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  1. Wow you have a habit of biting in your sleep? I haven't heard of anybody having this problem, it must be a nightmare (that was not supposed to be a pun!). I would probably advise to wear some gloves, maybe plastic so you don't have wool in your mouth haha. I hope you find a way to help yourself as it's hard enough to stop while you're awake.
  2. Day 5: Treatment: Hand moisturizer Argan oil Most nails are growing well so far, I have been filing some to stop breakage in weak areas. *Also I'll be updating the title of this thread to not be daily, I will continue to update every 2/3 days so you can see more difference and less hassle on my behalf too! *I'll rename this diary as I will update approx every 2/3 days!
  3. Haha I know it's an awful habit. I think the worst part of it is the fact you only realize you're doing it when it's too late and your hand is already at your lips. Gloves are really the way to go at vulnerable times
  4. Day 3: (Late with photo sorry, internet went down!) Treatment: Aloe vera Hand moisturizer twice Thanks for the comments guys, I have been good so far! I hope I can keep it up I'll probably be using a gloss or strengthener in the next few days to avoid splits early on.
  5. Thanks I have had fake nails before which has helped to some extent, but I don't like using nail glue on my finger nails as I end up wanting to pick left over glue off... and then my actual nail!
  6. You should go for it! It's a great way to make yourself stop Even if you don't want to post online, but instead take a picture series of them improving. DAY 2: Treatment: Hand moisturizer. Prevention: Busy day outdoors, no time for biting!
  7. Hey guys! I thought of this idea this morning and thought it would make a great post. On some other forums I visit people often post diaries or kind of "work in progress" posts so readers can see how a project is going. Well I am a serial nail biter and have decided that from this day forth I am going to put an end to the nibbles! Here's my short backstory: I never used to bite my nails at all through primary school, it was never something I thought of doing. When I moved to secondary school I went through a phase of being bullied pretty badly by some rough children, this was when I was aged 11-14. During this time I acquired a horrible habit of not only biting my nails in anxiety and worry, but also biting the skin around the nails until they hurt... sometimes even bleeding. Almost 10 years on I am now 23 I still haven't lost this awful habit. It's safe to say I am no longer bullied and I lead a pretty active social life which leaves me with the problem of always having short nails on nights out etc. During uni I would have weeks where my nails would grow quite a bit, but once they got to a certain length I would end up biting them off again sometimes without fully realizing I was doing it. The majority of the time in college and uni I would have my nails painted a colour - this would stop me biting while the nail varnish was on but would also stop people from noticing the terrible, damaged condition my nails are in! I am tired of always hiding my fingernails and being an artist I am always having people looking over my shoulder to watch me at work and I can't bare the thought they could be judging my nails as well as my work! SO! Today I am going to tell the photo story of my recovery, I feel like if I have this log online I will stick to it more and also explain what I am doing to heal up my damaged nails on the way for people who also suffer from compulsive nail biting. Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions - Also if you find bitten nails gross then this may not be the thread for you! The first pictures are going to be the worst obviously This is the current condition/problems of my nails while beginning this diary. DAY 1: Treatment: Filing down broken areas of nail. Using tweezers to pull off loose skin instead of biting. Using aloe vera on individual nails and argan oil. Moisturizing hands using Cetaphil moisturzer. Prevention: Wearing GLOVES while indoors! (No joke )
  8. I go through so many different types of mascara and I think my favourite has to be "Big Fatty" mascara by Urban Decay. It makes your eyelashes look amazing, really thick and striking! What is your favourite and why?
  9. Can anyone recommend some nail polishes, cremes or foods that help nails to become stronger and grow faster? What works best for you? My nails always seem to tear and snap once they get long, I really want to do some nail art on my own nails instead of using fake nails.
  10. I am a self confessed hair dye addict and my hair has been through many colourful transitions in the past 5 years being at university! I am now back to a normal colour - close to my natural colour while I give it some well deserved TLC. My hair is just past shoulder length currently and doesn't style very well unless I use lots of revitalizing products before hand. Before I started dying it so much it was very "heavy" feeling and would fall about in a healthy way when out, now it's just stiff and brittle when I wake up of a morning. I have been suggested to use Argan oil but is this any good? I'd love to know some techniques to aid my hair to repair itself to be healthy again. I'd especially love some hair product suggestions, conditioning and foods to eat to help with hair. Thanks
  11. For the past 2 years I've been getting noticeable red spots at the tops of my legs (mostly around the side) of my bum cheeks and a couple at the top of the backs of my legs. It seems that the area is also quite dry compared to other parts of my legs. I get a couple at a time - not completely drastic but usually I get one or two that are quite red so stand out which is annoying as I go swimming quite a lot and get quite self conscious about how they look. Some do end up forming into squeezable spots but I avoid messing around with them. Also I should say I do not suffer from acne and the rest of my body is quite clear - I shower every day. Does anyone else have this kind of skin problem and could offer some advice?
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