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  1. I am not big a fan of the Halloween spoiler they just posted on Facebook. The actual product is mega cute, but the scent... bleh! Then again, everyone can't like everything (and it'll save me some money not buying it, lol). Scent notes:
  2. I got my Sugar and Spite order today. I got three perfume samples, all packaged in very lovely Halloween paper. Carnivale Macabre and Diabolique are not really for me. They're too foody in a caramel sort of way (not a fan). Something Wicked, however, is my favorite. It's the first really pumpkin-y fragrance that I've ever liked. It doesn't have that weird caramel smell that lots of gourmand kind of scents have to me. Also included was a sample of Spellbound soap. It's very pepperminty with a background of black tea. Not bad!
  3. I didn't even realize it at the time, but all of the Alchemic Muse perfume oils I got have some kind of lemon/citrus smell to them. Whoops. Waikiki smells a bit like lemongrass and a touch of coconut. It's very fresh. I think I'd like it better in a room fragrance than on me, though. Laguna smells like a fresh lemon to me. Dreamcatcher is nearly all honeysuckle plus a tiny bit of lemon. I thought I'd smell more of the orange blossom, but I'm just not getting that. My sinuses are kind of inflamed right now, so maybe that's why I'm not picking up any of the other notes? I'm not sure. My nose isn't stuffy or anything, but who knows. I'd much rather have these scents in room fragrance form than as perfume oil, but they're all very pleasant. @bsquared , thanks for your descriptions of the Haus of Gloi stuff! Those are all scents I've wanted to try, so I appreciate any descriptions of them.
  4. I got my Alchemic Muse order today. First off, the shipping was crazy fast. Secondly, I really liked the packaging. Each of the soap samples are in individual little envelopes with the scent name on them. I'm not crazy about some of the scents I ordered. I got a lotion and a sugar scrub in Pumpkin Butter. The scent is less pumpkin pie and more some kind of pumpkin/caramel tart. It's not my favorite thing I've ever smelled, but I'll use them. A few of the soap scents are bordering on that "headshop" kind of a smell, which I'm not a huge fan of. I'll try the perfume samples out later and see what happens. However, I really like the Countrycide scent, and I got that in whipped soap, which I've never tried before.
  5. I finally got my order today and they sent me the small OCD when I ordered a large one. Bummer. I know they're good about fixing mistakes, at least. On the plus side, I got a Bikini Brigade, which I've never tried before. It smells so good.
  6. Oh no. I just ordered like 30 samples from Aromaleigh! Some of those eyeshadow colors are so beautiful. I don't have anything like those duochromes in my makeup collection.
  7. I ordered from Alchemic Muse late last night, and it's already shipped! It should be here Monday. That's crazy.
  8. Mine hasn't even shipped yet, but then again I ordered pretty late. They're almost done with shipping (from what I read on facebook), at least!
  9. First off: Hello everyone! Secondly: Why did I click on this topic?! Oh, the pain to my wallet! You all are a wealth of information. It's great! I've been looking for new fall-scented bath and body stuff, so I searched "pumpkin" on this site and found this thread. I ordered a bunch of small stuff from Alchemic Muse. I got Pumpkin Butter scented things, a perfume sampler, and a soap sampler. Then I went to Sugar and Spite and got three little sample scents from their Halloween collection. I looked at Haus of Gloi, but I think I'll wait for a restock of the autumn/pumpkin scents.
  10. I'm kind of bummed I missed out on the pomme rouge scented products, but other than that I am ok with not having this month's bag. I like the red color, but the rest of them I doubt I'd use very often.
  11. I said I wasn't going to buy anything at this launch... and then I did. I only got three things, though. I got: 1 Bikini Brigade (small) 1 Miss Popular OCD (small) 1 Flying Monkeys OCD (huuuuge!) I wanted to get the Flying Monkeys liquid foaming soap, but it sold out right as I was checking out and got removed from my cart.
  12. I got my Girls' Night Out and Cute Wishlist boxes, finally. My tracking didn't update, and I didn't get the usual "your box is on its way!" text message. They just appeared today in the regular mail. I like the Girls' Night Out box more than I thought I would after the spoilers I saw. I love the Cute Wishlist box!
  13. There's nothing for me as well. I refreshed and the site seems to be working fine, but no samples. It's just giving me coupons for things I don't want/need.
  14. I missed out on the Grapefruit box restock because I couldn't make up my mind. Phooey.
  15. Thanks! It says I have until August 31 and September 3 to use my points. @@cfisher I haven't used a $5 code yet. I can't decide what to do before they sell out! The two together would still be $11 off, so not too bad.
  16. Thanks for the information! I wanted to get one of the restocked boxes, but I guess I'll wait until I have more points again/find something else.
  17. I had 11 points the other day, and now all of a sudden I have 6 points? I haven't bought anything. Do points expire or something?
  18. My Cute Box has finally landed in the U.S. (although it's still pretty far away from me right now)! After seeing the spoilers I'm super excited. I'm not so excited about the Girls' Night Out box, but eh. I'll see when it arrives.
  19. I cancelled my subscription for now. I'm kind of sad about it, since I've been with the subscription since the beginning. However, I have multiples of the same shades of glitter, just in different shapes or slight variations, and now I have four or five cuticle balms, too. If they start to change up the colors and items, then I'll probably resubscribe.
  20. I used it on wet hair. I don't usually use oil on my hair dry, because it always winds up looking greasy, even if the oil is just on the ends. If your hair works fine with oil both ways normally, I don't see why you couldn't try it.
  21. Good to know! My stuff has been stuck for a while.
  22. The scent on the hair oil went away really quickly for me, but I don't mind since I didn't really like it very much, anyway. However, it made my hair feel nice, and it's really wavy without being frizzy. Awesome!
  23. I got Green Is the New Black in the WC, and I don't care for it. I really thought I'd like it based on the descriptions in the spoilers, but... ehhh. It smells like cake to me. I was thinking it'd be like the scent of the fortune cookie (which I find quite nice!) + pumpkin, but I get mostly a cake smell plus a tiny, tiny bit of spice. On the other hand, I LOVE the OCD scent and I quite like the perfume oil even though it's a touch on the masculine side. I've been reading comments that people hate them, but I love clean smells so I'm all about the OCD smell! I agree about the personal space being nice and light/fruity and very light on the banana (I don't care for banana, either). The hair oil I do not like. I'm going to try it on my hair just to see how well it works, but the smell is too food-y for me. There's just something about the vanilla/cake kind of scents that my nose doesn't care for, no matter how good the descriptions sound. @@MissJexie, I hope they'll send you a new box!
  24. Lots of people (on the facebook group) who didn't get tracking seem to have theirs just show up today. Hopefully mine does the same! People in New York and North Carolina have gotten theirs, so they're making good time, at least.
  25. I got my box and I really like everything. I got the necklace. However, it's so short. I have a fat neck, honestly, so the necklace looks more like a choker on me than a proper necklace. Yikes. I guess I'll have to find a necklace extender or something.
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