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  1. Thanks for the welcomes! That cute box is calling to me. I'd really like some miniature or adorable makeup, but I so don't need it.
  2. Hi, all! I'm new to memebox. I've been lurking around here for a while, but I finally decided to take the plunge. Last night I ordered the Zero Cosmetics + Waterproof Makeup bundle. I'm so excited! The Waterproof Makeup one will be helpful when I go to a wedding later this year.
  3. Thanks for the information. I've been looking at memebox for a while and finally decided to just go with it and get some!
  4. I contacted Birchbox yesterday about not getting the "pick your sample" email, and no one has gotten back to me. I don't understand their customer service sometimes. I'm guessing I won't be able to pick one now since things are going out of stock.
  5. I didn't get an e-mail about picking a sample. Come to think of it, I never get emails from Birchbox except for "your box has shipped" emails.
  6. I live where it is hot and my Rainbow Honey polishes are thicker than others, especially the super-glitter polishes. However, once I open them again and stir it around they're generally fine and I normally don't have problems applying them (except when I get to the very bottom of the mini polishes).
  7. According to the tracking information, Birchbox received my return (of full-sized products) two weeks ago. I am so irritated. They said it can take "up to ten days" for returns to get sorted out, but this is nuts. I just want my money back! I sent them an e-mail so I hope it gets sorted out soon. That's way, way too long to process a return.
  8. I did Christmas in July last year and it was crazy for me! So many things sold out lightning quick. I put stuff in my cart and by the time I was done choosing half of it was gone. However, I still got a bunch of stuff and it was a pretty good deal. Then I had a billion Christmas-themed fortune cookie soaps in the middle of summer. LoL
  9. Tree of Life is my favorite in that category, but Tiny Tribute is also nice. I got it in a whipped cream and I love it. It's not heavy at all.
  10. Oooh, jealous! Congrats on the nice box.
  11. My box arrived. I don't really love it, and on top of that, the tinted Coola is a bust. The top *and* the inner seal came off, so it got on another sample and the Coola is all dried up. Bleh. Off to bug Birchbox about it.
  12. I hate my box. Number 4™ Hydrating Shampoo - 8.5 oz Number 4™ Hydrating Condition - 8.5 oz COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator Folle de Joie eau de parfum Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion There isn't one thing in there that I want. Bleh. On the plus side it's six things to review, at least.
  13. @@Christa W I agree about the Nucifera perfume! I like it the best out of all of the Rainbow Honey perfumes. It smells better on me after it "dries down," as they say. I don't get a plastic-y smell when I sniff it and my nose is pretty sensitive. Maybe they come from different batches? I think another member had an issue with the plastic smell from last month's perfume, too. I will say that I have a really tough time with perfumes drying down right on me. A lot of department store perfumes go all weird on me, but this one hasn't so maybe that's why I like it so much. @@Tamarin The perfume smells like honey to me at first, and then spicy. Then I smell a little bit of vanilla and something tropical and fruity in there, too. I love the colors in this month's bag! They look even better in person. I will say I do not enjoy the Tea Biscuit scent. I'm really not a "food scent" person at all, though!
  14. Thanks for the swatches! I hope my package shows up soon.
  15. My box is... working? Moving?! I am shocked after last month's disaster! LoL. Let's see if it actually makes it here promptly.
  16. I got my order today! I'm not a big fan of Captain's Berried Booty, but the fortune cookie soap for it was too cute to pass up. It's super cute in person, too. I love the Lemon Drop bar soap!! It's way bigger than I thought it'd be, too. The Dreamsicle scent is awesome, but I noticed that it smells way better in wax tart form than in the cuticle butter. The butter must have a little bit of its own smell to it before they add fragrance, I guess.
  17. @@meaganola I don't remember that company, but I googled it and it said they used to have pickled-shaped soap! Hahaha. I did see a picture of their brownie soap, and it looked super realistic. @@biancardi Glad it didn't get all over everything! I ordered a lemon drop bar soap, too. I'm excited to see it in person.
  18. Aww, that stinks. Did it get everywhere, or was contained somehow? I'm scared some of my stuff will be melted. It's supposed to be here tomorrow. @@CurlyTails, they're really neat! Some of the soaps are so cute I don't want to use them, I just want to look at them on the counter. LoL
  19. Same here! I don't need any of the stuff in it, since I still have most of the stuff I got in the Mother's Day box. LoL
  20. I really, really want the new limited edition Sea Star polish, but I so don't need it. But it's so pretty! Also the Summer Treats box http://www.rainbowhoney.com/collections/summer-treats-by-rainbow-honey sounds like a super good deal, but that's a lot of money to fork over at once.
  21. Newgistics is apparently awful with things going back to Birchbox, too. It took six days for my return package to even leave the hub. Six days!
  22. I got my shipping, and it should be here on Tuesday. So close, yet so far away. Hope yours ships soon! @@LethalLesal, they said on Facebook that after they fill the ~500 orders, they'll start to do a restock, I think. (So many orders!)
  23. My giant order from the summer launch will be here on Tuesday. So excited! I can't wait to try everything. @@meaganola, my cat cat loves to play with lollipops, too! He'll swat them off of a table if you set one down.
  24. I agree. Their makeup selections always seem so... similar.
  25. The only things that showed up for me were the shampoo and the "cleansing cloths," and both were out of stock. I haven't gotten anything since my second batch of stuff, and that was months ago, so I'm kind of giving up on PINCHme.
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