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  1. Yeah in the future I think the best way is to email them. Because once me and my friend were in the same lipstick study (comparing two lipstcks) and they didn't have us test the same lipstick on the same week...so I think they're actually splitting participants in two groups with one group testing one product and second group testing other product in the same week and then switch
  2. Doesn't necessarily mean anything. I think we prequalified for the same study. If what you answer in the free response with what exact product you used is something they want to compare the test product against then you will get an email telling you that you're in the study. Well actually I think it also means that this study is def happening since they have dates set already so it just depends on whether your answers are what they're looking for at this point
  3. Back to back isn't possible either because you're supposed to not be getting any prequalification surveys for a whole month following the completion of a current study Sometimes there's a steady stream of prequal surveys and sometimes you'll find no surveys on your homepage for weeks at a time! Now that you mention it, I realize I haven't seen those for a while either. That really sucks though; they should have those who've done informational surveys to still do them while stopping it for new sign-ups. Like I'm probably only 1-2 informational surveys away from the 5
  4. Two studies up for me too; also qualified for one Fyi, you can't qualify for two studies at once, which is why the other one disappeared. Also they won't give you any prequalification surveys for a month after your complete the current study - but I also hear they're getting less strict on this. In general, a current study will lead to a dry spell for surveys!
  5. Not yet but I believe it's due to start on beginning of Feb Agreed. So sad I haven't had a loreal study in so long

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