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  1. People in customer service deserve better than to be compared to animals and they generally cannot know the answer to every question. From my reasonably extensive experience with online shopping here in the United States, it is extremely unusual for coupons to apply to shipping costs, but Memebox has allowed this, quite generously imho. If I were a businesswoman, I wouldn't be giving out $5 of $15 coupons - $33% off - especially on products that are worth much more than what I'm charging, even if the specifics are a mystery. I'd love to know what companies give free international shipping on $20 orders, much less on a box with multiple full-sized items. It was considered a good deal with Innisfree offered free shipping on $50 orders and that deal lasted less than a week.
  2. Interesting. It's past time that Memebox got rid of the $5 off low-value orders, but this is a largish change for folks accustomed to $5 off anything. It seems obvious that Memebox is experimenting a bit, and I think that's good - hopefully they'll learn what works for both them and their customers. For example, with VIPs, the free shipping over $30 in the global shop & 20% off $200+ coupons were new for October and it seems that they were quite widely used. I'll be interested to see if they continue these offers in November or try something else. Actually, I'll be happy if they offer fewer deals as I'm getting to the product overload stage (with many more boxes incoming!) and will be on a self-imposed mememoratorium until next year. Need to visit the Memebox Addiction Support Thread (MAST?) soon and pledge my low-buy/use-it-up troth!
  3. Type spoiler in square brackets [pretendthisjustsaysspoiler] before your comment and type /spoiler in square brackets after your comment. You can also use the "Special BB Code" box -- when you're typing a message it's the 3rd box from the left in the top row.
  4. If you'd like to see pictures, fanserviced-b has an excellent unboxing up at her blog! On the free gift Alas @@biancardi they were very clear about no returns, but there may be the off-change that they'll let you exchange. It's a dangerous slippery-slope for them, but they're still smallish, perhaps it's possible....
  5. Thanks so much for the spoilers @@LisaLeah! I'm not blown away by the list but it sounds like a very nice first box - can't wait to receive and see the presentation & products in person. Unsurprisingly I'm most interested in the: Very intrigued by your description of the free gift item - ha ha!
  6. In light of the one product we KNOW we'll be receiving in the P&L box, I thought this was an excellent, thorough review of the Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm: http://www.skinandtonics.com/banila-co-clean-zero-cleansing-balm-review/
  7. I'm glad there are others obsessively stalking their Peach & Lily box! I'm sure we'll have some New Yorkers that will come through for us with spoilers today. So excited for this one! My box ALSO says that it will be delivered on Saturday (it's in NJ atm) and I'm in Michigan. Love super-speedy 2 or 3 day Priority Mail! Editing to add a picture of our boxes in the warehouse before shipment! http://instagram.com/p/uO7PERyTBF/
  8. If your budget is truly that tight, you should cancel several boxes AND not purchase any new ones. You already have lots of boxes coming - you do not NEED any more.
  9. Aww, thanks for letting us know galsara. The ebay topic kinda opened a gigantic beauty blogger freebies / review can of worms, eh? Your prices were/are exceedingly fair, imho. Of course, it's your right to resell them at whatever price you wish - sorry that circumstances are making you sell your goodies.
  10. Progress! And there are worse places from whence to get inspiration. Yes, it's incredibly vague! The contents really could be anything. Would memebox offend the chic, skincare-savvy women of Seoul by including uninspiring products for the international masses? (Not that those women know or care about int'l memebox users, ha!)
  11. Thanks for posting bubblecakes! Early VIP discounts are back, no $19 boxes. (Was that a fluke, a test, what?) Okay, I'm a little spooked by a couple of similiarities regarding the "City Girl" Seoulite box. The name reminds me of the Peach & Lily Seoulcialite Box. And the description: We hunted down the beautiful ladies of Seoul to see which beauty products they can’t live without to curate this special box, bursting with only the most buzzed about beauty innovations that’s all the rave among hot Seoulites! When it comes to K-Beauty, these ladies are the experts. Come on, have you ever come across a Korean woman who doesn’t have the most put-together makeup, and hauntingly flawless skin? We sure haven't." recalls a recent Peach & Lily blog post on Byrdie: http://www.byrdie.com/korean-skincare-tips/ "Here’s a glimpse into the first step of our lengthy curation process: talking to women on the streets of Seoul and learning about their favorite beauty products, tips, and secrets! Keep scrolling for five tips from real Korean women that might just change your skincare game forever." What can I say, I've been stalking P&L for more possible spoilers....
  12. Wow, it's really obnoxious if they obviously haven't opened, touched or tried any of the products that they were sent for free to "review"! And I was actually appreciating the reasonable pricing, though we don't know the real story with these particular auctions.
  13. PSA - possibly of interest. There are some new full-memebox listings on ebay (not mine, not affilated). Many still have both a starting price AND a very-reasonable buy-it-now price that includes free shipping in the States. I think that Bubble Pop at $35.99 BIN is an especially good deal as the box was originally $32 and it was a fun, popular box. I strongly suspect trying to win the box for a lower price is not going to happen & snatching with BIN is a good idea. There's also Cooling Care, Burst of Color, a Global....
  14. Oh yeah, the memewarehouse! I very much wonder about the box/product-selecting process. I'm sure much is based on what's overflowing in the warehouse, or what they could get inexpensively. Does each box get assigned to a specific person (or a team?) and some folks are awesome at curation and some are not? Cultural and language issues are still very much in play and I give them the benefit of the doubt on many things. (i.e. what's OMG -- what would a Korean think is OMG to a foreigner? What is "sweet"?) I thought earth & sea was very well selected - and the elizavecca fit because of the earthy charcoal. (Oh and memebox, you can throw elizavecca in *any* box I am set to receive, irregardless of theme - I'll totally rationalize for you. ) (In my pretend South Korean vacation, I want a memewarehouse tour (and sampling) before I run off to jeju.) ((Oh I know - my expectations are probably unreasonably high. I expect awesomeness. T-10 days!))
  15. Oh aye! It's just less exciting knowing that it's a smaller sample kit. That said, Migabee looks like a very nice brand - many of their labels remind me of kiehl's. I'm seeing this kit on sale @ 50% off on migabee.com! http://migabee.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=120
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