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  1. I am this close to dropping Julep, but I still really like most of their polishes. I just realized a few months ago that cheap eyeliner is so not worth it. I'm not saying $20 is cheap, but Julep does tend to mark up the value of their beauty stuff, so the real value and quality might not be $20's worth. I'm just sick of the "good" items being makeup and skincare, and the "good" polish colors being add-ons. I get that it's a way to make more money, but I'm not shelling out $20 for a box of colors I don't like just to pay $5 extra to buy one I do like. (Or $20 for a box with some eyeliner similar to so many others, plus a few ok-ish polishes.) I signed up for a nail polish subscription, so I want nail polish! I did love that last golden mystery box I got, so I wish they'd do more polish-only boxes. Every month for the past few months, the polish-only box has not been something I want. I really, really hope the actual polish colors are good. October is an excellent month to try something different and fun. We'll see, I guess!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by meaganola I had to laugh at the "you are an athlete!" language. Uh... I like to walk. That's about it. But I do have a problem with what seems to be plantar fasciitis, and I would love something that would help with that. LoL, same here! I guess at least we're getting something. (Although I heard that the Dr. Scholl's from other boxes and from some other giveaway and review program (forgot what it's called), were terrible.) Hope these are decent.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kawaiimeows I've just given up for the last few months. I reviewed tons of stuff and I have an okayish number. But I don't have the time to keep putting in to it for the chance at something free. So I've just left my profile as it is, and if I get something great, if I don't oh well. Same here. I haven't qualified for anything really good in a long time. The last thing I got was the Kefir coupons. It's just too much effort for me to not get anything out of it.
  4. I so want this, but I so don't need it! The preview picture they posted looks awesome! Unfortunately, I spent way, way too much money when they had the Christmas in July sale, and I have one of those gallon ziplock bags full of Fall and Christmas scented soaps. LoL
  5. I sat there staring at the dark gray polish (Daria) picture wondering if it was just my eyes or if it was extremely photoshopped! The more I look at it, the more it looks like three different colors of gray painted on in stripes to look like a reflection. Weird.
  6. Same here! I have rosacea, so I'm super wary about trying new skincare products on my face. I wanted the Julep subscription for nail polishes and nail products only. The past few months, the only box that has no face products also is the box with colors I don't want. I don't like yellow polishes, and I feel like they've had so many yellows lately. They look ghastly on me. LoL. Yeah, delivery doesn't start counting until it actually ships. If it has been a while since you ordered, they really need to get on that!
  7. Some are nice, some are just ok. The baked eyeshadow palette I got isn't great. It barely shows up. I like the other eyeshadows I have from them, though, especially if I use eyeshadow primer. The mascara is fine. Some of their lipglosses are super sticky, but the color is good. I really, really like the blush I got in my box from them. It's the e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in the color St. Lucia. I don't use bronzer, but I love the blush. Their products seem to be pretty hit or miss. The good thing is that they're cheap enough that if you hate them, it's not too big of a dent in your wallet.
  8. Same box here. I can't believe how small some of these items are. Seriously, Goodies?! I'm cancelling.
  9. I skipped. I have no interest in the primer or face oil at all. The box with just polishes and no face stuff has two colors I don't want. Candace does not look appealing to me at all.
  10. Pleeeease! LoL. I'm sick of the creme finishes they've had lately. Something different would be nice. I've skipped the last three boxes because nothing except the add-on glitters appealed to me.
  11. They offered me a discount, but the representative I talked to when I cancelled Naturebox was also standoffish and borderline rude. She asked me to take a survey, and after the first question I could tell she didn't like my answer, so she cut me off mid-sentence and stopped the survey! Even though the way it's set up now makes Naturebox seem better than before, I'm hesitant to join again because the customer service was dreadful.
  12. I just got mine! I'm pretty impressed. There's lots of stuff in here, and it's all a decent size. Edit to add: I just tried the Snapeas and I never want to try them again! LoL. I swear they taste like peanut butter and peas mixed together somehow.
  13. Mine is Box 7, and there's not even an estimated shipping date or anything. It still says "processing," even though it was a free box.
  14. Oh, good tip! I just looked and I'm not too excited. Two of the items I plain don't want. The rest are take it or leave it, honestly. It does say "Here are some products you might see in your box." Maybe there's more, or different items they're just not showing? I hope!
  15. My bag just showed up! I didn't get a shipping notification or anything. I was quite pleasantly surprised. The Lorac eyeshadow is a little worse for wear, but not bad. The Laura Geller blush is in fine shape, though. The Suki looks OK. It's not dried out, but the liner paper seal is kind of bashed up? I think maybe the exfoliator exfoliated the paper during travel. Weird. I didn't realize how excited I was to try the Urban Decay eyeliner. It's so smooth!
  16. Boxes have shipped! I just got my tracking a little while ago (and it already works). Exciting! The spoilers I've seen so far look pretty good. Edit to add: The e-mail gives away the theme for this month. It's Backyard BBQ ! I guess I can see how the spoiler items I've seen fit into that theme. Wonder what else we'll get?
  17. I used the Carol's Daughter mask tonight. I really like how my hair feels, but I can't get rid of the smell, even after I went back and re-rinsed my hair. It's so strong that it kind of makes my eyes burn. It doesn't smell bad, but I leave a trail of gardenia-type smell wherever I go!
  18. That's what I get for skimming the booklet! LoL. Thanks.
  19. There's another thread waaay down the page about it: http://www.makeuptalk.com/t/136398/e-l-f-beauty-bundle . I got one pretty soon after it was first offered, and I did like it for the most part. Everything I got was relatively neutral and could be worn together without being clashy. I don't think I'd get a second one, but if you don't have much e.l.f. makeup and want to try it, it's a good deal. If you have a ton of e.l.f. stuff you're probably likely to get duplicates of stuff you already have.
  20. I didn't even notice that my polish is in Jungle Gem, and not Please Sea Me. There's barely a difference, from what I can tell, except one seems to be more blue than the other. What color/pattern did everyone get in the SH polish strips? I got Laced Up, which I'm not sure I like.
  21. Same here! I got the solid blue in my box instead of the glitter. I love how the Lippmann looks, but it's such a pain to use that I barely bother with it.
  22. I got the GK and Please Sea Me, too. It even says the Tibolli is in there on the information pamphlet, but nope. Oh well!
  23. Oh no! At least you know it's there when you get home, though.

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