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  1. I am super excited for the Rosario Dawson box. It said in her little blog that if you sign up before Nov. 14, blah blah... I hope that means that the box ships really soon after that! I had a $10 off "please buy a box" credit from Quarterly left over from a while back, so it only cost me $40. That's still a chunk of change, but I'm hoping that it's worth it.
  2. I feel the same way about There's No Place Like Home. I've been saving my soap from the Fall Box to use around Thanksgiving time!
  3. Last year for Thanksgiving they had Thanksgiving food scented candles. The "Turkey and Stuffing" candle was quite possibly one of the worst smells ever. It was like someone left a thyme-rubbed turkey out in the sun for several days.
  4. Well, it looks like I'll probably be getting a box after all, since I haven't heard back from FCS yet. I sent the email almost three full business days ago, but no reply yet. I know they're busy, but if they don't reply tomorrow, I'll miss the cancel/refund cut-off date. Watch me wind up liking most of the stuff in the box. LoL
  5. Yeah, it winds up being over a pound of stuff, so that must be where the shipping increase comes from. I get it, but I hate paying it. LoL
  6. I wanted a set of shampoo and conditioner, and then detangler. Shipping for the shampoo and conditioner alone is $5.75. I guess they're heavy?
  7. Their stuff looks awesome, but the shipping kind of throws me off. I know it's because the items are kind of heavy, but for three things the shipping was $6.50. That's not terrible, but I don't know if I can do it!
  8. Thank you! That's a good tip about getting the same scent. My hair is pretty bad at holding onto scent, so maybe that would help.
  9. For those of you who have tried Cocoapink shampoos and conditioners, which is your favorite? I'm thinking about just going ahead and getting both kinds of shampoo (princess poo and the clarifying shampoo), but there are lots of conditioners to choose from. My hair isn't terribly dry, but it could use some conditioner now and then. I feel like the cream conditioners in the tub might be a bit much for my hair, but I was wondering if anyone has tried the bottled conditioners?
  10. I emailed to cancel, too. I was charged a week or more ago, but this box is just... ehh. Not for me. It's looking to be almost entirely fruity scents. @@Jen51 I would not want to use one of those and then have to wash the tub out. Hopefully the glitter doesn't stick in people's tubs!
  11. Me too. I'll stick with the box since I do like fruity scents sometimes, but I'll have to buy my winter-themed body products somewhere else, I suppose.
  12. Agreed. The box is more for trying out the new scents than anything else. A lot of the items are big enough for just a handful of uses, or one time use (like bath salts/bombs). The launch discount is usually a decent chunk off. I want to say 20% off, but I can't remember!
  13. It's good for trying out new scents, but I'm not sure if the monetary value is really there for $34, since most everything is a mini size. It does come with a code for $10 off your next purchase, which is nice, but that might barely cover your shipping for another purchase. Have you bought anything from Fortune Cookie Soap before?
  14. Thanks for the info. I'm excited to see a new kind of product from them. I like the cute Hydrate Me in the instagram picture. I hope it's a Christmas type scent, though. Edit: Someone who has inside info. just said this on the facebook group: "I can't reveal the OCD scent, but it is fruity!" I like fruity scents, but this is supposed to be a winter box, and now three out of four items we've been given some kind of scent description for are fruity. Hopefully they still smell good. Maybe something will be orange and clove? I hope.
  15. Same here. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the theme other than the name they put on it. In a Christmas/winter box I expect wintery things, and that scent sounds straight up summery. If they wanted something fruity for the box they could have gone with fruitcake, even.
  16. I don't know how I feel about this box. People on Facebook keep saying it's going to be a lot of foodie scents, and I am not a foodie scent person at all. I've already been charged for it, so I guess I'll just see. There are always trades!
  17. I thought the last Rosario Dawson box looked really great, and was a good value, so I'm excited about this one. I was sad I missed out on the first one, but I'm definitely getting this one! Even if some of the items are small (like candy or something), they'll probably make good stocking stuffers. I'd loooove to get a bag like this one: http://fashion-rising-collection.myshopify.com/collections/bags/products/green-ralph-medium-tote-bag! I know the last box had a bag of a similar price point in it, but I wouldn't mind a smaller bag in a similar print.
  18. Yeah, hopefully they look better in person. Also, I'm hoping that they'll do something interesting and cool for Christmas.
  19. Thanks for the spoiler posts! I am not feeling the colors, either. At least the scented stuff sounds good.
  20. I don't think I've ever seen this movie before. I knew what it was from the still, but I don't recall ever seeing it. Wonder what kind of scents we'll get out of it? I'm one of those people who hates A Christmas Story (The shame! The shame!), so for some reason I lumped that one and the spoiler movie together in my brain as being similar movies or having similar comedy. Then I never watched the spoiler movie. No idea why, since they're not at all related!
  21. LoL! It's true. Almost everyone there is a hardcore enabler, and just seeing people's pictures of their stashes and purchases makes me want things. I'm constantly seeing trades/sales and going, "Yessssss... Wait, no! I don't need that!" to myself.
  22. Thanks! Most of the reviews I've read have just been "I love it" and "I want to eat this but I know I can't!" so I was unsure of the popcorn aspect. Thanks! I was hoping that's what it'd be like.
  23. For those of you who have Haus of Gloi's Ghost Puffs scented things, can you tell me if the scent is really heavy on the popcorn aspect? The description on their site reads like it's popcorn first, then the marshmallow. Everyone seems to love it, but I'm afraid of smelling like a vat of popcorn balls or something! LoL
  24. Absolutely the same here. I did not like the one pumpkin scent I got (Green Is the New Black). I think a good chunk of people in the fan group loooove "foodie" scents, and I totally do not. To me, the only scent that has been worth the fan group hype was Polyjuice Potion. My tastes go more toward the floral, citrus, and green scents, and we don't get a lot of those. I always want to like the foodie scents, because the descriptions sound so good, but almost every time I get one I wind up hating it. @@Ruffinette, that stinks that you didn't like it. Are you sure they are the same scent? I read on the fan group page that there was a mix up with BFF and some other scent (and the mistake was made in a lot of products), so you could have possibly received one of the mix up batches?
  25. I saw the spoiler video on the FCS fan group facebook page, and I'm kind of "ehhh" about the whole collection. The bar soap is cute for sure. Other than that, the only two things I'm interested in are the "back from the graveyard" products. Plus none of the items, besides the soaps, really scream "Beetlejuice!" to me. Some of the products I just don't understand, like (I'm not sure if I should spoiler this or not!)
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