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    <p>I've been into makeup for as long as I can remember! My favorite brands are Urban Decay, Tarte, and Napoleon Perdis. I try to go natural/vegan/cruelty free with cosmetics and skin care as much as possible. I also love nail polish, particularly Zoya, OPI, and Julep.</p>
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    Outside of makeup I love music and concerts, camping, hiking, reading, my 2 adorable cats, my wonderful boyfriend Matt, gardening/plants, and photography.
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    Office Manager and Customer Service
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    UD, tarte, Napoleon Perdis.
  1. Hey all, if any of you use MUABS.com I wanted to make you aware of this (originally posted on Specktra) This isnt directly related to ebay (so admin feel free to remove if it violates the rules) but i want to make the group aware of a fake seller on MUABs, a site I recently came across where you can sell and buy makeup. This user (who is no longer on MUABs but went by the name of "sweetlolitajessie" - I have screenshots if anyone needs to see the fake posts) had posted photos of MAC LE lipsticks for sale that I coincidentally saw on specktra (the specktra user posted these photos a year ago and I alerted her to this. She informed me someone had already told her as well!) This person insisted I use google wallet to pay and refused to accept a paypal payment. I decided to ask for more photos of the items because i thought this was suspicious (plus the price of the items were low for their value). She never got back to me after I asked for more photos. Now shes no longer on MUABs (or her posts) so I guess someone reported her. Moral of the story. Always ask for more photos (yes its a burden for sellers but its a small price to pay to make sure someone isnt gonna get cheated out of money and as a seller im ok with sending more photos. AND request an invoice through paypal! I got scammed by what I believe to be the same seller but under a different name. She agreed to sell me 5 gently used MAC MSF products for $100 including Superb, which I guess is kind of rare. I'm new to MAC so I just thought it was a good deal but I should have realized it was too good to be true. Right after I paid I got an email from another MUABS member letting me know they thought this seller was the same as "sweetlolitajessie" but under a different name. The new seller was "Glittered Vanity". I asked GV if she could send me more pics of the items and she agreed and did. even though she sent the pics I asked her if she could refund my money because I had a weird feeling and wanted to back out of the sale. After me begging her she agreed and sent a refund via PayPal. Then she complained about how she was losing out on the $10 MUABS seller's fee. I felt bad if she was a legit seller so I sent her $10 via PayPal to cover it. I didn't realize at the time that all she had to do was request a refund from MUABS to get the fee back. All this happened on Friday. Later that day she relisted the lot and I think she sold it again because it was gone a few hours later. By Sunday her page/shop/username was gone. Anyway, I feel really stupid but I got scammed because today the refund was 'returned' which means they took the $100 out of my account anyway. She most likely pulled the money out of PayPal right away and closed her account so they can't run the refund. I filed a dispute and hopefully PayPal helps me out, but everyone please be aware that there is a seller scamming people. Her MUABS shop was a mix of higher and lower end items so it looked legit, it's not like she was just selling expensive/rare items. I did a little research with Google and if this is the same person as "sweetlolitajessie" then her thing seems to be pretending to sell lightly used MAC MSF items, including some rare ones like Superb and Whisper of Gilt. I have her PayPal info including email and name and the name and email she was using to correspond about the items. Her 'email' name and PayPal name did not match nor did the email addresses which was another red flag to me that made me back out of the sale. I really liked MUABS but this has put a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know how people that do this sleep at night.
  2. I think I'm gonna check it out at my local Nordstrom's. For some reason things that sell out quickly online seem to last in that store a lot longer. Last time I went in for the Oxblood lipstick from the Isabel & Ruben collection which was totally sold out online and they still had boxes of the stuff. I bought 3 because I love the color so much and don't want to pay $50 on eBay when mine runs out. The only thing I'm really interested in is the lipsticks and maybe the lipglass. The eyeshadow quad looks great, but being obsessed with Urban Decay palettes means I have more eyeshadow than I can use in a lifetime...
  3. My current favorite is MAC lipsticks. I have about 13 now and they are so creamy, long lasting, and come in such a great array of colors.
  4. I agree! Before I had all my makeup in the bathroom with some stuff on the counter, some stuff in a drawer, and some stuff on a shelf. I have a bunch of palettes I wasn't using because I just never went to the shelf to look through them. Now I have it all in one place, it's so nice, and luckily everything fit either on top or in the large drawers. I just love being able to sit down and really focus on doing my makeup instead of standing in the bathroom mirror with bad lighting. Your vanity is so cute and compact, nice purchase!
  5. Recently I purchased: The tarte Miracles from the Amazon kit from QVC. I LOVE the foundation brush, it's so soft and just the right size. The foundation is great too, and the palette is perfect for keeping in my purse. I picked up the entire China Glaze Road Trip collection. Surprisingly, considering I have 300+ polishes now, I don't have any dupes for these. They were only $3.25 each at a local nail supply shop and I couldn't resist. I also bought myself a vintage 1930's vanity for my bedroom. I used to have one but moved and had to sell it. I missed having a place to set all my pretties!
  6. Last two: Orly Naked Canvas. I wanted a palette cleanser after all the darker colors. This one is gorgeous, it's got a beautiful purple shimmer/flash to it. 3 coats. OPI DS Extravagance. I finally started checking out some of the nail supply shops around my work and was excited to find China Glaze for $3.25, OPI for $4, and these DS holos for $6.50. I should have been shopping there for polish for the last year vs Sally's and Ulta! Anyway, I love this one, very sparkly.
  7. The eyes look like they could be from the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette, which has those mauve/purple/white/orange shades in it. The lip could be something like MAC Lip Pencil in Soar, which has that rosey matte look to it.
  8. I would agree with Reija and refer you to a makeup counter/store to check out the colors in person. Nordstrom's usually have a MAC counter and I've had good experiences with the staff there. To help with the pigmentation and ruddiness issues I highly suggest using Vitamin E and Olive Oil, or asking your doctor about it. I use it on my face to keep my skin tone even and it helps keep my skin clear as long as I don't overdo it. It can be a bit heavy so it might not be an every day product for you, but even a few times a week can make a difference. I buy Vitamin E capsules, poke a hole in them, and drain it into a small dark bottle with a sprayer. For every 3 capsules I add 1 tsp. of olive oil and a little bit of argan oil. I shake it up, dispense one spray in my palm, and massage this on my face every night or if it starts to clog my pores every other. Not only does it keep my skin soft and hydrated but it definitely helps even out my skin tone. Trader Joe's also carries a Vitamin E blend for $4 that has soybean and coconut oil in it which is another good solution. The Vitamin E in that just isn't as pure as you get with the capsules that are only Vitamin E. Good luck - I hope you find a good solution!
  9. MAC Faux? It looks a little too pink though...
  10. UD Shakedown, which is a discontinued matte taupe/brown, so perfect for my blue eyes. I have one pan left and I'm hoarding it UD YDK and Mushroom are also great! UD Angel and DTF from the Vice 3 palette are good ones too, and UD Bust from the BOS IV is one of my favorite shadows ever - it's like Shakedown but cooler and with shimmer.
  11. If you want something with a bit of color I suggest Coty Airspun Loose Powder in Naturally Neutral. I'm also very fair and I have the colorless and neutral version of this powder. The Naturally Neutral has just enough color/coverage that you don't look ghostly white and it controls oil and shine well without looking cakey. I got mine at CVS for like $5, so it's cheap too but works!
  12. I for the most part do like tarte packaging, I like their purple theme. I just got the most recent TSV from QVC and the mosaic theme is pretty cute. For lipstick I love the MAC bullets - very sleek and classic. Urban Decay also has nice packaging on their lipsticks now, the silver is timeless and has a nice weight to it. Their old ones sucked though with the stupid little swords on the bottom. One broke off my favorite color and now it's basically unusable because if I put the cap on I need a knife to get it back off which is dangerous. Packaging shouldn't interfere with product usage, especially when you're paying $15+ for a lipstick. Lancome also has simple but nice packaging, nothing too flashy or childish, just basic and elegant.
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