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  1. Glad to see its just not my nose then! Thought I was going crazy. This is a CK I keep at my boyfriend's dorm so I don't have to dig in my purse to find one and he likes using them too (I ask him all the time if he wants me to buy him one and he's always "nahh I don't need/use Chapstick, but the second I keep one at his place he is always using it, man complex! Also we are that gross couple that share everything, even Chapstick) so I'm going to have to replace it before he gripes.I also have to have chapsticks hidden around at all times. Chapstick addict problems. None of my other CKs had lumps, at all, that I can recall so maybe FA was a weird batch. I'm positive nothing is wrong with it, I just don't like the feeling.
  2. Also, I think I'm going to have to throw my Feeling Alive coffin kisser away . I understand they are handmade and will have lumps but this one is insanely lumpy and I just have what seems like a billion other chapsticks so why bother with this one. Also, it smells oddly like buttered popcorn instead of peaches. For awhile my boyfriend kept telling me I smelled like buttered popcorn and it confused me. I was thinking my lotion just turned on me. Then he used my Chapstick and figured out the smell. It's the coffin kisser. So now all I smell is buttered popcorn. So I'm just gonna toss it. I can use my Krampus kisser now! I only like to have 2-3 open a a time. Plus I lost my GG one
  3. Bandicoot crimpysnitch. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing so I wouldn't wake my boyfriend up.
  4. @@Shalott Thank you!! I am pretty excited to get mine. I am already in love with it.
  5. Captivating Cumberbatch is the next sneak peek. I will be buying overdrock of this. I love Benedict Cumberbatch!!!
  6. I'm really going back and forth on canceling. I love NM, but lately the shadows are not my favorite and I have WAY TOO much shadows. Like I really do not need anymore. I just am sticking out for an Addams Family theme, if they would have one, but I could be waiting forever. Plus, I could always order overstock. I'll wait to see if some sneak peaks pop up before o get charged to make my decision. But I am really on the fence. Plus I started college again so my income is very limited and I just made a little sephora order. (I had to have that Too Faced soulmate blush. I am a HUGE Sex and the City fan, but then I just had to add other stuff to get free shipping) so spending money on shadows I may/may not use isn't very smart for my budget at the moment. Man, I just want all the pretties, but school says no. Plus, I am getting a black pug very soon, I have been dying for a black pug forever and the time finally came in which I could take care of it, so I am happy! And if not buying makeup to support that little fur nugget than its a sacrifice I am willing to make. I feel ridiculous that my makeup addiction has came to the point where I have such a hard time parting with a sub. Like a colorful powder gets me so excited. Ridiculous. Haha.
  7. Well I better place an order for what I can. I am very sad First Blush is sold out I wanted that one the most. In any form.
  8. I am a Valentine's day fanatic (I'm one of those people) and I've been avoiding the HoG release like cray! I will try for Cozy Rose anything. And a few other scents if I can get my hands on them.
  9. I'm a little disappointed with the pigmentation of this VC. I've only tried pure heart, headstrong, and Show's Over. When I wear color I like in your face colors and these are very light on me. I love the glitter in them though so I'll just wear them over my UD electric palette, which gets major love from me.
  10. Mine came today! I don't feel like wearing makeup today so I will definitely play with them tomorrow! I loved all the swatches I did with them. I have no idea what the clue is
  11. @ haha I should have elaborated. I want lovey Dovey but the couples that I absolutely adore are couples like Morticia and Gomez, Jack and Sally, Edward and Kim, so to me lovey Dovey is also dark and bitter.
  12. This whole thing is making it a whole lot easier to not want a sub. I have the Sherlock collection and that is all I see myself buying. I like the shadows, but from a business stand point it is not some place I feel personally comfortable putting my money. I understand the autism thing, but when it comes to my money I look soley at the business stand point, and when you can't manage something like a Facebook page it's a little off putting. I may one day, buy the Sherlock mini set, if it becomes available, but I can't resist anything Sherlock. Other than that, I don't see myself making any more purchases.
  13. Same!! So excited!! I'm more excited to see what the sneak peak for February is! I am a hopeless romantic so I hope it's a gag me with a spoon sickening sweet lovey Dovey theme. But I need these new colors on my life! Yessss
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