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  1. Thanks for the spoilers, everyone! It always takes forever for mine to get here, so I like to glance at it beforehand. LoL. I'm not overwhelmed with excitement, but I usually wind up liking the stuff more when I see it in person.
  2. I wish I had done the Kickstarter thing! Glow-in-the-dark wraps would be awesome. I love the space/nebulae nail wraps I have from them so much that I bought more. The cat ones didn't work well for me, though, because you need to have pretty long nails to get the whole cat's face on there or do some fiddling with the strips to make the faces sit right on your nails. I normally prefer the real nail polish strips instead of "stickers," but these have good sticking quality. A lot of other brands are literally just stickers, and they come off as soon as you do the dishes or something.
  3. Thank for the information! I'm excited. Hopefully mine will just magically arrive tomorrow. LoL Edited to add: Ooooooooh, those are pretty!!
  4. Yeah, the Postal Service is super messed up this time of year. Mine still says it's in pre-shipping mode. Bleh! I saw the Instagram post and some of them looked like repeats if you look at the labels really closely, but I still think it looks like a good chunk of polishes (if they're all polishes and one's not a cuticle oil).
  5. I was mega excited that my package had shipped early-ish, but nope. It's still in the "shipping label created" stage. Bummer!
  6. Yay, I got my shipping notification today! I'm excited to see what's in this one.
  7. That'd be awesome. I need a holiday scented top coat. I wore Apple Peel for Thanksgiving but I had to put on Summer Juice scented top coat over it because I don't have any fall/winter scented top coats from Rainbow Honey.
  8. I got charged for December's mystery bag today. I'm so hoping for some kind of holiday-themed top coat!
  9. I went ahead and got the sample sizes for the whole collection. I'm not big on green or blue eyeshadow on myself, but I figured if I got the rest of them, I might as well just get the whole thing.
  10. I need this! There is no way orange will look good on me, and I still want it. LoL
  11. I got a coupon mailer today for the event with a 20% off your purchase coupon and a coupon for a free full-sized body item that you can use in conjunction with the % off during Black Friday. Winter Candy Apple here I come! I wonder if there will be a better % off coupon floating around out there, though?
  12. For the Bath & Body Works Black Friday bag, does anyone know if there will be a minimum purchase amount that you need to spend to be able to get the bag, and then will the bag also cost some amount? I did this a few years ago (like... four? three? I forgot already!) and I remember having to spend a certain amount and then the bag was $20 or so.
  13. I bought a November mystery bag to give to a friend for Christmas, but I love the colors for myself! I really didn't think I'd care for the blueish/teal kind of a color, but I do. Oh dear.
  14. Seriously. I saw a woman do her entire face full of makeup at Ulta once. I didn't want to judge her because I don't know her situation, but man. That stuff has got to be really germy. I hate the Ulta here so now I only buy online from them. The store here never has what's advertised in the sale flyers, and they don't change out their in-store ad signs. If you try to buy a product that's "on sale" in the store (aka, there's a huge sign that says it's on sale right in front of the products even though the sale is technically over according to the flyer) they won't honor it. I've never gotten free samples there, either.
  15. It does look good! However, now I'm wondering if they're counting each piece towards the 31 items in the box. LoL
  16. Thanks, @trekkersangel. I'll definitely be picking one of these up! I'm excited about the perfume, and the polishes sound beautiful.
  17. Thanks for the spoilers. I really like the darker color, and the other stuff sounds neat, too.
  18. @@Bflopolska I ordered before the sale, and it took six days (including the day I ordered) to arrive, which was less than the TAT they showed on the site.
  19. LoL! I wouldn't mind that cake, either. It's one of the weirder scents I've smelled. It's just so jarring to smell the cake scent and then wham, I'm hit by this weird raisin scent!
  20. I got my CocoaPink order today, and I like almost everything. I'll put my comments under a spoiler cut because it might be a little long. I'm pretty happy with my purchase!
  21. That's the one scent that I want to try, too. I like the labels on this collection. They look so Christmassy.
  22. I finally wore an Aromaleigh shadow today! I'm not big on wild and wacky makeup (not that this is, but I always wear way too understated makeup), but I thought I might as well, since I own it! I wore Boudicca, and it is so pretty on. And my Cocoapink order (that I placed before the sale, boooo) will be here tomorrow! The site said the TAT was 10 or more days, but it took way less than that for it to ship.

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