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  1. I got my box 5 today. I'm pretty impressed! The sour straws and the coconut water are big sizes, and everything else is a decent sample size. Plus there are coupons for the tea and the Wholly Guacamole stuff.
  2. Mine says it'll ship on the 17th. I put my subscription on hold earlier this month, but I guess I didn't do it early enough! I'm getting box 5.
  3. I'm a little concerned about my poor old box. I still have no estimated delivery date and it JUST left California (and has to make it all the way to Florida). I just hope it's not all squashed when it gets here.
  4. I finally got my bag. I like the actual bag, and I'm excited to try the Zoya polish (even though I got the creamy white color). The rest of it I'm not terribly fond of. - concealer - Juice Beauty lip gloss (too much shimmer for me) - Mirabella lipstick in a coral color that looks awful on me - Pacifica bronzing body butter I feel like such a Debbie Downer! I'm very, very pale, so those last two items do not work at all for me. I'm going to give them to a very tan friend, since I know they'll look much better on her!
  5. My bag still isn't here and it's driving me nuts. My tracking information says it'll be here in a week. A week! The location it's in right now is only six hours away from me! I have a regular subscription (as in, didn't just sign up before the cut-off date), so I don't know why mine didn't ship out with everyone else's packages. This is driving me nuts! LoL
  6. This is cute! I really like that color. Congratulations on getting it!
  7. Same here, except in Florida! This is the weirdest tracking I've had with any box so far.
  8. Mine is STILL processing. I did try the Fedex trick and it worked, but only said that a tracking label has been made, and has no estimated delivery date. I guess I'm being impatient. LoL
  9. Thanks so much for the tip! I'm definitely going to try this out. (Although I might have to go buy a cheap hat to try it on first!)
  10. Haha, thanks for that! Good idea about giving it away if it doesn't fit!
  11. Imberis

    Julep May 2013

    I love Lucky! It is pretty St. Patricks-y, but I'm sure there are other occasions to wear it. I also love Vivien, which has similar big gold chunks, but with small gold glitter instead of small green glitter.
  12. I am excited for this box, but I have to say: I really am worried about the hat! I have a giant, giant head! LoL. There are no women's hats that fit my big noggin except for knit caps, which I rarely wear. I just want a chic sun hat to fit my potato head!
  13. They just sent my tracking info! Yay! My package is .5108 lbs. That's a super weird number.
  14. Hopefully mine will arrive today. That actually looks really nice and they sent full-sized items, which is cool.
  15. Mine still says processing, too. I'm a little worried, but maybe it's because I just re-subbed right before the cut-off date?
  16. Thanks! I'm excited, but nervous that I haven't gotten any shipping info yet.
  17. I also saw the dish product loaded onto my profile, even though I haven't received the package yet. I'm a little glad to know what it is in advance.
  18. Imberis

    Julep May 2013

    Hi all! I just joined after lurking for a while. I passed on the May box inititally. Then I did the beauty profile survey, got the 50% off code for a polish, put America the Beautiful in my cart, and then... I kept on looking! I wound up buying a May Bombshell Box, anyway! I'm not a red lipstick person, but the packing is so nice and the polish colors look great.
  19. Hi all! I've been lurking around for a while but I just joined. I hated the on Popsugar box I got (the one with the Peeps in it), so I canceled. However, I couldn't resist that 50% off code they sent me, so here I go again! I really hope it's a good one.
  20. I also finally joined the forums after reading them forever. Wow, these spoilers are all great! I'm really excited about the bag. I felt kind of so-so about last month's bag (which was my first), but this one looks way more appealing to me.

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