you! These past couple days I've been checking on it incessantly and FINALLY! Haha! I'm so happy you like everything! I was pretty proud of my hair pins lol. I'm glad you like them!! YAY!! And you took such gorgeous pictures of it all! INTERNET HUGS! You were so fun to shop for! I went the whimsical/vintagey route after seeing all of the pretty things in your Birchbox favorites. I knew I HAD to make you a pretty box!
  8. OH MY GOSH will the stupid PO just delivery my buddy's package already!! Quit stalling PO!!!

  9. My day could have been worse...the good news was that I went in for a root canal and they didn't actually have to do it - it just ended up needing a filling. I did get a battle wound though, dr. accidentally sliced my lip a bit. Photos below lol WOOOO for dental work!
  10. @@OpheliaDiFranco so sorry to hear the news Take care of yourself and your family
  11. @@Lolo22 brownie and wine party?? Uhggg I want brownies!!
  12. I think my buddy should be getting her box today! Getting excited!
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