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  1. Aww! Hope yours arrives soon. Mine is out for delivery, but the UPS person doesn't usually come until 6:00 my time, so I've probably got another hour and a half to wait!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by r4chel77 lol why does everyone buy julep then? i hope you all have another favorite? julep is mine. i might like opi more, but maybe just the brush; i only have a few so it's hard to say. i abhor china glaze because it chips in ten minutes so i get it; i only buy the colors i have to have and can't find by other brands. I do like Julep, for the most part. Most of their polishes work fine for me, but then others I'm not a fan of. They're not my favorite brand, but still good. OPI is probably my favorite for regular non-glitters, and Rainbow Honey for super over the top glitter.
  3. Same here! I don't have any other polishes of reputable brands that are as gloopy as Julep's polishes. Plus I think Julep polishes change consistency after you open them up. I know most polishes do this after a while, but this seems to go pretty quickly. I've had ones that have gone on ok-ish when I first get them, but then when I try it again maybe two months later, I can hardly get it on without glopping it everywhere.
  4. Awww! LoL. I do the same thing when I hear the truck and I know I have something on the way!
  5. These are taking WAY too long to ship. Mine says est. delivery date around August 19.
  6. I have the Lippmann, and honestly, it kind of blows! It needs polish thinner because it's so thick. I love how it looks, but putting it on is a pain in the rear! I got it for a gift, and it does look nice, so I can't complain. LoL. I'm excited to compare it to the Sally Hansen version side by side!
  7. Yay! Congrats on getting yours so quickly! It's so much stuff. I'm exciting to get mine! And txsfajsmama, I've been doing too much clicking, too! LoL
  8. Mine says it will be here Wednesday, but it hasn't moved after it left East Syracuse, NY two days ago. I'm a little concerned.
  9. You're right about Layne! I just tried all of the polishes, and it is SO sheer that it's basically clear. I had to put on three coats for it to look like I'm wearing any polish at all, and even then it just gives a vague french manicure look. Sheryl is pretty orangey by itself. I put it over Bunny for a test and it comes out a lot more yellow that way. It's also super sheer, so I feel like it needs at least three coats if worn by itself. Also, I swear Bunny smells like a fake fresh cut grass scent when I put it on!
  10. I got my mystery box. It says it's version #3. Sorry I don't have any pictures right now, but you get the idea! I got: Hand Cream Oxygen Treatment Hair Ties (in taupe, lime green, and black glitter) Polish in Drew (hot pink!) Polish in Sheryl (a yellow gold with shimmer) Polish in Layne (a pale, pale pink) Polish in Bunny (white with gold sparkle, I think?) I'm not too crazy about Bunny, but I love the rest of them! I even like the hair tie colors I got. I'm happy with what I got, since I paid $20.99 with a coupon. I really, really like Drew and Sheryl.
  11. Oh dear. I hope everything winds up OK! Sorry you're feeling so awful.
  12. My hair is a little frizzy and I live in extreme humidity, so it really helps! I was kind of shocked that it worked and didn't weigh my hair down. The Ojon shampoo sample I got smells weird. It has a use-by date on the bottom for 2015, so it should still be good. I can't tell if it's supposed to smell this way or something happened to it! It smells like old lavender and something off, but I can't quite describe it.
  13. Ooooh, jealous! LoL. Mine was supposed to be here Tuesday, but they bumped it to Wednesday, too.
  14. I feel like the only person I've seen that hates the smell (I'm sure there's someone else out there, though)! Everyone loves it, but I hate the smell. Luckily it dissipates after about ten minutes. I LOVE the Beauty Protector and how it makes my hair feel, so I put up with the smell. It makes my hair feel smooth and shiny. LoL
  15. I got my mystery pack today. I got Ojon Volume Advance shampoo and Stila "Face the Day" moisturizer/gel. The Stila freaks me out a little bit because on the back the first thing it says is "warning: if a rash develops, discontinue use and consult a physician." That's the FIRST thing you put on the tube? Yikes! Kind of disappointing, but at least it was free.
  16. Wow, my golden mystery box I bought last night already shipped. That's fast! Hopefully it will be here in a few days. I didn't get this month's box, but used the secret store link. I was worried they'd cancel my order, but it worked!
  17. Oh, gosh. I got the golden mystery box (with the coupon, thanks!). It spoke to me. Gold! Buy now!
  18. Yesssssss! I'm so excited! I just got the shipping e-mail.
  19. I cracked and got the Suki scrub I've been wanting with a 15% off coupon I found online, plus one of those weird SARAHPOTEMPA hair bun tools (as an alternative to sticking a sock in my hair), and the pick two mystery pack. I'm excited to see what I get!
  20. No shipping here yet. I was hoping it'd be relatively fast since people said the last box shipped out quickly.
  21. I'd go ahead and e-mail their customer service and ask them about it. They're usually really nice and helpful!

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