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  1. Just got mine today too and I couldn't even look at the products, I was so disappointed. I just shoved it all back in the box and threw it on the table. No reason to ruin my day . : / But it kind of did. lol
  2. I finally got a great box! I was starting to think that they didn't exist! I got the tee shirt, a make up bag, a beach bag, honey comb earrings, a bunch of creams, the coasters, the nougat, etc. My total retail value according to their book was over $500.00. I am finally ready to quit my witching about Oui Please. I hope that they were able to make amends with the rest of the customers who received less than stellar boxes the last few months. https://instagram.com/p/50_MI9IwqR/?taken-by=barbeequeue
  3. Thank you! I was under my account in Cratejoy but not under it in the Sugarbash page which is why I wasn't able to see a cancellation option. I totally appreciate that!
  4. I mean, I don't know. I dont wanna bash the company because I haven't gotten anything from them yet. I just do not like that I was charged for another box after not receiving one in the first place. At this point I have given them $50.00 and have not gotten so much as an email. Also I dont like that you can't cancel the box under your account. Or check the status on anything. You have to use a support ticket -that didn't work, I typed out a very long email in it and it then deleted it and told me to email a different address. So I had to retype my email to send to a diff address. Which was def meaner than the first email lol
  5. After I read this post I subscribed and was immediately billed. I never received anything and have now been billed again. I am kind of upset about it. I don't like being billed twice without having something in my hands first. I already asked them to cancel my subscription for a full refund.
  6. Sparklesgirl is correct. Because they can prove that they shipped us the products that they consider correct, we are not able to do a charge back. I threatened it knowing that, hoping they would have the decency to issue a refund. But we do not have grounds for a charge back .
  7. I actually sent them a very similar email that you did. Basically threatening a charge back due to false advertising, and asking for a prorated refund. And it seems that I got the exact same response that you did.
  8. Wow, I just watched the May unboxing video. I cannot believe that is only $25.00!
  9. Got mine today as well with the turquoise ring. Ditto on everyone's comments saying they haven't taken it off. It's one of my fave pieces of jewelry I have ever gotten from a sub. However, I am looking to sell the hat (brown tweed with dark brown strap) and the scarf. I have too many of these kinds of items and not sure that I want to put them up for swap. Value on scarf says $45.99 and value of the hat is $27.99. (removed) If this isn't allowed, please delete the post. I just realized this as I'm writing it that it may not be allowed.
  10. That's Wow that's kind of bogus and not at all what they promised their customers.
  11. Sparklesgirl- I don't think it is your place to say whether or not she deserves a replacement. No offense. It's fine that you are upset with your order. We all understand that.
  12. Would somebody like my Cannelis Tassle Chain Ring? I have worn it on my pinky a couple of times since getting it because that's the only finger it will fit on. But it keeps falling off and has become more of a nuisance than anything. I figure I can just fold it up in a piece of paper and send it in an envelope. US only, please. First to ask will get it. Recommended for girls with teeny tiny fingers. ***I have a taker- Ring is gone!***
  13. Would anyone like my $30.00 gift code to Sweet & Spark? I do not have plans to use it. Let me know!
  14. I just realized I didn't have money in the account I have Pay Pal linked to. Whoops. Totally my fault, no wonder they suspended my account lol. Now the question is.. do I put money in the account to get the box or do I forget it.. hmmm.
  15. Has anyone else gotten an email today saying their account was suspended??
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