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  1. Skipped. I don't really want the plié wand. The only color I liked was the hot pink/watermelon pink, and I have a Julep color that's almost exactly the same.
  2. I was out with some friends tonight and I saw a girl with the bag from this box! I didn't want to be weird and ask her if that's where she got it, though. LoL. It looked very cute in person. (I haven't seen it in person yet since I don't have my box yet.)
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by sparklesgirlxox still no tracking number here Same. Maybe because I got the gift option I won't get a tracking number? I'd at least like to know if it has been sent out yet or not.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by zadidoll I have Sally - soap and two different bottles of the room freshener - not coconut scented but like fresh laundry/cotton scented. Never had Clean Cotton from Yankee Candles but mine reminds me of when you have freshly washed laundry using something like Sun detergent. That's the smell I was expecting, the fresh detergent smell. They've been nice enough to send me a new container of the Sally body butter, so this one should smell more like what I was expecting. Plus it'll go way better with my Make It Rain sugar scrub.
  5. Thanks for the information, everyone! I wrote to Fortune Cookie Soap and they already sent me a new batch and made sure that it's the Sally scent, so I should get that sometime soon. Nice customer service!
  6. They finally sent me the "your package has shipped" email. No estimated date of arrival yet, though. Bummer. At least it's on its way.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by patentlyvee Although I was trying to go spoiler-free (lol), I just got an email with a pic revealing April's contents. Maybe there will be some variations in the box other than the color of the bag? Some of the items look different to me. It does look like two of the items the sparkly earrings and the nail art kit are different colors/variations from the spoilers we've seen so far.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by v0ltagekid Hey ladies, for any of you that ordered with that 50% off deal, have u received tracking? I haven't :/ it's been a little bit already :/ I did the Fedex stalking routine and saw that mine finally initiated.
  9. I love everything. Wow. I really, really like the big item!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by rachelshine I sent an email late last week and JUST got a response after I commented on a FB post a few hours ago. They said they "checked my account" and that it was "in the warehouse" and I should be getting a shipping notification soon....We'll see! They gave me the same response.They say it'll be shipped "within the next day or so." Hopefully it actually is!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LinaMingo Mine fFINALLY got scanned again. Now it's at elizabethport nj Same here. And I live in Florida, so it's going in the complete wrong direction. I guess the packages have to make it to some sort of Newgistics shipping hub before the USPS can get them. It seems like a complete waste of time and money sending the packages all over the place, though.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by TooMuchElectric The palette is $36 on its own, so I'd view it as just about the best GWP you can get. What do you mean 'make sure they have enough'? Don't they just mark the box 'sold out' when they don't have any more? I'm not sure how it works, exactly. Usually they do mark it as sold out, but I was wondering if maybe they got in a big stream of orders when the coupon code hit, and they weren't expecting such a big number of people. I don't if it shuts off automatically when they hit certain numbers of purchases (I'd assume so), or whether someone has to manually go in and mark it as sold out.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by txsfajsmama As far as I know, none of us who used the CHANNEL7 code have had our boxes shipped, so there are tons they haven't shipped yet. Oh, that makes sense. I guess they're trying to make sure they have enough for the regular subs and then for the boxes ordered with codes. You would think they'd know how popular that coupon code would be! LoL
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by SiriusDreamer Honestly, I'd e-mail them; it seems most folks have had theirs ship already. This has happened to me in the past and I e-mailed them about it and sure enough, every time it shipped shortly after they responded with "Oh it looks like it finally shipped!". Suspect. I think it gets stuck or lost or something and they sometimes need a reminder. I think I might just do that. It seems most everyone's has shipped. I can't even get mine to work via the Fedex track by reference page.
  15. Thank you for the information! It's very heavy on the coconut. My mom is here, so I asked her to smell my arm without telling her what the scent was, and she got the coconut right away. Weird! I'll e-mail them and ask about it.
  16. For anyone that has ever had something in the "Sally" fragrance from the Nightmare Before Christmas collection, if you remember what it smells like, could you tell me if it smells like coconut to you? I ordered a body butter in "Sally" and got it today. I was expecting a fresh laundry kind of a smell, but instead it smells like coconut. Nice, but very coconutty. Someone in one of the reviews on FCS's website said it smells like Yankee Candles "Clean Cotton," and it smells nothing like that to me! I feel like I got the wrong scent in here or something.
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Kittylasmu New FB page pic. The brushes and polish we've already got in past boxes. One item maybe: http://www.toofaced.com/p/mascaras/better-than-sex-mascara/ I can't tell the rest. If they send us a bag every month I'm going to have one heck of a collection. You're right about the spoiler item! I don't know what the bag in that picture on Facebook is, but it looks cute from what I can see. I've been looking for a new clutch. A few days ago they posted, "What's your #1 accessory for a night out?" I wonder if "night on the town" is the theme or I'm just looking for any kind of spoiler? LoL
  18. Mine still says "processing." It hasn't even shipped yet! I'm tempted to e-mail them and ask about it, but I don't know that they'll be much help. Maybe I just have to be patient.
  19. Thanks for the spoiler! I thought maybe I could just taste some things and pass them on. I thought I could just pick one or two things to love, but no. No. Want to eat it all!
  20. Mine is scheduled to arrive Saturday! Even if I don't love everything in it (I hope I do!), I do appreciate the fast shipping. Also, LoL at the diet comment. I feel exactly the same way. I purchased this box before I decided to get serious about dieting. Whoops.
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by smartinoff I'm feeling the same way! I love my psmh sub but this box is more "up my alley" and it could be a good enough replacement for little black bag, too. I really wish I would have known about social bliss in January, their February and March boxes would have both been huge wins for me. Ditto. March's box looked amazing. I hope this month is just as good.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by Maelynn Same here. I'm really really hoping they won't cancel boxes using that code since I heard the code was for a specific market. Ditto! I haven't heard anything about my box shipping. It still says "processing" on there.
  23. I'm getting Box 32. I really wanted the blush, but this box looks good. I guess since it has seven items (even if they're foil samples) that means I get to do seven reviews and get points for those?
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by smartinoff They already responded and said they have their dev team working on the site problem but that i am in the system and will be getting the April box! They said the same thing to me, too. I'm excited. Glad they have fast customer service response!
  25. Quote: Originally Posted by smartinoff Which email did you use [email protected] or [email protected] ? Sorry! I used the first one. I hope they're fast, too.
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