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    Julep August 2014

    Wahn wahn wahnnn.... Julep just had eyeliner a few months ago! And I agree with some previous comments...the kajal stuff did NOT stay put. Slid right off. If the 10 hr claims are true for these ones then I'll be pleasantly surprised. If they would have had funky colours like electric blue, green, purple, that would have been exciting. But Julep has been anything but exciting these past few months. Fingers crossed that the polishes will be awesome! We shall see.
  2. I LOVE the beach tonic fragrance (too bad the spray mechanism doesn't work very well...keeps jamming/sticking) so I'll be happy to get a lotion with the same smell! Skipped June's box so here's hoping July's collection will be a stunner (my birthday month too! woo!).
  3. Still waiting for my box here in Alberta. Last tracking update showed it in Bell, CA on May 12th. Hoping it gets here by next Wednesday since I'm moving to Texas Thurs or Fri and I'd reallllly like to get the box before I depart! Sigh...
  4. My faves this year so far: January - M+G mojito lip balm. Heavenly smell! I put it on right before bed and my lips are still great when I wake up! February - City Color blush. I used it everyday for a few weeks. Blended beautifully and gorgeous shade! Honourable mention: the eyetini cream shadow. The formula didn't budge and I got a ton of compliments when I wore it. March - Chella indigo eyeliner. My first not black or brown eyeliner. Love how it gives a pop of subtle colour. April - Demeter! FINALLY got one in my bag and it didn't disappoint
  5. OMG Priscilla is gorgeous!! I still have a free polish code from taking 3 boxes in a row so I think I'll definitely pick this one up! And maybe get one for my sister since her birthday is in May. Curious about the "soda shop surprise" items, but I wish they gave some kind of detail (ie. X amount of products). Vaguest description ever! Anyone getting the 2-pack of DD cream? LOL
  6. Sad panda... .I'm really feeling underwhelmed by this collection for some reason. The only really interesting one is (of course) the add-on Felicia. I have dupes for pretty much all of them. Is it worth getting MB + Felicia? Or do you guys think I can get them all cheaper than $25 total down the road? I still have a free polish code from taking 3 boxes in a row but I don't think I can use that for the maven box..?
  7. I love the finish of the purple but I have SO MANY purple Juleps I really don't need another one Hoping the other profiles have exciting finishes! Not too thrilled about the blush, but I like the peach bellini shade. And because they say it has "real diamonds" in it, that justifies their (inflated) pricing
  8. Can't wait to see what the product sneak peek is tomorrow (hopefully). Crossing my fingers for something awesome! Wishing they are steering away from makeup and going another direction. I love their Bare Face oil and the beach tonic (except that the pump got stuck and doesn't work too well anymore...boo).
  9. I have a free polish code from taking a box 3 months straight.... I've heard that the code just reduces $11.20 (or whatever it is) from the total, so if that's the case I may get one (the Taryn polish is calling my name). $9 for a box full of random goodies isn't too bad of a deal! I'm going to wait a few days to see what the box contents are first. I reallllllly don't need an extra America polish or an eyeliner
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by naturalactions I received my February box today. They have gotten rid of the inner box and now just pack items in the shipping box itself. Fine by me, except that the box was not sealed. I hate when sub companies do that, a little tape goes a long way to make me feel better about the contents being safe and not tampered with. Other than that, I actually really like this box and am excited to try all the items. However, the incense sticks came alone, and I do not have a holder to burn them. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could use in its place, or do I need to go out and buy one? Thanks for posting the photos! Looks like your cat likes the box too (but just the actual box...because all cats can't resist boxes. Mine do the same!) The eye soothing bag thingie is much larger than I thought it would be! Let us know how the oat bar tastes. Too bad they didn't throw in 2 to make it a little better value. What scent was the incense? That is A LOT of sticks!
  11. A very eclectic selection of items! Doesn't appear to be a theme at all... - eye pillow: don't currently have one, never knew I needed one, so that's something! - spice blend: nice to see Canadian products! I will definitely use it. - bath salts: not terribly exciting, but will be put to good use. My husband likes epsom salts in a bath (not bubbles) so I know these will be used up! Also, a repeat of brand from January - incense: blargh. Still have some of those cones from the March (?) box. Maybe they'll be a good mosquito repellant outside in the summer?? This too is my final box (if they stick to their word and send it) so farewell Seasonbox, it's been fun and at times, frustrating!
  12. Spoke too soon...received it today! - Chocolate bar weighed in at 29g (but was pretty tasty) - Soap: Dead Sea Salt mineral bar (salt & mud soap bar). http://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/110560294/dead-sea-minerals-salt-and-mud-bar?ref=shop_home_active_2 - Lip scrub was frozen (it's a balmy -15C/5F here) so I'll have to wait for that to thaw first before opening - Nothing too special about lavender oil. Will be nice in a bath I suppose. On the customs declaration sticker on the box, each item was listed with a value of $10, for $40 total. Har har.
  13. http://blog.julep.com/meet-the-march-maven-collection/ TOTAL snooze fest. The only ones I'm remotely interested in are the 2 green ones - Lizanne & Tania. But of course one's an add-on and one's an It Girl. I'm having definite deja-vu looking at the colours...I remember a dark blue + light yellow pairing in a previous month. Nothing exciting, no cool finishes (except for Tania). Blah.
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