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  1. sherbert

    Julep July 2013

    EE Crème? /ducks and runs away
  2. sherbert

    Julep June 2013

    What the WHAT? That's insane.
  3. sherbert

    Julep June 2013

    Yikes! Now I'm going to have nightmares, thanks. I guess I made the right choice going with the light crème. My skin is closest to either the last woman on the first row, or the first woman on the second row.
  4. sherbert

    Julep May 2013

    Thanks, I sent them an email, hopefully they'll stick the pins in with my next box.
  5. sherbert

    Julep May 2013

    Finally got my May box yesterday, huzzah! I ended up getting the full upgrade on this one. Love these colours too much not to. Paris was the one polish in this set that I wasn't really sold on, but the more I see it on people's fingers, the more it's growing on me. I can't stop sniffing the sugar smooch! I didn't end up getting any hair pins in my box, was I supposed to?
  6. sherbert

    Julep May 2013

    Elaine, if you do pick up Lucky, keep in mind that it will stain pretty badly when you remove it. Not a good idea to remove just before going to work... My fingertips look vaguely amphibian this morning.
  7. sherbert

    Julep May 2013

    I have Lucky on my nails right now! It's so pretty.
  8. sherbert

    Julep May 2013

    Their poor CS staff must be swamped this month. Just heard back from Mary about my May box. I was a bit concerned since it was charged to my CC, but I didn't receive a shipping notice and it didn't show up in my recent orders. I was bad and got the full upgrade, so I'm really REALLY looking forward to it. She says that the box just cleared Canadian customs, so hopefully it'll be in my hands sometime next week! Yay!
  9. sherbert

    Julep June 2013

    It'll be a full upgrade for me too! Joining Julep has been the worst thing for my bank account...
  10. sherbert

    Julep May 2013

    Best. Unboxing. Ever.
  11. Ah, thank you! I couldn't find the emails with the amount advertised. Must've trashed them.
  12. Thanks! I like it too Another thing I thought of this morning was that the box was supposed to add up to $200 worth of items, right? I didn't get anywhere near that amount. I received 7 polishes, so initially I thought that was pretty good, but then I remembered that Lucky, Petra and Alma were add-ons, which means I only got 4 in the box. My extras were a Pomegranate body creme, a nail file, and a toe separator. I checked the Julep site for the full retail prices. The nail file isn't exactly the same, and I wasn't able to find the toe separator individually, but it couldn't sell for more than a buck, if that. So by my math, I got: 14 + 14 + 14 + 14 + 18 + 5 + 1 = $80. Not quite the $200 worth they were advertising... I did receive a Fedex slip on my door Friday afternoon, so maybe more is coming in a separate box, but it also might just be my starter box finally arriving. Considering I only paid $45 for 7 polishes and the extras, I didn't really overpay for anything, but it's just a bit disappointing. This might end up being my first and last mystery box.
  13. I got Sadie in my Sea Salt package and tried it today. I really like the look of it, it's quite sparkly. One thing I did find is that the brush gets gummed up very quickly, so it ended up on my cuticles on the second coat. I'll definitely be buying some nail polish thinner before the next time I wear it. I ended up putting Sally Hansen diamond top coat over it after I took this picture, which made the black more vibrant. The polish on my skin is much more visible in the picture than in real life. Overall, I'm pleased with it. This was my first experience with Julep. It arrived before my starter box did!
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