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  1. I still don't have tracking, and they said on facebook that all of the shipping labels have been created. Now I'm a little concerned! Maybe it will show up in my email tomorrow. I checked the spam folder and everything. Or maybe mine is one of the 5% that haven't made it out of the warehouse yet. I just want to smell everything!
  2. My favorite top coat is Rainbow Honey's. Some topcoats shrink your nail polish after it dries (someone mentioned Julep earlier, and theirs does that to me, too), which can make your polish look weird and improperly applied. Others are too goopy for me straight out of a new bottle (OPI). Everyone seems to have a different one they prefer, so it's sort of a personal preference thing, I think.
  3. I just let out the weirdest "Eeeee!" upon seeing that Instagram picture! @ I don't even have any guesses as to what could be in the dropper bottle. Something that needs to be used sparingly, I assume?
  4. The create-your-own OCD event is supposed to be happening in early September, if they're still doing it. Then again, you could get a different scent in the WC if you get a second box. Tough choice! I hope they make all of the WC scents from the Fall box available at some point, because I'd like to smell them all.
  5. Oh no. I also hate banana scented things! I love Rainbow Honey's top coats, but bleh at banana.
  6. Agreed. I've gotten every single mystery bag since they started doing it subscription style (and some before then), so I'm a tiny bit disappointed in this one. The polishes this month don't really appeal to me, and that's never happened before with Rainbow Honey. I think if I had never received a mystery bag from them before, though, I'd be really pleased. @@jennm149 Thanks for the pictures! That New Jersey post office is so strange. I don't understand why some packages have already arrived for people while others haven't even left. You'd think they'd all get sorted together.
  7. Has anyone's package even moved yet? I got the "your mystery bag has shipped" email three days ago, and the tracking still shows it as "pre-shipment" and it hasn't budged.
  8. I like this box! The earrings aren't really my style, but maybe I'll like them better on. Other than that, it's all stuff that I'll actually use.
  9. I hope they're out soon. The box ships on Monday! So excited. I haven't heard of any bloggers getting theirs, either. It seems like there was a lot more blogger traffic/promotion for the Summer box than this box. Last box they posted blogger reviews and videos on their Facebook page before the box came out for regular customers, if I remember right. Maybe it didn't work out great for FCS or something.
  10. Ohhh, ok. I thought you meant a really bad smell and I was worried the products had gone bad or something! I think the has the weirdest smell. It's quite strong. I tried it on my hand, though, and my hand feels incredibly soft now. If my face could feel like that, I'd gladly deal with the smell.
  11. I'll have to smell mine later and see if they smell weird, too. Hopefully not! I'm a little scared of the snail cream, to be honest. lol Edit: Mine don't seem to smell too bad. Not great, but not terrible or like they've gone bad.
  12. I thought it was "zero" because it was an all-natural box. The little blurb on the site said "We did some studying to create this zero chemical, zero additives, Zero Cosmetics Box!" Maybe I misunderstood. I do like the box, though. I think it'll grow on me when I start using some of the products.
  13. I don't know how I feel about the Zero Cosmetics box. That one and the Waterproof Makeup are my first Memeboxes ever. I guess I was expecting more/some makeup in the Zero box? I'll use most of the products in it for sure, though. The Waterproof box I love. I got the colors that I wanted and everything.
  14. Mine initiated at 3.7 lbs (and I'm supposed to be getting the towel, too). Excited!
  15. Haha! Weirdly enough, I have some wax tarts that smell like petrichor (although slightly more pleasant/home-fragrance-y). I wouldn't mind another Make it Rain kind of a scent, though! That one and Tree of Life are my favorites right now.
  16. At first I thought "sixty degrees and rainy" was some kind of new scent, and I really wanted it! I'm glad they're doing bigger versions of the hand sanitizer. Not sure about the WC, though. I don't think I could ever use a whole big jug of it, but people on the fan group page on facebook seem to go through it like water.
  17. Well, the $10 off code didn't work for me, but I used the code for a free turkish towel with subscription and it worked. I don't have one of those, so I'm excited! (About a towel, lol.)
  18. I'm mega excited about the pumpkin. So excited. And now I want some sort of pumpkin beverage, but it's too early for that!
  19. I'm pretty sure this is correct. Usually they'll do a "last call for box orders" kind of a thing on their Facebook page near the stopping date, too. I've been shopping with FCS for a while now, but I've never ordered the box until now!
  20. I tried the code (also was going to be a birthday treat for me!) and it won't work. Is it one of those codes that only has so many uses to it?
  21. Glad to hear it went well, @@eugiegenie! Congrats! I don't want to double post, so I'll put this bit here, too. LoL I am SO excited that my first boxes are going to ship soon! The first one goes out on August 5. The spoiler I saw for the Waterproof box would be great if I could get that in a color that matches my makeup color scheme I'm wearing to a friend's wedding. It'll be super hot outside and I might cry if it gets emotional, so waterproof stuff would be awesome.
  22. I totally forgot that I do own some FCS wax tarts. LoL. Thank you for the recommendation, though. I wish I had seen/thought of the wax tarts in the sale, but my mind was on the cute fortune cookie soaps (although I wound up getting nothing at all).
  23. I forgot that I do have some of those! I tried a cherry-scented one the other day and it didn't have too much smell to it. Maybe I'll try a different kind. Thanks!
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