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  1. I got the curated box yesterday in the mail, which was a total surprise since I didn't receive an email that it was sent this month. I love the LP hair oil. I already have the Beauty Protector & love it, so a travel size is great. I tried the Stila lipstick and it's much darker than I had expected and it dries down to a stain that I had to scrub to get off my lips. Not sure about it. I'm excited to try the Hum powder but haven't yet. It's something new and different at least, right? The facial wipes will get used. The only miss that I have already tried in the past and won't use at all is the Marcelle BB glow.
  2. I got a free box this month with points. I picked the light pink color from this month, the color Tomi from last month and the nail stickers. I can't wait to get them!
  3. I wasn't sure if I'd cancel or not this month. But I'm picking the curated box - I'll use everything except the Marcelle BB cream. I've been wanting to try the LP oil too.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I saw this and went straight to my BB account. I picked the curated box this month and was just able to review all my items for points. 7 products = 70 points. Not bad. Now if they have a good PYS or curated box again next month, I should be able to get my last 5 reviews then. And I might stick around to see what the next month after that holds before canceling since I'm a little sad to see this sub go.
  5. With the point change happening on the 11th and reviews can be done starting on the 10th, does anyone else think that we might be able to get points for reviewing this month's box on the 10th? And then do our last 5 reviews next month. I know I'm gonna try it.
  6. I picked the curated box. I thought about just canceling but I like all the products in the curated box and I guess I'm just not ready to cancel yet.
  7. I skipped. The only color I really wanted was Tomi - it looks so pretty. I might try to buy it later at some point. I also liked the lip products and would give them a try if they're available (to switch out for other products) in the coming months.
  8. I haven't tried it yet, but it has been on my wish list for a while now. The packaging is so pretty and I love a balm lip product. Oh, & I love Tarte products... why haven't I bought this yet? Oh yeah, because I have dozens of lip products and need to stop buying more until I use some up.
  9. I guess I'm going to sit out of the circular swap for now. I just gave all my "extra make up" to my sister. She was so happy.
  10. I would like to do another round of this circular swap. Is the summer swap different or another circular swap? I feel a bit confused about the 2 swaps.
  11. Well, this new points situation is a sad turn of events. I might stick around for July but after that I'm done.
  12. I got my box yesterday & it is the heaviest Birchbox ever! 3 of the 5 samples are 1 fl oz or over - only the Benefit brow gel and the Coola sample were under an ounce. I will try everything in the box and I'm quite happy this month. I got: Benefit brow gel Avene thermal spring water Living Proof night cap overnight perfector Parlor shampoo Coola radical recovery after-sun lotion And the box itself is really pretty this month. Nice job Birchbox!
  13. Any idea if this is online only or in stores also? I looked but didn't see any info. that said either way. TIA
  14. I picked the Benefit brow gel. I hope the rest of the box is more exciting though.
  15. I got my shipping email today too. The box contents are loaded on my account also. I haven't been this excited for a sub for a while! I can't wait until it arrives.

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